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NZ Business Awards 2017

Businesses across New Zealand work tirelessly to make sure their company is succeeding within its field and the services provided are truly incredible. For this reason,the NZ Business Awards 2017   was created to seek out the very best firms and people in New Zealand and to reward and celebrate their innovation, client care and performance over the past 12 months.

My company website,LifeOnTheNet7.com has received a nomination to take part in the NZ Business Awards 2017 hosted by APAC Insider Magazine. These awards are for casting a true light on the dedication shown and achievements made by companies within a diverse range of businesses.

As is the case with all of  awards, this program is based entirely on merit. Once voting is closed, their dedicated in-house research team get set to work, leaving no stone unturned, making sure that every one of the nominated winners can rest assured that their win is truly deserved.

I need your favour as friends and subscribers across the globe, if you believe that my website is a true representation of the very best person, Charles Vincent Kaluwasha and one of businesses within New Zealand and beyond, I need your votes. Please feel free to complete the short voting form below with the following requirements,



Category:Business & Professional Services

==>NZ Business Awards 2017

I do appreciate you a million times!

Thanks and God  bless.

P.S Want to know how I started? And my learning curve!

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Review Of World’s First Ethereum Block Chain

This may be your chance to profit from this holy Cow.

2,600+ Signups For The Day And Counting !

More And More New Countries Opening Up.

Alexa rankings shooting through the roof.

Leaders Sitting On The Sidelines Are Joining In Now !

They Can clearly see the power behind this concept !

They can see the vision of creating world’s first ethereum block chain 

based crypto currency to bring transparency in the online
advertising world.

They can see our honest intentions to help bring wealth

to everyone involved here by leveraging the massive power of
crypto currency industry 

It’s time to help masses have a serious chance in this pursuit

of wealth….

Till now wealth was reserved for super talented or super rich

who created wealth in industrial age and IT age

Now In the crypto currency age , more and more every day people like you and me

are becoming millionaires and billionaires 

Think about all those people who bought bitcoins at 0.0008 cents and sold at

8 cents or 0.80 cents to $8 or $80 or $800

They ended up making 100x to 1000x to 10000x to 1 million times

of their money 

I see a similar chance here

With our ICO price of 2.5 cents , the worst case scenario I see is we hitting

$2.5 price in next 12 months and hitting exchanges and our own blockchain –
best case scenario will be $25 or even $250

That’s potentially 100x to 1000x to 10,000 x of your investment

To lay it out in perspective and numbers……

An Investment of $1000 = 40,000 coins at ICO price can potentially lead to

$100,000 worst case to $1 million to $10 milllion in next 12 months

You can accordingly do your numbers.

Yesterday I was chatting with a high profile businessman in Kuwait and they are

planning to take 4 million coins on launch day = $100,00 as they can
clearly see the potential in this holy cow

We have many people lined up already to pick a millions coins on launch day

And so many more to pick up 100,000 coins to half a million coins

Looking at the vision we have , looking at the dream corporate team which we

are building , looking at the leaders we have coming on board – I am getting
goose bumps to even think about what’s about to happen
in next 12 months

To all my friends and family here , I would ask you to focus and focus and focus

like you have never before in your life.

Starting now till we launch and after that also , Only focus on 2 things everyday

1) Picking up as many coins as you can and waiting for the right time to sell

them off for potential 100x to 1000x to 10,000 x returns

To buy coins on launch day , you will need to have bitcoins ready by going here

Thanks for  sharing this message…


Lesson from the bathtab

Once upon a time, there was a really smart
guy with a weird name.

His name was Archimedes.

You may have never heard of him. But you’ve
probably heard the word “Eureka!”

He was in the bathtub one day, figured out
a solution to a tough problem and shouted

Well, here’s something else about Archimedes
you might not have known.

He once said, “If you give me a long enough
pole and a place to stand….I can move the world.”

What was he talking about?


He was talking about leverage.

“Leverage” is a way of multiplying your own efforts
so you get more done without working any harder.

Ready for the best part? It works with money, too.

Think about this…

Everyone knows you make money when YOU
personally make a sale, right?

But, did you know that I make up to $496
whenever someone ELSE on my team makes a sale?

And that’s just from ONE of the programs I’m building.

