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Considering owning a reseller business?

After studying the following statistics the question “Should I consider my own business?” will no longer exist. Prepare to sober-up.

“For the first time in history, the current generation is averaging a lower standard of living than their parents. Taxes have become an increasing burden, and a much smaller percentage of Americans under 45 now own their own houses.” – New York Times

“The bankruptcy filing rate this year will be eight times higher than during the Great Depression — with one household in every 100 going the bankruptcy route.” – USA Today

“American wages today … Average wages have stagnated since 1973, something they have not done since the Civil War.” – New York Times

“More than a mil. households will file for bankruptcy this year.” – USA Today

“Job security today … 500,000 jobs are eliminated annually by technology alone. Large corporations laid off more than 400,000 workers in 1995 alone including:

  • IBM: 122,000 workers
  • AT&T: 83,000 workers
  • GM: 74,000 workers.

More than 3 million. jobs have been eliminated each year since 1989, for a loss of 43 mil. jobs since 1979.” – Misha, et, al, p. 82

“The only “job security” today is that which you create for yourself. When you build a solid business, you erect a fortress around you and your family impermeable by economic downturns.” – Jason Domingo

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics out of all people who start employment at age 25, by age 65:

  • 1% are wealthy
  • 4% have enough to retire
  • 3% are still working (can’t afford to quit)
  • 63% depend on Social Security, friends or charity
  • 29% are dead and 95% of all Americans retire in poverty after working for 45 years!

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One of the top reasons to own a reseller business is that it allows you to own your own business without being in business by yourself. Now is the time to act and make a great decision for you and your family.

How much does it cost?

We have made it affordable to  many entrepreneurs who may be struggling to earn income online. If you compare our business model with a franchise, you’ll discover that this product is far more cheaper ( only $5,000/year) than most of the top 100 franchise businesses available on the market.

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Most Innovative Business Opportunity Blog 2017

If you can recall, last month I wrote a blog post about NZ Business Awards 2017 nominations.

My blog was nominated among thousands  of business in New Zealand. I am delighted to tell you guys that

my business blog has been successful in the NZBusiness Awards 2017, hosted by APAC Insider magazine.

I received the email early this morning as you can see below:


I am delighted to tell you that LifeOnTheNet7.com has been successful in the NZBusiness Awards 2017, hosted by APAC Insider magazine. Many congratulations!
You have been awarded
Most Innovative Business Opportunity Blog 2017
What’s next? All winners are entitled to the free-of-charge package which comprises theofficial press release and listing in our online winners’ directory.
Looking for some additional exposure? Our editorial and design team have already begun preparations for the NZ Business Awards 2017 Winners’ magazine, which will be distributed to our subscriber base of over 160,000 business leaders and decision makers. The magazine will also feature on our website for 12 months and is there to serve as a platform for finding new clients and even partners.
Below you will find a list of the exciting packages we have available for this year, all of which are on a ‘paid for’ basis. To see examples of the packages just CLICK HERE.
If you have any queries about the process, please do not hesitate to contact me. Congratulations again!
Kind regards
Aiden Sharpe- Awards Executive
APAC Insider

W: www.apacinsider.com

T: (0061) 1800 205 104
T: (0044) 203 725 6847 (UK Head Office)

What does this mean to you?

The content that I put into this blog are of high quality, full of value and well researched that affects many marketers today. If you have followed my blog post you will have noticed that I write what I see and feel as a marketer.

My aim is to educate and tell people out there  what is working now to help them make an informed decision whether online business is for them or not.

Those that are  serious and want to change their lives are subscribing to this blog  everyday and I do receive queries on how they can be assisted to get started!

Most of them are interested in creating their own products online. This takes a lot of time, money and sacrifice.

But we have gone a step ahead by doing the hard work for you….

We have created a system that you can plug-into and have your own product as a reseller and get 100%  commission without passing it  up  to your sponsor. This is a game changer!

  1. You will be able to give away free valuable memberships to experienced marketers.
  2. Advertise your offers in the back office and continue to add free quality content every day for free.
  3. Most importantly is that we offer a High-End Residual Product that has ability to create massive exposure to many member’s business in our system.

My partner and I have never done this before….

When you gain free access to our system, this is what you will get…

  • We Shall Set up your Elite membership(worth $400)
  • Have your personal Sales Page($497)
  • Your offer goes to infinity level($11,965)
  • 100% commission with reseller Rights($600) no pass up to your sponsor
  • Viral autoresponder platinum with 100,000 subscriber($2,124)

The cost of this  is less than what you are spending on your ads and jumping from one opportunity to another.

This is an investment that you should not afford to miss! You will replace the disposable income and stop trading your time for money for ever in your life.

So if you want to change your life, here is an opportunity to own your business and  stop going in circles.

We here to help you take control of your life and  leave a legacy to your loved ones!


Effective ways to leverage your story in your marketing strategies


Setting and writing a list of GOALS

Setting and writing a list of GOALS

Today I wanted to share with you a CRUCIAL ingredient to your success…

Not only on Facebook, but in LIFE and in your business as a whole.

Many newbies and I have just joined Internet Lifestyle Network University  in the last  few days surrounded by 6, 7 and 8 figure earners in this industry and ONE COMMON thread amongst ALL of them is that they ALL KNOW THEIR STORY,SHARE IT and LEVERAGE IT in their business!


