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Facts About Plug-In ProfitSite

If you have been wondering why the Plug-In Profit Site Is so popular online, here are the facts about it..

I have compiled a list to answers frequently asked questions which I receive from those interested.


They will build you a website that is fully functional from the onset, and provide step-by-step training in internet marketing for free. Any website needs a domain name (address) and a host (where the files reside that comprise your site). You do not purchase these from them.

The costs and payment options are at the bottom of this review. No other charges will ever be required. However, Plug-in Profit Site will recommend from time to time optional advertising and marketing tools and resources in the context of the training. There are also many free techniques that they will show you.

Everything beyond the pre-requisites is optional. They will recommend resources, tools and upgrades, but you are never required to follow all of their recommendations. In addition, they also will advise you of free techniques to promote your business. This is crucial to create traffic and make more sales otherwise your business will be dry like the Karahari Desert of Africa.


You have a 10 day guarantee of a full refund from the host if not satisfied. Empowerism offers 72 hours for a full refund. Beyond that there are no contracts so your arrangement is on a month to month basis and you are free to cancel at any time to avoid being billed the following month.


This is strictly only for those who COMPLETE THE APPLICATION for Plug-InProfitSite within 24 hours of their first visit to the sales page at http://www.pluginprofitsite.com. There are no exceptions to this – if you can’t complete the application, for whatever reason, you are not entitled to the rebate. Sorry but I am sure you will find the program – website, training and bonuses are worth many times more than $25.


You can do this part-time or full time and make commissions when you make a sale from any one of the multiple income streams. The products and services that the affiliate programs offer range from digital information, videos and CD/DVDs about internet marketing and personal development, to web services like web hosting,leads generation, electronics,travel rebates and even health and wellness products, just to name a few.

This business could be called ‘affiliate marketing’ – that is you promote your website and a sales page (just like the one at http://www.pluginprofitsite.com) that is encoded with your affiliate IDs for the core programs, which you will join in Step 1 of the application (and any programs you would like to add to it after the site is built). I have added many other programs to give variety to my customers. You will send them the IDs in Step 3 and Patricia or Stone Evans himself will build the site around them.

Your financial or other arrangements are confidential matters between you and the affiliate program. Plug-In ProfitSite is a free program and we are not involved in collecting membership fees or making commission payments. It is your responsibility to understand the compensation plan and payment procedures for each affiliate program.


When you make a sale of any product or service, you will receive commissions from the affiliate programs. They will usually pay you directly by check in US dollars, through the mail. Some of the programs have other options that you may be able to arrange.

Your Plug-In Profit Site sales page is one of the most profitable tools you have. Everyone who visits your PIPS sales page and joins is directed to sign up under YOU in 6 high-paying residual income programs at the same time including Lawn Chair Millionaire, Empowerism, SFI, Global Domains International, and Host4Profit! Here’s how this benefits you:

Empowerism pays you $20 up-front and $7 per month for the life of each account you refer.

Host4Profit pays you $10 up-front and $10 per month for the life of each account you refer.

So each person you refer to the Plug-In Profit Site pays you a minimum of $30 up-front and $17 per month in residual income which can add up to $204.00 per year) and that’s only from Empowerism and Host4Profit… And this is only the beginning. I’ve also found that the majority of people who sign up for the Plug-In Profit Site upgrade their membership with Global Resorts Network to become an Annual Platinum Member which pays you another $1000.00 plus $500.00 as long as you are a Platinum Member yourself. So just one sale can quickly generate $1500.00 for you up-front + residuals.

That’s still just the beginning… You will also get paid from SFI, Lawn Chair Millionaire,G. D. I if you are upgraded in these programs. Upgrading is NOT required right now, but it would be wise to upgrade your accounts once you start referring a steady stream of members to your Plug-In Profit Site sales page so you can collect these additional commissions. In fact, based on my experience, you will earn even more from Lawn Chair Millionaire because you get paid the same day you join and people are forced to join you because of its compensation plan. Visit this site for details:


As you can see, the earning potential for promoting your Plug-In Profit Site sales page is extremely high. It’s all *residual* income too so you only have to make the sale one time and you can potentially get paid forever. This is working smarter, not harder.. do you see the sense here?

Moral of the story: Based on downline duplication and residual income, each person you refer to the Plug-In Profit Site through your affiliate link is usually worth several hundred dollars to you – sometimes several thousand dollars.Consult each company’s compensation plan for details. In fact, it’s possible to invest $100 or more in advertising just to make 1 new Plug-In Profit Site sale and still make a profit because of the up-front and residual income you’ll earn from each of your referrals. Remember, just one referral in Lawn Chair Millionaire can pay you up to $80.50 and that’s only 1 of 6 potential income streams.