Read that again…

Can you imagine?  Earning $496 for work that
someone ELSE did?

It’s the best form of leverage in the world!

Now do you see why hundreds of people
have joined this system in the last few weeks?

It’s growing FAST.

This could be your “Eureka” moment!

Get your money-making website now…


Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. Get 5 Checks Per Month – No Experience Needed! It takes
multiple streams of income to succeed online. We have the
TOP five programs online all under ONE roof! You can get started
now for less than dinner and a movie! Get the exciting details…

Live Webinar April 30th – 9pm EST *** She Retired Her Husband From Corporate America Using The Internet!


Hey there family and friends…

My good friend Michelle Pescosolido is going
to hold a live webinar tomorrow hosted by my
other good friend Vincent Ortega Jr.

Michelle Pescosolido in the last 3 years has
managed to retire her husband from his Corperate
America job and has started living the internet
dream life!

The internet dream life is doing what you want,
when you want, how you want, and being able
to have the freedom to do the things you love
all the time! Does that sound like fun to you?

Well if it does…

Watch Michelle Live April 30th, 9pm EST
Here: => GRN Discovery community

1. Simply go to that page…
2. bookmark it…
3. Come back to that page 9pm EST on April 30th…
4. Refresh the page at 9pm EST and we will be live!

The video you will see on the page right now
is the last live hangout with Vincent Ortega Jr.

If you want to learn some more about Michelle
Pescosolido… then please keep reading below.



Here is what she said on her blog post…

I shared to Mark Hoverson about one month after
joining Global Resorts Network that I wanted to
retire my husband from Corporate America, be
financially free, travel the world and spend more
time with my family.

Back then it was just a dream and today all of this
plus much more are a reality because of my decision
to join Global Resorts Network back in October of 2010.

Before Joining Global Resorts Network…???

Back in the beginning of October 2010 I was a
single mom of 2, engaged to get married at the
end of October to my now husband, Bill Pescosolido.

I was currently in a stand still with my current MLM
business I was in. In fact I had only been in the home
based industry for approximately 8 months.

I had exhausted my warm market and had come to
realize I deserved more than a good product. I deserved
a culture, leadership and support. Not to mention, I
was looking for more options to building an income
from home.

While I got the model of MLM, what I found was it
was going to take a lot more time than I expected to
really build a long term residual income. I was in need
of more income up front if I was going to achieve my

I had been exploring my options and working with a
friend / mentor, Eric Wilkes, who introduced me to a
gentleman by the name of Mark Hoverson. I had heard
of Mark, but only knew him through the MLM Launch
Formula, a product he had created with another great

In fact I had just completed that course to implement in
my own MLM, so needless to say I was enamored by
the idea of working with Mark Hoverson and his team
at Global Resorts Network.

Well, there was only one problem I had when the
opportunity presented itself. I was living pay check
to paycheck, barely able to pay my mortgage and
desperate to make money from home so I could
continue to afford the luxury of being a stay at home

One thing I knew was I wanted to be the person raising
my kids, not the daycare, the nanny, my mom, etc. I wanted
to be the one who took them to their doctor appointments,
I wanted to be the one who was able to pick them up from
school, I wanted to be the one who wiped their tears,
I wanted to be the one who put the bandaid on their skinned
knees, ME, their MOM, I wanted to be the MOM.

The mom who committed to being the best mother in the
world to my children and give them a life unlike I had
growing up.

So back to that problem…..the price tag of Global Resorts
at that time, for me was a WAY OUT of my reach. My
thoughts….”how the heck was I going to explain to my
fiance’ who I was about to marry in a few weeks that I
needed 3k!” How was I going to find this money and
convince my soon to be husband that this was a good
investment, considering he wasn’t even on board with
my home based business, “hobby” as he put it.

Not to mention I was about to get married in a few weeks
and every dime that was coming in to our house was going
out to pay for our wedding.

Well, guess what I did? Yes, we got married but, while
on our honeymoon in St. Lucia, after getting hit by the
only hurricane to hit the island in 30 years, I called my
mom, borrowed the money and kept this as a secret from
my new hubby, Bill.