If YOU do NOT KNOW, SHARE and LEVERAGE your story
in your business…you are 100% LOSING OUT on not only
money, but meaningful relationships AND EVERY ONE ELSE

I’m going to be completely real with you right now…

YOU are someone special!

You are a winner,not a loser

You have a positive expectancy of achieving you goals and take every setback as purely temporary.

YOU are someone that EVERYONE deserves to KNOW and receive VALUE
and LOVE from!

Do you believe in your self?

I really hope you do, because I TRULY do and I don’t even know you…

You see…

It’s a sad reality that most people,especially those just beginning in
online marketing think that just because they’re not making $100,000 a month
that their STORY and their VALUE isn’t as “valuable” or “powerful” as someone
who IS making a ton of money in their online business…

That simply is NOT TRUE!

I want you to RIGHT NOW, TODAY REPLACE that belief with the belief
that YOU are special, YOU are valuable,
YOU are freaken POWERFUL and YOU
ARE successful (no matter what’s in your bank account)
and your story deserves to be  heard by many out there!

Many Prentice students who just joined ILN have started telling their stories of success,some are sharing how much they are earning now after joining (from $40 to $100). And they are proud about it. The face book is filled with such stories.

What I’m going to share  with you is crucial to your life,business and family…

Can  you pay attention, because this is EXTREMELY important for your future…

STOP hiding behind your offer and start TELLING YOUR STORY!

Many out there want to learn from you RIGHT NOW.


What is your story?


It’s WHO YOU ARE and what has happened in YOUR life up to this VERY MOMENT that has CREATED who you are…

Here’s the puzzle…

MOST people have NO IDEA what their story really is,
how to tell it and especially how to LEVERAGE it…

Sounds wierd right?

Yes It’s TRUE!

Most people (Internet Marketer’s especially)
don’t really take the TIME and ENERGY required
to SHARE or even KNOW their story…

If you want to learn how to tell your story,register with ILN and we’re going to 

share some of the most powerful content/training on this VERY subject on our hungout live webcasts  trainings!

Do this RIGHT NOW and see the difference!

Charles Kaluwasha

ILN apprentice


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The Seven Tips of Relationship Building





Every day we meet and interact with hundreds of people but we do not treat these occasions as a means of relation building that will eventually lead to a foundation of our success.

You must understand that all successful outcomes are created by and through interaction with others. A strong relationship has been proved to create loyalty, partnerships and even better team work.

It is critical to remember that quality relationships are related directly to the amount of time invested in it. It is of paramount importance to give of your best time to your relationship building.

The seven tips of relationship building

In this time and age of technology and busy schedules, relationship building has lost its value. If you can recall from your early childhood, most of you did not learn how to build relationships with others. Those who practice it now may have picked it from observing the role models rather than learning it from their conscious mind.

If you are one of those who missed that opportunity and would like to improve your relationship skills at home, work and in your business, then the following tips will definitely help you.

Be real and unique

In today’s culture, people want to become who they are by acting as if they are already that person. Never fake who you’re! Always do your best to portray who you’re. This does not entail that you should remain static, however aim to improve yourself, try other things and add value to yourself, but let this come from within you, what you believe in and the things you are willing to commit to do. Then you are creating trust, which is a prerequisite for stronger relationship building.

Become interested in others

People feel loved and cared for when you express an interest in knowing them better, not out of curiosity but out of love by showing efforts to serve and help them meet their needs. Appreciating others increases chances of building stronger relationships and the value of your service to them.

Showing empathy and understanding

When you are interested in other people, you will make the efforts to truly know them better, listen to them and understand their feelings. This is one of the highest human needs as described by Maslow.

In most cases, people who know us either do not make the efforts to understand how we feel or do not care at all. They don’t show empathy, this ruins relationships.

Be a good listener

Taking an interest in and listening to other people, gives us more practical ideas that we can use to create value, improve our relationships and build strong bonds.

People will appreciate if you make efforts to draw nearer to them and seek advice on how to serve or work with them. They can even tell you how to improve your business, service and attitude. But if you close the door, they will also keep distance from you.

Be a good “Samaritan”

The story of a Good Samaritan is well known to most of the people. He did his best to take care of the stranger. Little thing done consecutively make a difference. Holding a door open for someone is an indication of being a good “Samaritan.” Saying hello to a stranger may build a good relationship!

Maintain honest and integrity

If you are in business, remember to be honest in order to win the hearts of your clients. Mark Sanborn once said,” say what you will do and do what you say.”

Avoid making promises that you can’t fulfill or creating expectations you will never do, and stand by what you say promise and represent. That is the ingredient of integrity.

Keep time

Time is one of the elements many people fail to keep. When customers request information, be prompt to answer or send them what they need. Helping them save time by being quick and efficient is a service of value to your clients.


The way we interact with people can either build or destroy our relationships. If you focus on getting results over relationship building, you will not succeed over a long period of time because you do not value the importance of building relationships.

On the other hand, if you use the relationship interaction technique in your process of achieving the desired results, then you are placing the importance of how people should be treated, rather than focusing on results only.

It is important that we should take time to focus on how we treat people in our efforts to get results. Taking little time to get interested in other people and show the value we have for them can build our future success.


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