They will teach you in the step-by-step training, various proven techniques to promote your website. It is not like these other programs that leave you alone to try this and that,costing you huge sums of money. This program is unique, it has human interest at heart!!! to teach you step-by-step. That will be your main ‘job’ – learning and implementing what you learn to market your business on a consistent basis. DO NOT JUST SIT AND WAIT FOR A MIRACLE TO HAPPEN!

You will just promote your one website and sales page for Plug In Profit Site that Stone Evans build for you, and by so doing, you will promote all of the 6 programs, along with their products and services, with one focused effort. Later on you may wish to also specialize in one or more programs or products and also promote them individually. This is what I have started doing Now after a period of 2 years


Plug-In Profit Site program IS free. They build the website free, and you provide you with the training free. These would cost you hundreds of dollars if they were not free.

Any website needs a domain name (address) and hosting (where the files for the website are housed) – that is the minimum requirement and YOU DO NOT PAY PIPS.You pay Host4Profit.

Several of the programs they suggest you join are also FREE. The programs that have membership dues, you will receive other benefits and services for joining. Again, you do not pay Plug-In Profit Site for this. Plug In Profit Site IS A FREE PROGRAM. , that’s why it is so popular. All the gurus you see on the internet started with this program. It is the spring board to wealth


PIPS cannot guarantee how long it will take you to make money. It depends on many things. What skills do you bring to the table? Have you had any marketing experience? (if none of the above, don’t worry, everyone has to start some place and this program is geared for newbies).I started from scratch with no computer knowledge, just dishing out panadol in the hospital…Here I am giving this testimony- How long will your learning curve be? How aggressive will you be in your efforts? How consistent?

As well as your own personal commitment to make your business a success, there are other factors – such as the economic index/consumer confidence – just like the stock market – sales go up and down for different reasons at different times. The time to start is always now so you will be ready for the next upward trend.

Many factors determine how long it will take you individually to make a profit.

This is a real business that you are building. This program requires you to do some work – first learning what to do to promote your business and then implementing what you learned and taking consistent action to make it happen. As I mentioned earlier on,do not just sit and wait.. do some work every day and you will see good results. I have been there and i can say, you have to commit your time to this business.. it is yours.

All new businesses take time to show a profit and unless you have prior experience it may take you a while to be able to quit your day job. However, all you need are 3 sales to cover the cost of your hosting and Empowerism membership. Once you put that money back in your pocket you can invest it back into your business (or keep it in your pocket).


In addition to the training, which is online in your member center 24/7 for the life of your membership, they also have a member support forum for you to discuss the program with other members and get advice and encouragement.There is a sense of belonging there. It is the best place to visit.

As well, they have a helpdesk 6 days a week, and they do normally respond in 24 hours if you have any questions or problems you need help with.


Please see the payment options below.

You can get started with PIPS in 3 ways:

==> 1st option:http://www.PlugInProfitSite.com and get the complete system setup free within 24 hours. The total investment required is only $66.90 if you are starting from scratch. Go here to complete these steps now: http://www.PlugInProfitSite.com

$24.95 Host4Profit, monthly, $15 yearly domain registration from Host4Profit, $24.95 Empowerism, recurring $19.95, $2 Success University = $66.90

==>2nd option: If $66.90 is too much for you to get the complete system, join only the first 4 free affiliate programs in Step 1 at: http://www.PlugInProfitSite.com and get your domain name and hosting account setup in Step 2.

Then order the Plug-In Profit Site service free in Step 3 so they can setup your website to pull in profits for you from the 4 free affiliate programs. The total investment required for this option is only $39.95 (less if you already have a domain name or Host4Profit hosting account). Go here to complete these steps now: http://www.PlugInProfitSite.com

The only recurring payment required is your hosting service of $24.95 per month. But as soon as you use the online marketing and techniques to generate 3 referrals, your hosting service will actually be covered by commissions. That’s why we use Host4Profit because they are the host that pays you back! And their service is excellent compared to non.

==>3rd option: Join only the 4 free affiliate programs in Step 1, use those 4 programs to build your income then re-invest your profits to join the complete system so they can help you grow your business faster.

Go here to complete these steps now: http://www.PlugInProfitSite.com


To get started, you will need to make payments to at least 3 different companies: Empowerism, Host4Profit, Lawn Chair Millionaire. Depending on which option you choose

Empowerism accepts payments by credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover), Bank Debit (eCheck from U.S. banks only), Moneybookers, eBullion, AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, eGold,and Empowerism ATM card.

Host4Profit accepts payments by credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover), PayPal, check or money order. To arrange payment by PayPal, check or money order with Host4Profit, you will be required to pay for 3 months of hosting in advance ($74.85).

To select this payment option, contact support@host4profit.net for details.

