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Why I’ll Never Buy Another Facebook Ad

Great News For Anyone Who’s Been Waiting For The Perfect Opportunity To Start Making Money With Opportunities Such As..


…because this new type of leads is ridiculously easy

to convert into optins and sales (and it’s more affordable
than FB ads!).


2 reasons:

1) This is a brand new traffic source.

Unsaturated fresh lead source out of reach for any other “solo source”
you might come across.

Yes, including. the flashy big names  on Top board lists you’ve seen around…
Digital Altitude

Empower network


Online Sales Pro


MOBE and many others…
These leads do not originate from solo ads,
WarriorForum, PPV or any other incestious
birthplace of leads in the IM niche.

(if you ever bought solo ads from multiple
sources which resulted in decent optins
but never made any sales – this is why)

2) This new traffic source delivers WARM “virgin” leads.

So, reason #1 – this is new blood.

Green recruits making baby steps
towards building their dream bursting
with enthusiasm and excitement of new

And it gets better, because…

Before they “click” on your affiliate link,
we inflict neuropsychological tactics to
change their emotional state.

Which means they are genuinely pumped
and can’t wait to see what your offer is all about.

Imagine how much easier you’d be making
conversions had you had access to this new
pool of potential customers.

Pretty darn easy, right?

Now, there’s an affordable way for you to get new untapped leads.

WATCH NOW: an affordable new “virgin” lead source and you will never buy another Facebook ad again.

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Free Empower Network Leads

Great News for Empower Network Affiliates!

Internet Superstar Russell Brunson has launched
a Free advertising Co-op, where he is putting
in $120k to advertise your Empower Network
affiliate links at NO COST.

==> http://www.20minutepayday.com

Obviously Russell is getting huge publicity
for himself by doing this, but for $0 what
you are getting here is pretty amazing!
Spaces for this are going to become limited
very quickly, so I would jump over there Now
through this link and grab a spot.
If you are not yet a member of the Empower
Network you can still visit the link below,
to see if you qualify for free traffic.

==> http://www.20minutepayday.com

Paving the way,
Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha
Lifeonthenet7.com Founders

PS. Embrace the power of the Mobile Lifestyle.
Explode your business using only your Smart
Phone. Live your life AND build your business!
Do it now!

New, New, New, Traffic,Leads and Sales!

past present futureEmpower Network’s Viral Blogging Platform will no longer
be a mere ‘Publishing Site’.

It’s about to become an unstoppable Traffic, Leads &
Sales Conversion MACHINE!!! Empower Network is the HOTTEST product on the Internet right now.

In fact…

We are rated #1 on the entire Internet on Alexa for Hot Topics this week!

This is absolutely THE Best time to kick your Business in Gear. With the introduction of iPAS Empower Network is poised to be the number one business online.If you haven’t been keeping up with what’s happening with the iPAS program, here are the highlights…

The program will work like this…
You will direct traffic to a specific Lead Capture Page
that will advertise a Business Success Kit for $9.95

When the prospect purchases the kit, it will be shipped immediately Priority Mail from our warehouse directly to the client – you don’t need to do anything.
This new client has 14 days to review the contents of
the Success Kit. If they return it within that time frame, they owe nothing. If they keep it, they will pay the balance due of $39.95 — of which you get $20.

As soon as the customer gets the Success Kit,
they will get a phone call to schedule an appointment with one of our PBAs (Personal Business Associates)

These PBAs are professional closers who have been trained specifically for the EN opportunity…

And more importantly…

Their goal is to get your new client to purchase ALL the products.

When they make a sale – YOU GET PAID!

You will get an invoice for the sale from the call center and will have 30 days to pay the PBA’s commission of 20% of the total sale.

The Business Success Kit is filled with success building dvds and a workbook to help understand how to progress through the funnel.

See more details…


And… PBAs are standing by to help you with your business goals too…


So what does this mean to you?

=> This is a beast no longer just a home based business

=>No longer merely Internet Markting

=>Not just Affiliate Marketing
=>Not simply MLM or Network Markketing

ENV2 is for …

The Entire online Business World!

