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Learn how you can grow your business with email marketing Software

Building a list of subscribers is vital to your success with email marketing, and it’s among the first things you should devote attention to as you set up your account.

There are three methods you can use to build a list of subscribers:
 yes_check.png Publish a form to your website
 yes_check.png Import prospects who have given you permission
 yes_check.png Advertise in print publications

Read this article, and consider which is the best method for you to get started with.  Which one you choose will depend upon on what the needs of your business are.

Where Are Your Subscribers Coming From?

If your business currently uses a website, you’ll undoubtedly want to put an opt in form on it first and foremost.

If you’re still building your website, or operate a brick-and-mortar business (food service, medical, real estate, etc.)  you can consider collecting adding subscribers by manual import or email.

All subscribers must be requesting email specifically from your business.  If there’s any doubt, please contact  customer solutions team or refer to the Knowledge Base article covering acceptable and unacceptable collection methods.


Publish An Opt In Form To Your Website

By putting up a form, you instantly make your site more effective for communicating with your visitors.

To start with, just get one published to the homepage.

For instructions on publishing your first form with Aweber service, watch the video tutorial.

Later, you can publish forms to other places on your site to optimize the number of sign ups you receive.

Collect Subscribers In Person

Perhaps you run a business that doesn’t currently have a website in the works.  Email is still an excellent solution for marketing, but you need to devise ways to build a list with the necessary permission requirements in mind.

If your business has a physical location, review some ways to collect subscribers at your store.

You’ll also find ways to collect subscribers at conferences, trade shows, or seminars, if your business participates in them.

Once you have a list of subscribers to add to your campaign, just add them using our Import feature.

Build A List Using Print Ads

If you don’t have a website and do not attend events, or if you do but are looking to expand the range of your advertising, you also have the opportunity to run ads in print publications, like newspapers or magazines.

If you choose to, the best way to have interested readers subscribe might be to send a blank email to your campaign’s address.

Using Integrations to Get Subscribers

If you are collecting subscribers through another service, they may have an integration setup with them. Through integrations with particular services you can have subscribers added to your AWeber list.

So such as, customers that buy products from you on Paypal can be added to your AWeber list(s) through our Paypal integration.

Aweber has many other integrations setup with other services. So be sure to check them out to see if subscribers can be added from a service that they may already integrate with.

If we don’t have an integration setup for a service that you are using, you can always look into having your web developer (or hiring a web developer) create the application for you through their API. Just have them check out their Labs website for their API documentation.

For a step-by step  guide, download  it  free here

Build your list, and your fortune will follow

Building an email list is not an option if you want to make money online…

It’s a priority! In fact, one of the most important things you can do for
your online business is to develop and maintain an email list.

Marketing is a game of  numbers

Marketing is a game of numbers

So how do you get people to sign up? Many get people to sign up by offering
gifts or something that will be valuable to your subscribers. Most people
will be attracted by free items as long as they appear to add a lot of
value, such as a video course, ebook or short report, or a webinar – if it
is targeted to what the person is actually  interested in or looking for.

Sign up for an autoresponder service (like GetResponse – that’s who I use
to deliver this newsletter) that will help you manage and mail your list easily…
Autoresponder services make growing and managing your email list a snap!

You should make sure that the sign up procedure is easy and avoid asking
too much information like phone numbers and addresses. The less information
you ask from the subscribers that more likely they will sign up for your
email list. You can ask for the first names so that you can personalize
each email that you send out. Here’s an example of an effective sign up form…

If you want a little help, check out the Plug-In Profit Site which is a
service that will setup all of these things for you, and build your signup
forms directly into your website!

However you do it, building a list should be priority #1 when you are
building an online business. Most people aren’t going to buy from you at
first glance of your website, but if you invite those same people to join
your list free, and then follow up regularly with a high value newsletter
and educational emails about your product, you are certain to turn more
visitors into customers. Build your list, and your fortune will follow… 🙂

Unlock your email marketing for a low monthly price

In this article am going to show you EXACTLY how you can start making sales in minutes. This is not a mare theory or “what if” scenarios. This is a real-life blue print that demonstrates EXACTLY how you can use an AutoResponder to generate profits in minutes with the click of a mouse button.

Before I get into more  details,  first of all I want to plant  this one concept into your mind. This concept is critical to experiencing success in your online marketing. Whether you are involved in any form of social networking, search engine optimization, classified ads, banner ads, etc… if you miss this one concept, you are going to lose sales.

This concept is:


This concept is the  back bone of profiting online. Most businesses, when trying to build their online sales, focus strictly on getting more visitors, optimizing their web pages, making sure the graphics are nice, linking strategies, running more ads, etc…

And all of those are good things to work on. But if building your own lists isn’t your initial primary goal in marketing your business, you are absolutely missing sales. Make sure that  every ad you run … Every interaction you have with your prospects is aimed at getting them in to your list so you can follow up with them.

To spice it all, ensure that you web site has sales copy and makes it very easy for visitors to order. When someone does arrive your  site he’s ready to order, You will be more than happy to close the sale on daily basis. However your main primary objectives should be:

  1. Building The List
  2. Building The List.
  3. Building The List.

Here’s why;

Aweber has all the  free tools to help you:

  1.  created sales message using my  AutoResponder Message Editor.
  2.  use  AdTracker URL that comes with their AutoResponder so you could track clicks on your message.
  3. use the “Broadcast” feature on  AutoResponder to send the sales message out to your list.

How does this work?

  1. You will build a targeted list using  AutoResponder.
  2. You can easily send an offer that can present something of interest to your subscribers.
  3. Build rapport with your list, many of those subscribers will trust you and are willing to purchase or at least consider purchasing from you at any time.

The best part is that you can do this over and over again any time and when you have an offer to send to your lists. This is how the 8-figure earners are able to generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars while they are sleeping by using this same technique.

This is the blue print  you can use your AutoResponders in your own business.

The key is to build and mange your own in-house lists.

Whether you already have a list or you’re just getting started building your list, GetResponse AutoResponder system teaches you how to get started quickly. The key is to get started with their 30 Day Free Trial Offer so that you can get started putting GetResponse AutoResponders to work in your own business.

Don’t let another day go by without starting to build your own targeted in-house lists.

Start Your 30 Day Free Trial Today

Visit http://www,aweber.com and set up your FREE trial account today.

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