Global Domains International takes Credit Cards or a US Checking account (e-check)


Domain names are registered by the year. From Host4Profit this is $15 per year.

You will need to choose a domain name to register for your site. You can name it whatever you like, however some people brand their own names such as MickeyMouse.com or Mickey-Mouses-Home-Business.com Mine is Lifeonthenet7.com

Some keywords that are relevant to this business/niche, are home business, home-based business, work at home, affiliate programs, making money at home, making money online, internet marketing, residual income, earning income online, profit online, income from home.

You can use hyphens if the name you check is not available and you can use dot com (.com) dot biz (.biz) or any other extension you like.


The Plug-In Profit Site require that you host the site with Host4Profit, although you may point an existing domain name, as long as you have no other site currently on the domain. On the application at http://www.pluginprofitsite.com, in Step 2 you will register* a domain name and set up the hosting account. Host4Profit will send 2 welcome letters. (*or point)

#1 They will give you the DNS to point the domain to their server from your domain registrar;

#2They will give you the username and password for the hosting account. Plug-In Profit Site can’t build your site without this and it is NOT the WarriorPro ID, which is the affiliate/reseller program for Host4Profit. [*please see more facts about the Host4Profit requirement at the bottom of this message].


There are good reasons why they require Host4Profit to host the sites.

# 1 For technical reasons, as particularly in the beginning they need access to the host server to build the site, and so they can make changes easily to your site, as well as global changes sometimes across their member base.

#2 Host4Profit will pay you $10 a month for every sale (through Warrior Pro Reseller Number that you will be given upon signing).

#3 The membership includes complimentry access to the Warrior Master Mind group. (normally $10 a month) which has many valuable resources and benefits.

#4 If you do not know about The Internet Marketing Warrior Forum (also included), it is one of the most visited sites in the world. You will have access to the top experts in internet marketing, to build alliances and maybe even do joint ventures someday – at the very least you will have access to their conversations online and can learn many valuable things from them.

#5 Host4Profit has exemplary service. You do not want to be ‘penny wise and pound foolish’ when it comes to a host. If the host server goes down, your site is down, if they don’t back up the servers and crash, you could completely lose your site forever. (this just happened a few weeks ago to thousands of people on another ‘cheaper’ host).

#6 You can add additional domain hosting accounts for $5 each per month and have unlimited free subdomains on all.

They give you 10 days for a full refund – Hosting is month-to-month with no contract, so you can cancel anytime and at their discretion, may receive a partial month refund.

800 MB disk space
25000 MB traffic


If you already belong to any of the affiliate programs, you may use your existing IDs on our application.No need for applying again.


THEIR program is 100% web based and you don’t download any software other than for some optional bonuses. The program works on either PC or MAC. All you need is an internet connection.preferably broad band.

The training, which is online, is in your member center back office, and is available to you 24/7 for the life of your Plug-In Profit Site membership. You can work at your own pace. No pressure!

400 DAY NEWSLETTER SERIES – What happens after 400 Days

This just means that EACH subscriber to your free newsletter will receive 216 follow-up messages over a period of 400 days. The messages are encoded with your affiliate links and at any point in that time they could decide to take action and join your programs. Nothing happens after 400 days except to each subscriber who would then not receive any more messages after that. Your site comes with the free autoresponder which only allows you to send 5 messages. To use the full 400 day series, you need to upgrade the autoresponder.


They allow members from any country to participate, ** however you will need to check with the affiliate programs and host to verify that they will accept your country. Here they are sorry, they have no control over other companies and their rules.


The do not use either program (except PayPal for the rebate offer). However,if you add products or programs of your choice to your website, you may want to have these accounts. We realize many countries are disallowed from both companies and that is one reason they do not use them.

Some of the affiliate programs may use PayPal, but in most cases there are other options such as MoneyBookers, AlertPay, etc. Most commissions are paid by check but each program has it’s own criteria and you would need to set up your account using the options they provide.

Just go to http://www.paypal.com – http://www.clickbank.com – http://www.moneybookers.com – http://www.alertpay.com

to open a free account.


If you are a US or Canadian citizen you may be required to provide a Social Security number or “Tax ID” (same thing) – This is for tax reporting purposes. You do not need any special tax ID other than this. You are responsible to report your earnings on your tax return as you would with any any income. You are also entitled to deduct many of your expenses.This one of the advantages of working from home.. make sure you keep records of you expenses related to business. I get $300-$400 per quarter.

All other countries – you would need to find out what the tax laws in your country are. If you encounter a field that asks for Tax ID, just use 111 11 1111 or 000 00 0000.


If you have no money then see option #3 above to start the business absolutely free and build up to where you can afford to pay for hosting ($24.95 per month) for your own website.