I thought to myself, “Oh crap, now what? How do I explain
what I just did to Bill? I am going to have to make a profit
QUICK or else have to try to explain why I thought this
was the best decision to make when we had NO business
borrowing money to get into a new business venture!”

Fast forward to the GRN lifestyle I have now?

Well check out this screen shot
=> http://screencast.com/t/OdQz1Abdjbl

Well as you can see by the above image, I made that money
back in approximately 50 days of joining Global Resorts
Network. Wow, what a relief I thought to myself. But, not
only did getting money back in our bank account feel great,
I also formed a great working relationship with Mark Hoverson.

I went on to create my first Facebook training product
which shared the strategies I was using to make these
GRN sales on a consistent basis. The product was created
only 4 months after joining GRN which resulted in 10K in
sales. My very first product launch.

I found myself at live events with the Global Resorts
Network family, soaking up strategies and personal
development. The money kept flowing in and the
income kept increasing month by month.

By August of 2011 I had surpassed Bill’s income in
Corporate America, which was a healthy 6 figure
income. The decision was made, as I remember so
clearly. “I think it’s time Michelle, to let go of the
Corporate America dream.”

After Bill left I continued to develop my skills and
became known as the “Facebook Marketing Queen”
which I am not fond of that name by the way but
enjoy every minute of sharing the value.

We have both gone on to be the top earner and
recruiter in our other income streams. We have
also gone on to speak / train at many of the leading
industry events. And…so much more.

Bill and I now travel the world, live a lifestyle we
have only dreamed of, we are financially free, we
have more time freedom, and our business still
continues to grow each and every day.

Why Global Resorts Network????

One, the value is insane. With over 5000 resorts
worldwide, you never run out of options. I literally
can go into my back office and find practically any
location I wish to visit and it never fails, there is
always amazing options on places to stay.

Honestly it makes no sense to me why someone
would want to purchase a timeshare or pay retail
prices for a vacation, when Global Resorts Network
is an option. One time lifetime membership price
and you are on your way to traveling to amazing
places around the world. Not to mention members
are saving upwards of 90% off of retail prices
when compared to some of the most popular travel
sites on the internet.

Oh and I must add that when I joined GRN it was
really because of the lucrative commissions that
were paid out on each sale made. The travel part of
GRN was just an added bonus for me.

The opportunity is what attracted me and the
leadership. With commissions of $1000, $3250
and $7700 for a single sale, this program just makes

Imagine making 1 sale and earning upwards of
$7700. My friends, it’s a reality and you too can
experience the GRN lifestyle that has changed
our lives.

Words can not even begin to describe the gratitude
I have towards Mark Hoverson, Global Resorts
Network and the community. I am thankful the
Global Resorts Network opportunity and if you
are looking to finally become part of a culture that
will help you achieve your dreams then it’s time
you looked at what Global Resorts Network can
do for you.

Michelle Pescosolido.



The internet dream life is doing what you want,
when you want, how you want, and being able
to have the freedom to do the things you love
all the time! Does that sound like fun to you?

Well if it does…

Watch Michelle Live April 30th, 9pm EST
Here: => GRN Discovery community

1. Simply go to that page…
2. bookmark it…
3. Come back to that page 9pm EST on April 30th…
4. Refresh the page at 9pm EST and we will be live!

The video you will see on the page right now
is the last live hangout with Vincent Ortega Jr.

Charles  Kaluwasha

People ask,Is this Ligit? Find out today!



Just because everyone is talking about something doesn't mean
it's the best thing since it's sliced bread, or that it's rig]]>

Only you can determine that for yourself.

Remember, skepticism is healthy and you should always do your own
research. In fact, even most of the leaders started out skeptical…

See what I mean here...

But what is this company anyway, and what do they sell and how are
so many people making so much money with it in the first place?

For that, I encourage you to check out their corporate website here.

The good thing is that pretty much any question you can possibly
think of about this company will be answered on their corporate site.

They're not hiding behind the shadows

Every question is answered very clearly on their website with tons
of social interaction, and if you want to get in touch, that's easy too.

Many people have found their home away from home with Empower Network.

And I must say… I have too. I invite you to join my team here.

It's the most supportive and uplifting community I've ever been part of.

I encourage you to join forces with us. I know that you will be glad you did. :-)


Charles Kaluwasha
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