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Year In Review- A learning Curve In Internet Work From Home

2009 went by particularly fast because of so many challenges, exciting changes and development to meet the many demands of our readers.

The biggest challenge for me was to increase and improve on my article writing techniques to satisfy my clients.

Since article marketing is the source of free organic traffic to any website, I continued to learn from the experts and my mentors to offer quality and professional content to my readers and ezine publishers

Many subscribers have benefited from my interesting and educational articles. I have received compliments from seasonal readers that the quality of my articles had improved tremendously and that it gave them help to make an informed decision whether to start online home business or not. Hopefully if you were one of my subscribers, you may have already been enjoying and benefiting from those quality and unique contents.

Business trends
2009 has been a year of ups and downs; sales have been very bad as the world economy was on the meltdown. It took efforts and courage to survive the recession.
Many companies reduced labor while others completely closed, leaving experienced workers stranded, no where to go or look up to for help.

We saw many people searching for solutions on the internet… how to earn extra money or start a work at home business as the only security for their future. This trend gave many marketers including myself, encouragement to write more articles on” work at home niche”.
Lifeonthenet7.com enjoyed an increase in traffic with an average of 1000 visitors per day and sales started picking up again in the last quarter.

Better and rewarding programs
During the year 2009, I added new programs to LifeOnTheNet7.com affiliate profile to improve the experience of customers in search for work at home ventures. These programs put money in many peoples’ pocket soon after joining and t most of them pay weekly, making it easier for starters to have money to build their businesses faster.

1. MyWorldPlus
This is a powerful money saving program. It comes with the most powerful business sharing system that provides a compensation plan that pays multiple times what other companies’ plans may pay you for the same activity. With the most exciting Ebates membership, you will receive MyWorldPlus Discount Card that can be used to SAVE you money at over 175,000 retail merchants globally. As a member of My World Plus, you will be able to print out coupons from best brand name manufacturers that you can use at any of the 100,000 grocery stores in your home town. With this membership, you can earn up to 20% cash-back at any of the online stores such as Target, Sears, McDonald, Marcy’s and many more.

2. Domain Cost Club
This is a product-driven company that is helping real people worldwide build their own income for life from home. Members get 50% profit share every month with an investment of $10.

3. Global Resorts Networks
The largest and most lucrative home business opportunity in the travel industry today! You save more than 50% on travel expenses and get paid $1000 in commission every month.

4. Director Of Ezine
This company has been in business for 11 years now and has helped many marketers get traffic to their websites and get more sales. It also provides one on one free consultation for life. You pay a one time small fee and boom; you become a life member of Director of Ezine.

5. Buzzbot Technologies
This is newly launched company with a different kind of business concept that is becoming one of the innovative leaders in technologies for social networking and marketing industries in the world. It pays a substantial package for your investment.

Reports indicate that Ebates, and  Domain Cost Club are the fastest growing companies and people are continually enrolling every minute. The reasons being that their products are in high demand and sell for themselves 100 times.

Personal growth
I am from a humble background, no one in the family is rich; they live a modest life. So did my life. I wanted to walk the same path, but found a reason and made a choice not to be like everyone in the family.

I chose to live… to become a winner, not a loser or beggar. To get more out of life and to dream big, to accomplish greater things in life, to leave a legacy for my children and one day to win big.

I migrated to New Zealand, “the paradise on earth” five years ago to start a new life. I forfeited all my hard earned money in my own country,Zambia and started from scratch in a foreign country. I looked at the possibilities- to win.

The beginning was rough, it was hard to settle but did not want the bad and ugly things shape and define my life. Instead I focused on the positive things about myself, and that is to be a winner!
I defined my life to take complex challenges that came my way and saw them as great opportunities. I enrolled with Victoria University of Wellington to finish my Masters in Nursing.
I started my online home business within two years of moving to New Zealand.
I sent all my four children to colleges and universities. I recently bought a mansion in one of the prime suburbs of wellington, enjoying the views of the most spectacular wonders of nature found in “paradise on earth” New Zealand.

I do see opportunities where others see problems. Being able to dump and bury all those negative things that I had thought about myself and adopt a new mindset- to succeed in life.

Even in times of recessions, I could not be moved, I saw this as a challenge, never to allow the environment or current economic situation determine the end of my success. I viewed these difficult circumstances as greater opportunities, to build my business by adding more and greater products and services, knowing that there is potential that my competitors would not see. I want to fulfill my dream, and that is to win big!

Spiritual Life
On my spiritual life, I am a committed and born again Christian who leads one of the New Apostolic Church congregations in Wellington, proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, turning many hearts to God. It is another challenge that requires faith and trust in the Creator.

What is coming in 2010 and beyond?
In 2010, you will be seeing even more improvement on the quality and content of articles as I work hard to provide you our loyal readers with more educational and business tips to help you with your online business.

The message that I will give to my readers will focus on seeing challenges as great opportunities and not to allow the environment define your destiny. People were born to be winners despite their past experiences. So stay tuned and subscribe to my news letter on my website found in the resource box. Remember, Think Big and WIN Big!

As a reader of my blog, I

hope I have served you well this year. I attempt to provide products and services that add value to your liking, and always look for new opportunities that can inspire you.

If I have inspired you,please consider leaving a comment in the box below. I appreciate your support

Yours in success!

Charles Kaluwasha

What Do Work From Home Moms Have To Make Money Online

What does it take to be a Work From Home Mom? Does success come easy to a work from home mom? If it was so simple as it is made to be, then everyone will be rich without working for it and more importantly everyone will want to work from home.

But all the above points are far from how things actually are. This is the reason why I am going to focus on honest work from home business opportunities and share with you, everything that it takes to be a successful work from home Mother and pursue legitimate work from home jobs. An honest work from home opening is the one where the organisation offering such an opportunity would share this fact with you without mincing words. He/she will tell you upright that if you are expecting overnight success buy lottery ticket or look elsewhere. Legit work from home opportunities takes your time and patience.

It is important you understand as a wannabe work from home Mother is that you are going to earn real money, long term, for which you are suppose to pay tax. It’s as simple and straight as that. And therefore it is going to involve and demand your time, patience, and the attitude to not give up mid-way.

It takes willingness, persistence, patience, and most important of all willingness to do the job. If you posses all this you can pick up an honest work from home opening that will take your career a long way and make you a successful work from home Mother. The day is not far when you will have be successfull people around you to take up work from home job opportunity.

You can work from home online. Its absolutely amazing to be able to work from home at your own speed, time and will. What you will need is a computer and Internet access. There are many legit `work from home opportunities for you to choose from and pursue. You will have to learn to identify the right from the wrong. see if it suits you. Do you have the skills that the opportunity requires?

You can’t just look for something on the basis of the kind of money it can make. If you do not have skills and interest in the field you will not be able to survive or succeed with what you do. It is very important to remember that while you are selecting an honest work from home opportunity you have to be really interested in it. Because as a Work At Home Mother? you are never going to retire so you might as well do something that you will like doing for the rest of your life.

Access expert hints in the topic of forex trading online – welcome to your individual knowledge pack.

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