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An Amazing Opportunity to cash out daily

ACX Tripler is Amazing – Biggest Sunday Ever!
When you see such heading, what comes into your mind?

Are you stuck into the past?

Michael Oliver wrote:

The current Reality of most people is stuck in their past- in their history.

They go to a certain point in their lives where they accept what they had as their lot in life.

They then programmed themselves with personal defensive strategies to protect their position.

They lower their vision and mix with others of same thinking until their defensive strategy became so entrenched that their strategy became hidden even from themselves. That is the strength of it.

It is hidden ,and gets fed constantly by external influences because the see the world as they are not what it really is in all its glorious abundance.

What you are going to read is a reality, others are making money by applying what they read and see.

So if I told you that It has been AMAZING this past week, would you agree?

It’s True! In fact, we’re on the way to reaching
millions of dollars per day (yes, per day). It’s all
up to ACX members, and so far it is absolutely

Yesterday (Sunday) was one of the biggest Sundays
as far as revenue goes, probably the biggest
since Ad Click Xpress launched in 2013!!!

Why is Revenue Increasing so Fast at ACX?

1) Maybe everyone is finally understanding how easy
it is to use PayPal, Bitcoin, Cash or Bank to fund ACX

Once you give it a try, you will see just how
easy it is to exchange your money and get it
into ACX to Make 3% Daily!

==> See it for yourself here!!!

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Women’s Designer Fashion Bag

Add some modern flair to your wardrobe with this beautiful Women’s Designer Fashion Bag. Easy to clean, this stylish purse is made from soft, durable PU leather with a luxurious fabric lining. The bag features perfect length tubular top handles, decorated with removable tassel and rhinestone charm, and is characterized by a lovely gradient color, hollow-out patterned texture, and a free-standing hard bottom. A roomy zippered main compartment provides ample storage and easy access for all your essentials, while two interior pockets helps you organize smaller items and a larger back zipper pocket safely stores your smartphone or keys.

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Monday Morning Motivation To Brighten Your Week

Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing

As always I like to start the week off right with
some words of Motivation….

“No Matter How Many Mistakes You Make Or
How Slow Your Progress, You’re Still Way Ahead
Of Everyone Who Isn’t Trying.” Tony Robbins

Most people never get started on taking action
to turn their dreams into a reality as they get
discouraged how long it will day and even possibly
the amount of work that it will take to get there…

Don’t let that be you! Don’t focus on how long
it will take as the time will pass anyway!

Just start taking action and go create the Life
you know you truly want and deserve!

Keep pushing hard and keep up the amazing
work! I hope you have an amazing day and week!

Leading the way,

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha
Coach and Founding Member

24/7 Multimedia Marketing …
Where Your Business is Our Business

… Real People
… Real Networking
… Real Results


P.S Want to be mentored??

I’m happy to mentor you in one of two ways:

1) Post the questions in the Facebook group.
I will give you what advice and direction I
can give in that forum.

All in the group will learn from your question.
I know that it’s not the same as personally
speaking with me, but it’s a great way to
learn the first concept of what you need
to know!

You can join our Layers of Leadership Facebook
group here:



2) Receive either group coaching or 1-on-1
coaching with myself and our leadership.

I would love to be able to answer all of
your instant messages and single emails
personally, but it’s quite simply just
too many. My time is as valuable as yours.


If you are looking to take your business to the next level and personally work with
me and our Leadership group, we can talk because…

…I have opened up my schedule to take on a handful of people and help them personally,
one-on-one and also in a small, personal, group setting.

If you would like to be one of them, I’m requiring that you complete a consultation.

I had this option closed over the summer because we simply had way too much going
on in our travels to take on anyone new, it would have not been fair to them.

This is not a BS consultation. I DO NOT work with just any one that fogs up a
mirror. We have a required interview process.

You can schedule an initial 15 minute consultation with me, just to ensure
we are a good fit so we don’t waste each others time before going through
the process.

Here’s where to schedule an appointment with me:

If we have good match, I’ll personally work with you.


P.S. I’ll be frank with you… I don’t work with
whiners, blamers, or complainers… only people
that actually implement what they learn.

New ACX Tripler Paying Program

In the last few days my inbox was flooded with inquires regarding the new ACX Tripler paying program.

Well, I did a research and brought you their matrix  as seen below:

Based on the original JSS Tripler Program launched by JustBeenPaid in 2010, the New ACX Tripler Program also pays back 300% over two stages:

Stage 1 – ACX Tripler Packs Earn 150%

Each $10 Tripler Pack earns 2% per day (1% Sat/Sun) until $15 is paid back (i.e. 150%).

In order to qualify to earn 2% per day, Member must view advertisements via the Traffic Xchange or entertaining images via the Media Xchange. The number of daily views required is determined by the number of active Tripler Packs.

When a Tripler Pack has earned back 150%, they expire and convert into Free Panels. For every four Tripler Packs that expire, one Free Panel is created (in Stage 2).

Stage 2 – ACX Panels Earn 150%

When four Tripler Packs create a Free Panel, a new spot is filled in the ACX Panel 2×2 Matrix. In order to earn 150%, a total of six spots must be filled by new panels from other Members or from your own panels.

When each of the six spots are filled, then the Free Panel is Completed. At that point, a Panel Rebate of $60 is paid, which equals an extra 150% in panel earnings.

Stage 1 & 2 Review

  • Four Tripler Packs cost $40 and earn 2% a day when ads are viewed
  • Four Tripler Packs will earn back $60 (150%) in about 88 days
  • Four Tripler Packs covert into One Free Panel
  • Each Free Panels pays $60 (150%) once the six spots are filled
  • So $40 of Tripler Packs earn you $120 back!


  • Spend $10, make back $15 in just 88 days (2% per day)
  • Spend $100, make back $150 ” “
  • Spend $1,000, make back $1,500 ” “
  • Spend $10,000, make back $15,000 ” “
  • Spend $100,000, make back $150,000 ” “
  • Stage 2 Earnings pay the same profits again!

How to get started…

>>> Get started today on your road to financial independence!

Make $1,000 per day Sharing ACX TRIPLER


TRIPLER is becoming the Greatest Pay Plan Ever!

We’ve seen the Tripler Program running at full speed for
over 2 months so far, and it’s been fantastic.

Members are BUYING…

Members are SHARING…

Old Members are COMING BACK…
ACX Management thrilled to witness all these positive
signs, because it means Members are Making Money!


Working together we can make the ACX Tripler
Program BETTER than it once was…

– Over 3 million participants by 2012

– Up to 10,000 new signups a day

– Many members made millions

All it takes to reach these levels is ONE THING:

We need to Increase the Weekly Sales Revenue
each week! It’s the ACX Simple Recipe:


So, how can you increase revenue this coming week,month and year?

That’s Simple Too:

1 – Make a budget and keep buying Tripler Packs
as often as you can, which naturally INCREASES
each member’s’ daily earnings too.

2 – YOU MUST SHARE this amazing opportunity – and
They PAY YOU to make seriously “good income” – with
as many people as you can each week.

You do not have any friends with money?

Learn how to share with millions of people online
who DO HAVE MONEY and are looking for a system
like ACX Tripler at


This website teaches you how to reach people who
you do NOT know, but they want to make money.

Here are some places to reach people looking for
a system like ACX Tripler – this is just to get you started:


You can make thousands of dollars per day by
sharing ACX Tripler – it’s really true!


…just do as above and you will be successful.
The ACX Management wants You to Succeed, because
when YOU succeed, other Members Succeed, and the
Program Succeeds too!

To get started,just sign up today and follow the prompts!

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