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Lesson from the bathtab[No Pictures]

Once upon a time, there was a really smart
guy with a weird name.

His name was Archimedes.

You may have never heard of him. But you’ve
probably heard the word “Eureka!”

He was in the bathtub one day, figured out
a solution to a tough problem and shouted


Well, here’s something else about Archimedes
you might not have known.

He once said, “If you give me a long enough
pole and a place to stand….I can move the world.”

What was he talking about?

He was talking about leverage.

“Leverage” is a way of multiplying your own efforts
so you get more done without working any harder.

Ready for the best part? It works with money, too.

Think about this…

Everyone knows you make money when YOU
personally make a sale, right?

But, did you know that I make up to $496
whenever someone ELSE on my team makes a sale?

And that’s just from ONE of the programs I’m building.

Read that again…

Can you imagine?  Earning $496 for work that
someone ELSE did?

It’s the best form of leverage in the world!

Now do you see why hundreds of people
have joined this system in the last few weeks?

It’s growing FAST.

This could be your “Eureka” moment!

Get your money-making website now…


Charles Kaluwasha

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Website / Software Tools to help you work smarter

To create wealth, it doesn’t need to be a full-time job, but it does require applying some strategies  and implementing them. This means you be focused and put in time and effort.  Many people struggle with focusing on their wealth, not because they don’t know what to do, but because it is more comfortable to keep things the same.

Let’s look at two very different wealth strategies. Both involve an operating business with a business owner who wants to move from working “in” the business to working “on” the business in order to build wealth.

Leverage your business

Leverage your business

  • Strategy A
    The business owner is not using recommended tools:

    Working 80 hours per week.

    Works hard to get out of the day-to-day operations, but can’t imagine how the business would run without him there.

    Strategy B
    The business owner  utilizes website tools and systems:

    Establishing a wealth team that includes key employees who manage the business.

    Using formal and informal agreements with team members to improve communication.

    Putting systems in place, including internal controls, so everyone in the business understands proper operating procedures. With these systems in place, the owner can spend his time managing the systems (which takes less time than managing the people).

    Putting reporting in place so information is readily available to make timely decisions.

    Which strategy do you think will be more successful?
    Business in strategy B embraces the leverage that comes with using some available resources. The business owner is willing to do whatever it takes to leverage his resources. The leverage from the proper use of resources gives the owner more time to focus on building his asset (his business) in order to build his wealth.

    Business in strategy A is going to struggle. The owner is too busy to focus on wealth building. The business owner could achieve his goal if he wasn’t too busy, but it is all based on what he is willing to do. Is he willing to leverage his resources so he has the time to focus on his wealth? Is he willing to move out of his comfort zone by figuring out how his business could run without him there?

Below are  some of the  resources  that can help you build your wealth with ease and have time to do other things. this is working  smart. Gone are  the  days  when one has to work around  the clock in order to be successful!

Website tools and systems

Website tools and systems

Clickfunnels is your one-stop solution to build, design, and track, state-of-the-art online sales funnels with ease. There are lots of tools on the market to do this, and in our opinion Clickfunnels is currently the best one out there.  It has the most customization by far, and has “click of the button” integration almost all major email and webinar software used in the marketplace.  Get your 2 week free trail and start creating your sales funnel today.

GetResponse is an affordable and very user-friendly autoresponder service. It integrates with almost all website software and is very reliable for email deliver-ability. Getresponse allows you to store all your leads and create as many lists as you prefer. Email marketing becomes a lot easier when you’re using getresponse as your email service provider. You can begin with a free 30 day trial today.

Invisible Empire is a step by step infrastructure that gives you the EXACT formula you need to create and grow your online business. Along with the gamified experience that helps you create your own branded sales funnel to generate leads and make sales, you are also given access to advanced mindset and marketing trainings that are currently working for 7 figure marketers. Click here to register for our training with the 8 figure creator Mark Hoverson as he explains how this is transforming lives all over the world.
Renaissance is a premium travel membership that pays premium referral commissions. If you’re looking to have a high-ticket product to offer at the back-end of your marketing funnel, this travel membership is an excellent choice. It’s a one time purchase that lasts for 99 years with no hidden fees ever again. You can travel up to 80% off retail prices and earn $3000 commissions as an affiliate. Click here to learn more.

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There is no way PureLeverage.com is slowing down!

>>>> When we launched, we paid our first million dollars
in commissions in 18 days.. !

>>>> In April we gave away a $200 000 Ferrari F430 Spyder!

>>>> In May we gave away some AWESOME Dream Vacations to
Club Med Punta Cana Dominican Republic!

>>> We have given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash
and prizes.. and now nearly $15 MILLION dollars in commissions since

Yes.. Pureleverage.com is new and is exploding but the best part
is it is backed by a nearly 15 year old company financially called GVO.

So even though it is the newest and by far the most amazing opportunity
on the planet… you can be sure that when you put your efforts into this company
they will be around for the long haul.

Which means totally amazing residual and passive income for life!!

The company is paying out an unheard of 100% commission on real
products that every person needs online..

>> 100% commissions on our auto responder (worth the value alone)
>> 100% commissions on our blogging platform
>> 100% commissions on our video email service
>> 100% commissions on our lead capture system
>> 100% commissions on our conference software!
>> 100% commissions on our coaching program!

