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The Seven Tips of Relationship Building





Every day we meet and interact with hundreds of people but we do not treat these occasions as a means of relation building that will eventually lead to a foundation of our success.

You must understand that all successful outcomes are created by and through interaction with others. A strong relationship has been proved to create loyalty, partnerships and even better team work.

It is critical to remember that quality relationships are related directly to the amount of time invested in it. It is of paramount importance to give of your best time to your relationship building.

The seven tips of relationship building

In this time and age of technology and busy schedules, relationship building has lost its value. If you can recall from your early childhood, most of you did not learn how to build relationships with others. Those who practice it now may have picked it from observing the role models rather than learning it from their conscious mind.

If you are one of those who missed that opportunity and would like to improve your relationship skills at home, work and in your business, then the following tips will definitely help you.

Be real and unique

In today’s culture, people want to become who they are by acting as if they are already that person. Never fake who you’re! Always do your best to portray who you’re. This does not entail that you should remain static, however aim to improve yourself, try other things and add value to yourself, but let this come from within you, what you believe in and the things you are willing to commit to do. Then you are creating trust, which is a prerequisite for stronger relationship building.

Become interested in others

People feel loved and cared for when you express an interest in knowing them better, not out of curiosity but out of love by showing efforts to serve and help them meet their needs. Appreciating others increases chances of building stronger relationships and the value of your service to them.

Showing empathy and understanding

When you are interested in other people, you will make the efforts to truly know them better, listen to them and understand their feelings. This is one of the highest human needs as described by Maslow.

In most cases, people who know us either do not make the efforts to understand how we feel or do not care at all. They don’t show empathy, this ruins relationships.

Be a good listener

Taking an interest in and listening to other people, gives us more practical ideas that we can use to create value, improve our relationships and build strong bonds.

People will appreciate if you make efforts to draw nearer to them and seek advice on how to serve or work with them. They can even tell you how to improve your business, service and attitude. But if you close the door, they will also keep distance from you.

Be a good “Samaritan”

The story of a Good Samaritan is well known to most of the people. He did his best to take care of the stranger. Little thing done consecutively make a difference. Holding a door open for someone is an indication of being a good “Samaritan.” Saying hello to a stranger may build a good relationship!

Maintain honest and integrity

If you are in business, remember to be honest in order to win the hearts of your clients. Mark Sanborn once said,” say what you will do and do what you say.”

Avoid making promises that you can’t fulfill or creating expectations you will never do, and stand by what you say promise and represent. That is the ingredient of integrity.

Keep time

Time is one of the elements many people fail to keep. When customers request information, be prompt to answer or send them what they need. Helping them save time by being quick and efficient is a service of value to your clients.


The way we interact with people can either build or destroy our relationships. If you focus on getting results over relationship building, you will not succeed over a long period of time because you do not value the importance of building relationships.

On the other hand, if you use the relationship interaction technique in your process of achieving the desired results, then you are placing the importance of how people should be treated, rather than focusing on results only.

It is important that we should take time to focus on how we treat people in our efforts to get results. Taking little time to get interested in other people and show the value we have for them can build our future success.


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Is being skeptical healthy?


I was very skeptical when I first heard about Empower Network.

In fact, I think skepticism is important, and healthy.

But skepticism should always just be a starting point. For true
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Don't just believe what others say… Do your own research. Test
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This is the only way to discover the truth. Your truth.


Charles Kaluwasha

Live Hangout With 6, 7 & 8 Figure Earners (April 9th at 9pm EST!) – Everyone Will Be Talking About This!



Hey family!

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If you have any questions at all…

Please don’t hesitate to respond to this update,

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Have a wonderful day!

P.S.S and I will be commenting below the live webinar
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Charles Kaluwasha


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