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The Secrets to Effortless Sponsoring

Click Intensity has a robust marketing campaign to train its members to succeed in their businesses. Below is Tara Mish, the head of communication at Click Intensity explaining how you can sponsor with less effort.
Spend 30 mins a day on Facebook , Implement The RVL formula as taught
in the trainings and you will start getting 10+ FREE Referrals a day inside
your Click Intensity business

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Stealing business model from FB and Google

Have you ever looked at sites like Google or Facebook and
asked yourself…“How can they make SO MUCH MONEY
when they aren’t even really selling any products?!?!”

Well, Google and Facebook are cashing in on their platforms;
They’re taking advantage of the millions of people who come
to their sites…Then view and click the ads on their pages.
Those sites have turned into billion dollar companies by getting
paid to send traffic to businesses.

This is why I’m excited to share this with all of you… you can
drive more traffic, leads and sales for YOUR business by
STEALING the same business model as FB and Google
(legally of course)

Check out how – click the image or the link in the comments!

Facebook income generator pays more than million dollars in commission

I  captured this  email in my inbox today… Just in case you want to join!

WOW things are going NUTS!!

Since the Internal Beta Pre Launch more than..

>> $1 000 000 (Yes One Million Dollars) has been paid in commissions!
>> Over 35 000 new members!

What are you waiting for?

We have not even gone Public Yet?



–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

Face Book, What!


I am shocked!

Completely shocked!

That  many people have not joined the Internal Beta Pre launch! And this  will be Big…

The only reason I can think of is you do not understand?

1. Get in now, timing is everything before it goes to
the general public! This is  only  for  my  readers like  you

2. There is a ZERO RISK 7 day free trial!

3. Plus, there is a 30 day “NO QUESTIONS ASKED” money
back guarantee!

You need to LOCK IN NOW for FREE


I can not stress enough to lock in before we go public!!



Free audio of the week- Free Facebook marketing tips and tricks


Are you using Facebook to explode your business?

If not, you should be!

Some of you may be using social media, but have no

clue how to use it effectively …

Therefore you are seeing little or no results from 

your efforts.

In our free -Audio of the Week- we share some tips 

and tricks that can take YOUR social marketing to 

the next level.

To access your free training, create a free 

Viral Express membership at:


Then, login to access your membership ….

The -Audio of the Week- is located on the main

page in the upper right corner.

We are here for you!


Charles Kaluwasha


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