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Build your business and make $50,000 a year

Every member who uses Layers of Leadership for at least 18-24 months will be highly successful.  And to top it off, with very limited success (by simply enrolling one Elite member) even your upgraded Elite membership … will be absolutely FREE!

Let me explain…

Before you spend any money, we have to know your weaknesses and strength by taking you through our virtual classroom to make sure you have a good understanding of the main concepts behind Layers of Leadership we conduct business very different from other marketers.

Before we decide if it makes sense to work together we want to be sure you have a very clear understanding of four things:

1) What we do.

2) How we do it.

3) Why we do things the way we do them.

4) What YOU will need to do to be successful.

In our many years of experience in this industry, too many folks get started in a home business without a clear vision of the above four things …. especially #4. Without an understanding of these 4 fundamentals, it is difficult to make the right decision on if a home business or marketing system is right for you.

We have a three-step process to get you all the information.

We do it this way for two reasons. First, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an educated and informed business decision about whether Layers of Leadership is right for you.

On the flip side of that coin, the Interview Process also allows us to check you to decide whether you have the qualities we’re looking for in our leaders.

It sounds funny, but it’s kind of like a dating process – where we size each other up over the short-term before deciding to get involved in a long-term relationship. Does that make sense?

Your First Step …

Your First Step is to invest 45-60 minutes to thoroughly check Section 1 (Evolution) through section 7 ($$ Recap) of the Virtual Classroom. Be sure to have a piece of paper handy while reading through each section. Write ALL of your questions down.

Our goal is to help families and people create large part-time and full-time income streams from the comfort of their own home.  By simply using Layers of Leadership and the power of duplication, the cost of marketing your business becomes an income stream instead of an expense.

Layers of Leadership is a powerful Team Builder that will literally explode your primary business while simultaneously generating multiple income streams.

To  help you build your dream in network marketing, we provide  you with 5 ingredients:

1. A plan. We give a flawless, step-by-step Success Blueprint.
2. Mmaterials. You get the ability to put your business in front of experienced & qualified marketers
3. Tools. Our cutting-edge, automated tools are highly effective & very cost efficient.
4. Knowledge. Our Mentoring includes training from (and access to) top industry experts.
5. Work ethic. this is the one ingredient ONLY YOU can provide. 

Do you have what it takes?

Our Promise: Every member who uses Layers of Leadership for at least 18-24 months will be highly successful.  And to top it off, with very limited success (by simply enrolling one Elite member) even your upgraded Elite membership … will be absolutely FREE!

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Fastest Way To Make Big Money and To Build Large Team In 90 Days

The known secrete that many successful leaders keep to themselves is recruiting  experienced network marketers.


Network marketers are well experienced,they know what it takes because they have been in the game.

When you recruit a network marketer, he or she will bring in a number of other marketers into your organisation. Ultimately increasing your cash flow and quickly grow a huge team.

You may ask, “but I don’t know how to do it”

My friend Ryan Gunnes has developed a special tool that can help you connect with existing and experienced marketers or those who have been disappointed  and quit the industry.

Recently, a lady  subscribed  and started using this tool. Within a few days, she started receiving calls from people. They would normally say to her,“No… Really where did you get my number?”

So here is Ryan’s response to her ==> His  Response To That Question

You do not have to be overwhelmed with questions because you will be provided with short scripts on how to respond to your callers.

I had the same feelings when I started, but got better with every day  practice!

So get your membership here and start receiving 3-5 calls per day.

Want me to personally work on your business?

How would you like me and our team at Layers of Leadership, to personally help you with your business?

Imagine solving the biggest challenges that hold you back from the income and lifestyle you want.

Imagine getting detailed answers that pinpoint your business’ weak spots and speed up your growth.

Well, now you can.

90 day bootcamp to dissect your roadblocks, Get the Knowledge, Systems, Processes, and Training to turn your Dreams into Reality

If you grab this opportunity, you’ll spend 90 days during the scheduled 12 sessions picking my brain and brainstorming with team a team of LoL.

In this intimate sessions, you’ll get answers to the pressing questions you’ve always had about your business.

It’s like having an entire dedicated team of experts looking at your business with a microscope and optimizing it for profit.

So what would a deep dive brainstorm session with me be worth to you?



Because it has the ability to bring your dream lifestyle closer, some would call it priceless.

Bootcamp and brainstorming groups cost between $10,000 and $100,000 per year.

They have a huge price for a very good reason.

They work.

Business owners who invest in self or personal-development, consider it an incredible return on investment.

However for most people, they’re just not affordable.