These are products that everyone needs EVERYONE which
makes them “sticky”, meaning people use them and you get
paid a lifetime on them!!

What are you waiting for? Start making 100% commissions today. Click Here!


Unlike other companies, we offer a 30 day no questions asked money back
guarantee. So if you are not completely in love with this company (like I am)
you can get a full refund with no questions asked!

Get your risk free $1.00 trial right now!

See you in the members area!


Explode Your Business With The Power of Face book

My very good friend Joel Therien just released a
Facebook Marketing course and well … he has gone

INSANE.. here is why…

He asked me to promote the course, he told me he was
originally going to sell it at $197.00.. but then he decided
to sell it at $2.95 cents!!!

Ah… I said to him, what’s the catch, what is the upsell?

Then this is when I knew he was insane…

He said to me “There is no catch, no upsell, no forced
continuity.. there is NO CATCH at all!”

Then Joel went on to say…

“Most brand new marketers turn to facebook for leads..
and well.. most brand new marketers have very little money to

So that’s why I am selling it for $2.95 with NO CATCH, I have
been new, I have been broke, this will set people on the right path
without spending a dime!

So ummm, before Joel gains consciousness, go get your copy now
for just $2.95 cents!!!!!

>>>> http://sociallever.com/?id=charleskaluwasha

If you are looking for…

– High quality leads..
– Something simple to grasp?
– An easy way to get noticed and recognized?
– Maybe great new ways in generating leads, traffic and sales?

Then this new Facebook package will guild you through, and set you
up on a solid foundation, showing you with confidence and comfort
on how to use Facebook to explode your business in a way you have
never used it before!

– Pull in traffic
– Collect those likes and followers
– Generate leads
– Build that know, like and trust to create customers
– Increase your profits
– Explode your business and organization!

You can grab your copy here for just $2.95

>>>>> http://sociallever.com/?id=charleskaluwasha

But hurry… as I said I think Joel has gone a bit insane so
go grab it now… as the price WILL increase for sure!

— Charles Kaluwasha

GVO | Pureleverage

How Joel turned Sunday blues to financial freedom


You know, it has been over 12 years but I can remember my
Sunday blues so vividly. Every Friday morning, I was happier
than could be, then yet, come Sunday afternoon I would fall
into a huge depression. Talk about a massive emotional roller

The sad reality today is that 99% of people hate what they do
for a living. I can remember just out of University working at a
local hospital, and for the very first time in my life I became

You see, I was very excited to get a job at the Montford
hospital in Ottawa Ontario Canada with a starting salary of
$52,000 per year! That was big money for me then. However,
as I got to know my colleagues I discovered very quickly that
some of them had been there for over 20 years and they were
making approximately $56,000 per year!


So I can expect to get a $4000 raise in the next 20 years! Not
much room for advancement if you ask me! You see, learning how
the human body works and all its moving parts was very fascinating
in school.

But, once I got into the workplace I was doing cardiac stress
testing all day long. Stick someone on the treadmill, read their
electrocardiogram, send them home. Stick someone new on the
treadmill, read their electrocardiogram and send them home!

I was doing the same thing day in and day out every single day.
For the first time in my life, as I said earlier, I became extremely

I thought to myself, “Can I really do this for the next 30 to 35 years?”

Boy was I stuck, my first baby girl Livija, was due in the next
few months, I was depressed out of my mind, and on a whim and
moments notice, I did the most irresponsible thing possible, at least
I thought it was..

Yep.. I quit my job!

I came home that day, scared to death to say anything to anyone.
The next morning, I told my wife I was not feeling well and was
going to stay home from work. Well, that worked for another couple
of days but soon enough my wife Ilona said “Honey, you need to
get back to work or you will be fired”

At that very moment, I felt my throat close and I mumbled,
“Honey I quit two days ago”..

Here it came.., my wife was yelling at me, my mother told me I was
running my life, my sister told me I was completely irresponsible with
the baby coming. GOD I wasn’t a real man…

The only person, that was supportive was my father, the true entrepreneur!

You know, it took me over two years to make my first dime online.
My wife nearly gave me the ultimate ultimatum, and that was, it is
your stupid computer or it was me, you make that choice!

Thank God she was patient, as leading up to today, since that day
we has never looked back!

>>> I have never had the Sunday blues again!

>>> I have never regretted being able to take my kids to school!

>>> I have never felt so free in my life!

So what does that have to do with you? Well see, I know what
you’re going through, I have been there! I know the frustrations,
I know the fears, I know the lack of spousal support, I know the
financial drain, I know the stress, and I know the tears.

NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING is worse than going to a job that you
absolutely despise!

I am unequivocally here for you, I have been there, and I will show
you exactly what you need to do with PureLeverage.com to make it
a success, to prove the naysayers wrong, and most importantly to
acquire the freedom that you deserve so that you can do what you
want when you want to do it!

You owe that not only to yourself, but to your family as well.

Where else can you start a business for such a low investment? Where
else does the world become your marketplace.

Join our team today, it is simply one choice and one click away!

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO | Pureleverage.com

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