Any company you are promoting
Any Industry
Any Profession
Here is how it gets even super fine…
Anyone wanting to invest in online presence, can have it FASTER
And not  just FASTER, but more simplicity and easier than ever before.

So this is HUGE.

And I mean really, really huge. The key to it all for you is NOT to be standing still when the gun goes off in less than 60 days from now.You want to be moving at a “lightening”speed when that moment comes!

When this lightening(new platform) hits the streets…
Thousands will be joining per day and you want fast momentum so that you speed right past anyone standing still. It will be HUGE!
Projection are that it will very quickly TRIPLE to Quadruple what we have ALREADY DONE in our first 21 months with $60,000,000 in paid commissions
to our members over the next 12-18 months.

The key is to have as much time between NOW  [when you get started] and the Launch of this  New Empower Network Version 2.0,to share with your colleagues,list and your network on Face Book, Twitter,LinkedIn etc.

It has been proven that people who have said NO in the past are coming back in droves, even the biggest names in the  home Based Industry finally see a way for their teams to succeed  with them.

Instead of making money “off” their Teams, they are making money “with” their Teams.
This is EPIC already, and we haven’t even launched the new platform yet!
What is to come is going to revolutionize how we all do business online. Personally, I’ve never seen anything quite like what is going to be launched in late September. I came imagine, it will shake the industry first. Then take the world by storm!
This is the opportunity that many have been waiting for. So first MOVERS’ Advantage and to have a team by them, working together like a well oiled machine, will do great things  for you and your family.

Again watch this video if you have’nt yet?

Get ALL in here and make things happen… as a TEAM and Rock together!

I Believe in you!
Charles Kaluwasha









Commissions are pouring in with a new breakthrough technology

Viral Express marketing




Have you had a chance to check this out yet?


A new breakthrough technology is crushing all the

numbers and setting new records for members

who are making money quickly.



Read how Two Men Expose A ‘Commission Loophole’

that deposits Money Into Your Bank Account Instantly!


(Your Lead Capture Page here)



Just released … video reveals how this once homeless

‘van man’ and ex-construction worker are now

extracting thousands of dollars in instant 100%

commissions …


And how you can use the same commission

‘loophole’ to extract commissions into your bank

account starting today.


Click on the link  to read… 


… how a newbie made $10,000 last

week with NO list.


… how a man went from homeless and 

living in a van to making over $85,000

per month.


…how a grandmother made $4,700 in 3 days

(while she was out of town, with a lap top

that crashed, and a cell phone that wasn’t working)


It’s how you can earn an extra $10,000, maybe

$20,000… or more next month!


Pay Attention… Because here’s where it gets good!


You get 100% Commissions deposited

directly to YOUR bank account…


Instantly – Automatically –

Without calling or talking to anybody!


Oh… did I say “Affordable”.


Yes… priced so that EVERYONE can afford this.


You’ll be kicking yourself later if you let this pass

you by.  You’ve got to Check It out Right NOW! 


People are contacting me nearly in tears so

elated that for the first time ever, they have a 

real chance to create real wealth.


Not just $30 here or $100 there every 3 weeks,

but lifestyle changing, thousands of dollars at

a time income.


New members are joining this like crazy because…


It’s a Simple, Fast, and Very Lucrative

way to generate a huge income.


Click on the link to check it out for yourself…



Charles Kaluwasha

Viral Express Team


=> 19yr Old Kid– Goes From Showering With Bums to RETIRED (in 3 mos)



Sometimes in life…

…you need to reach down inside yourself,
and find something that you didn’t know

Dakota, is 19 years old – and at our
San Diego event, he packed a cooler, drove
there, slept in his car….

….and showered on the beach with
the homeless.

However, at that event – something
‘clicked’ for him – and NOW he’s living
on the beach in Thailand, building the
business overlooking the ocean….

……on his terms.

You’ll see how here:

This Video Will Change Your Life …

Sometimes, you have to just do whatever it
takes to live your dreams, like Dakota did…..

Are you ready?

Watch this inspiring story now:

This Video Will Change Your Life …


Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha

We believe in you!

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