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Steps to living your dream life

Today I wanted to share with you some thoughts
on how to live your dream life in future!
These thoughts are from Vincent Jr, my business mentor and
Co-founder of ILN. I found that there is a real value
in his thoughts…

When you are comfortable you are dying,
When you are uncomfortable you growing.

Many people believe that ultimate happiness
in life comes from being comfortable in all things,
even purchases to become an entrepreneur.

They say…

“Oh, I’ll just wait till I can afford it without
getting a loan or using a credit card so I can
stay comfortable.”
you will EVER make in your life.

Because guess what?
If you can’t “afford” it now, do you think you
will magically be able to “afford” it later if you
are just doing the same things?

Probably not…

That’s the definition of insanity.
Doing the same things over and
over expecting a different result.

YES… that’s insane.

The only thing that will make you “afford”
anything later, is if you take that chance to
excel your life on something that will make
your money duplicate.

And I am not talking about some push button
software, or ponzi scheme, where you throw
your money in a pot, and hope it multiplies,
I am talking about a real business.

What’s wild is that people always look at
millionaires and billionaires and think,
“oh I wish I was them, they have all the
money in the world, and could easily buy this…”

But did you know that even millionaires
and billionaires invested where they were
uncomfortable in their own right?
And did you know they were once as “broke”
as you may think you are right now, and still
pulled out a loan, credit card, found someone,
or did whatever it took to get started with the
highest investment?

YES.. future leaders don’t remain at the bottom
levels of anything, they invest in their future,
to where it’s UNCOMFORTABLE.
They even invest in themselves to the level
where all the “rational” thinkers around them
think they are stupid!
There is no way Vincent Jr should have dropped any
money on a business this time last year, like
he did, and he dropped money to the tune of 5-figures
a month, when he was only making 2k a month!
Do you think that was uncomfortable?

But he had belief in himself and he knew
he was going to make it a success!

He even had a baby on the way in just a few months,
and by this time he had ZERO in his bank account.

But guess what…

If he didn’t change something,

he wasn’t going to be able to support
his baby girl to the fullest anyway!

No hair bows,
no cute clothes,
no organic baby food,
no nothing…

But do you know what that investment and him
getting uncomfortable, by investing in himself
huge this time last year did for him?

It changed his freakin’ life because
…and it brought out something amazing in him!
It brought out leadership and skills he never knew
he had. It brought out a company vision that will
now impact millions of peoples’ lives in the future,
and is currently impacting thousands now already
in a year.
Why did this happen again?
Because he got uncomfortable!
Being comfortable is the quickest
way to death and mediocrity…


You think the average person would just
want to pull all the profits out for themselves?

Of course they would!
But thank God I have partners who understand that
its better to be uncomfortable rather than comfortable!
So don’t be afraid to invest in something that
will make your future FREAKIN AMAZING.

GET UNCOMFORTABLE if you want to
have the chance at living your dream life.

…and if you are working on your business,
saving your money this weekend, instead of
blowing it, so you can invest in your future
instead, I applaud you, because I know we will
be seeing you on the stages of the world very

Paving the way
Charles Kaluwasha

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