That’s why I want to give something back, if you’re serious about growing your business.

And you won’t even have to invest a fraction of what a regular bootcamp sessions charges.

In fact, your total investment is only $1997 per year

People have called me crazy for offering this for so cheap. But I don’t care. I want to help serious marketers reach their dreams sooner.

When you enrol in this course,upgrade to an elite membership  and enjoy a free access to 90 day boot camp and start brainstorming with me and the other  leaders.

However, because you want a great personalized experience, we’re limiting these sessions to only 25.

So if you’re interested grab your membership before they sell out.

It might just be the smartest business investment you make in 2017.



P.S If you want a free 15 minute consultation with me to taste the waters,book a date with me here.

Build a Business You Can Love if You Hate Your Job

We can have more fun working if we are doing things we like to do. Way too often we are forced to accept situations because we have no choice. This is particularly true with a job. Most company’s define a job by the tasks they need done. We may be fortunate enough to have a job that offers a variety of things to do. That makes it possible to like some aspects of the job more than others, which helps a little to get through the days.

what do you want to be?

If you are planning to start your own business you can design something that you enjoy. It may help you if you start a couple lists that outline your interests and hobbies, and another that has your work experience and skills. You can drill down on each point to analyze how you could earn income from home using those same skills.

For example, if you really love to play golf. You might start a blog and write about golf – share some techniques, trivia, news stories, reviews, etc. You may want to include a calendar of tournaments in various geographical areas including information to help people travel to those destinations, reserve lodging, etc. Focus on attracting other golf enthusiasts.

To monetize your blog you could add some ads for golf equipment – you could find outlets that have golf clubs, golf shoes, golf clothes, and other golf equipment. You can then make arrangements to either become an affiliate or a distributor of those items, so that you would have a way to drop-ship from the manufacturer to the customer.

As well, if you love arts and crafts including candle making, soap or candy making, baking, ceramics, jewelry, etc. it could really be a fun business for you. For holidays and other events you could make gift baskets that include a variety or stay with one theme. These baskets are really festive and a lot of fun to receive as well as create.

This model is a little more intensive because you have to consider the cost of all your materials to create your gifts, as well as shipping materials. You could run your ads on an auction site or online store front linked to your blog, so that they could handle your order transactions, payment gateway, etc.

If you consider yourself more of an ‘office’ person, you could offer services with your computer. These can include running SEO campaigns, tutoring online or by group chat (e.g., Skype) in computer or Internet basics, ghostwriting, tax preparation/accounting, or customer service. Again look at your list of skills and try to translate them into something you can do as a home business.

It’s Not Always Best to Say Something is Easy

‘Easy’ is a very subjective word and may represent very different things depending on who you are talking to. What is easy for one person may be difficult for another. Some popular terms are often misconstrued. It should be emphasized that ‘easy’ and ‘autopilot’ and ‘passive’ income, while they do exist, need to be implemented before they can be so. Entrepreneurs that use those terms should not hesitate to be honest that it took them some time to reach their goals.

EZ or Not Just Do It!

There is no magic to these terms. We have to be logical with ourselves and others. So many seem to be in denial and assume that because “Joe the HomeBiz Wizard” (who worked every day diligently for 2 years to be where he is financially) can do it, then we can just overlook the time it took him. We can figure because Joe is sharing his ‘secrets’ that we can just read it once and enjoy the same benefits. Woo Hoo! Rich by lunch! Probably not…

The problem with this ‘pipe dream’ is that it can be highly disappointing when things don’t work that way. Time and again dreamers will start something and give it half an effort just ‘to test the waters’ while ignoring the fine points about the investment of time and effort that are necessary for any profitable business.

So that is why after not giving a business a chance to develop – and just allowing yourself some pre-set ‘probationary’ period, that makes several invalid assumptions, deluded people will quickly pronounce that the program is not good , or even that it’s a scam and quit trying. The main problem is having pre-conceived attitudes, (and bad advice from amateurs) which are the opposite of having an open mind and a ‘learning spirit’.

It would have been much better if he could have played along and followed the program. Best if he tried to benefit from the (usually free) training provided, did some research on what was said, and did some due diligence. He should have made an attempt to determine what a feasible plan will be for him. He needs to have a logical plan that will allow him to facilitate everything so as to meet reasonable, achievable target goals.

However, it wasn’t exactly easy because there was a lot of work involved and a lot of time to build a business. We had to learn a lot of things along the way. During this time we didn’t know if what we were doing was going to work. The results are determined mostly by how much time and sincere, aggressive effort was invested. If it didn’t get a fair chance, it may not have the results you hoped for.

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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