While they do care, know they can help you make money on the internet, and regret if you have a hard life, they can’t afford to pay for the programs for you.But if you want financial freedom, you will always try to find the money.No excuse my friend!! From the little money you earn, invest it in business..and leave a legacy for your children.

Although PIPS is a free program, they are not a charity organization. They can’t buy you a computer or let you pay for hosting out of your first commissions.

If you simply resent having to invest money to start a business – you don’t need a business – you need a job to work under some one and be trapped in small wages. I wish you the best of luck.
I hope I have given you the outline of Plug-In Profit Site

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Employing Expired Domains Names To Maybe Earn A Little Added Cash At Home

Here’s a controversial way of prospecting and maybe generating particular money – buying old domain names. Why is it to some extent controversial? Well with no trouble because some people do it with the intention of creating thousands out of the rightful owner.

First, what is it and what is purchasing old domain names about? Well, each day thousands of domain names terminate and are not renewed. They are not renewed for a assortment of reasons. Reasonably frequently the previous owner has got fed up of the web site and not worked on it for a while, or the idea has not worked out. In this case, there is no harm in someone else buying the web site URL and using it for their own purposes. But this only accounts for various of the old domains that are bought by other people.

In a couple of examples lately, with a quantity of of my own customers, the customer has been in charge of maintaining their own web site domain name but have forgotten to renew it for one reason or another at the related time. In both cases, someone else instantly bought up the domain name, didn’t use it and made it to be had to sell back to the owner. One customer was told that their domain name would cost countless thousand dollars to buy back from some Australian guy who had bought the domain name. And that was for a charity’s web site.

This is the side of buying old domain names that a quantity of people promote, which I don’t like. But with a selection of registrars, if the new owner approaches the previous owner and offers to send back the name for a large profit, the registrar will speedily withdraw the domain name from them. Without approaching the rightful owner, there is a chance they won’t approach the new owner any way, so it isn’t a terrific way of earning cash. You need to be able to buy lots ofdomain names hoping that one or two are bought back.

The more legitimate side of buying domain names is straightforwardly looking for old domain names that still have a lot of traffic. This can be because there is traffic coming in from search engines, links in forums and best site lists etc. You buy these since the previous owner has decided that they can’t be concerned with the domain any more and then change the traffic to an income.

How could you do this? Well, putting Google Adsense or other PPC adverts onto the home page for the web site may well mean that people arriving there with nowhere to go might click the advert and earn you a payment. If the URL name is related to an obvious product, then you may possibly also be able to add affiliate links to this to make a direct selling likelihood. The trick here is finding the domain names with traffic on them. More home working ideas on the blog.

Access competent info in the sphere of what is forex trading all about – your individual knowledge pack.

Setting Up A Blog To Earn An Income From Home

Ann Sieg and Ty Tribble's Blogging For Prospects

Setting Up A Blog To Make Money At Home

Using a blog to build an income from home is one of the easiest ways of earning online. Although you can use absolutely free systems such as Blogger to construct and host your blog, I like better self hosting a blog seeing that here is further choice in how you can use adverts to earn the all vital income.

My fondness is for WordPress for the actual blog package. To begin with though you want to sort hosting and there are countless dependable hosts for this that can host your website without charging you too much.

Take a look at the prices of some hosts and decide on a suitable package. Then register a domain name. It’s a good idea if you can use some of the preferred keywords in your domain name when you register it, but it’s not vital. Remember that you are hoping that people will click on the link in search engines, so absolutely difficult to understand and extensive domain names will put people off clicking.

Once you have done this then you should to go to WordPress, or your chosen provider, and download the software. With WordPress this is a couple of clicks away. Then just unzip the file, most computers can deal with this quite easily.

Follow the advice to make a handful changes to the configuration file and then load it to your hosting. You website host will provide simple advice here, and maybe even the necessary software. Else just use Internet Explorer to upload the files, it’s unproblematic enough, especially for a one off.

Once you have you domain name registered and hosted and the site uploaded, then it is time to initiate the blog. Once more, follow the directives and it is simple and easy to do.

So now that you have a blog setup, all that is left is to get writing, exchange a number of links with other sites and keep your fingers crossed that traffic will get there. Once traffic is arriving you can use systems such as Google Adsense to make an income, or when you are writing with reference to a specific subject matter or item you can push the item affiliate selling and any sales generated through your blog will get you an income. Or there’s Pay Per Post schemes whereby advertisers pay you for talking about their products. They are paying you for the exposure on your site to your readers and for the search engine benefits that also come in hand with that.

There’s lots of ways to bring in a home income with a blog. Visit my blog for more work from home ideas.

Read handy tips about Compare Bank Mortgage Rates – give a look to quoted page.

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