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Getting off the Anti-Wealth Plan

This article  caught  my  attention and  I  thought of  sharing  with my readers.

Though painful to say, most people go through their entire lives on what we call the “Anti-Wealth” Plan. Others call it the “40/40/40 Plan.” That is, work 40 hours a week for someone for 40 years and retire with $40 in the bank!

That’s somewhat of an exaggeration, of course, but the U.S. Social Security Board, for example, has reported that 85 out of 100 Americans won’t possess as much as $500 in savings by age 65. And only 2% will be self-sustaining; the rest will be dependent on family, church, or the government!


The main problem with a typical job is that when YOU stop, the money stops.

MAKE SURE you understand this: If you ever want to acquire real wealth, you’re just not going to get there trading hours for money. The world’s wealthiest people have known for hundreds of years that if you want financial freedom, you MUST tap into at least one of the following:

1. Residual Income

RESIDUAL INCOME is income that keeps coming in month after month, year after year, from work you do just ONCE. It’s like a royalty. An example would be writing a book or recording a song and getting paid forever on it. Wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome to have that?!  Well, with SFI you can!

2. Leveraged Income

LEVERAGED INCOME is earning money through other people’s efforts. There are only 24 hours in a day. Hence, there’s only so much you can earn through your own efforts.  But with SFI, you can earn Leveraged Income (in the form of “override” commissions) on the activity of your personally sponsored affiliates.

Earn even more Leveraged Income when they sponsor other affiliates, and when your affiliates’ affiliates sponsor affiliates…and so on…on up to 12 downline generations!

The fact is, by simply sponsoring a few good, active SFI affiliates, you can eventually have hundreds or even THOUSANDS of affiliates and TC members putting money in your pocket…from around the world…around the clock!

But that’s not even the best part.  Each affiliate on your team has his or her own vested interest to build and KEEP ON building his or her business and income.  This, of course, means YOUR income can continue and grow month after month–even when you want to take a vacation or decide to retire altogether.

Yes, there are few things greater than returning home from a nice vacation to find that your commissions for the month increased from the month before!

Bottom line: With SFI, not only can you earn “do-it-once, get-paid-forever” residual-style income, you also can earn Leveraged Income on the activity of other affiliates!  If building financial security is one of your goals, you’ve found the vehicle to do it with in SFI.

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8 Reasons Why You Would Want To Join Now The Most Profitable Business

My mentor and developer of pluginprofitsite.com Stone Evans had this to say:

“I was asked by my good friend Charlie Page over at
DirectoryOfEzines.com for the top reasons people join
the Plug-In Profit Site. This isn’t edited and it’s
totally stream of consciousness from me, but I thought
you would be interested.

Here’s the top 8 reasons that shot like lightning out
of my brain in the 15 minutes that it took me to write this up…

1. You would like to have your own professional
e-commerce website but don’t have the time, money or
know-how to set one up yourself. The Plug-In Profit
Site builds your fully customizable e-commerce website
for you (with free setup) within 24 hours.

2. You would like to have your own opt-in email list
and proven email follow-up campaign but you don’t have
the time or know-how to set one up yourself. The
Plug-In Profit Site provides you with full
autoresponder setup and a fully-customizable
pre-written 400-day email follow up campaign along with
step-by-step instructions to grow your own opt-in email
list to any size you want – automatically.

3. You would like to learn how to drive traffic and
sales to your website and affiliate program offers but
you don’t know how. The Plug-In Profit Site provides
you with a complete 30 Days to Success training guide
that walks you step-by-step through the process of
attracting traffic to your website and affiliate offers
and making money online. You will also receive free
traffic bonuses including 1,000 category targeted
visitors to your website for free, a responsive list of
5,000 people you can contact by email on your very
first day, 25 free lifetime links pointing back to your
website to provide traffic and a natural boost to your
search engine rankings, along with many additional free
and low cost step-by-step methods for pulling in
interested visitors and buyers to your website and affiliate offers.

4. You would like a mentor to show you how to make
money online (someone who is really doing it themselves
and has been for many years) but you don’t have the
money to pay for expensive training programs or
personal coaching. Stone Evans, the founder of the
Plug-In Profit Site will hold your hand (figuratively)
and walk you step-by-step through the exact process he
uses to make a full-time income by promoting
high-quality, in-demand affiliate products online. If
you can read simple instructions and know how to copy
and paste, you can start making money online by
following Stone’s simple instructions.

5. You know people are making money online and you know
there are good programs out there, but you don’t know
how to tell the difference between what’s legit and
what’s not, what works and what doesn’t. Stone Evans
has joined and tested hundreds of home business
opportunities and affiliate programs over the last 10
years and out of many thousands of hours of relentless
testing, he’s separated the wheat from the chaff and
found a handful of online programs that pay generously
and consistently and are easy to sell using tried and
true online marketing techniques that you will learn with this system.

6. You want to be part of a community and receive
support from like-minded people who share your interest
and commitment to building a successful online
business. The Plug-In Profit Site is more than a
top-rate service and business opportunity. It IS a
passionate community of online website owners,
affiliate marketers and business professionals who are
committed to giving back and helping each other succeed
faster. As a member, you will be welcomed into our
member’s support community and forum where you’ll be
able to interact with Stone Evans and hundreds of other
Plug-In Profit Site members and full-time Internet
marketers who will help you get your questions answered
quickly and overcome obstacles that have prevented you
from succeeding in the past.

7. You don’t want to take the risk of building online
one income stream (whether it be from a job or a
business) because you know that having only one income
stream to rely on leaves you very vulnerable and
possibly only one decision or change in the market to
being broke and empty-handed. The Plug-In Profit Site
starts you off with building 5 income streams from 5
very reliable market-tested companies under the
umbrella of one proven marketing system that allows you
to perform the same activities that you would use to
build one business, but instead you’re building 5 at
the same time. So if one of those companies every goes
belly-up, your income doesn’t because you have the
stability of the 4 additional income streams you’ve
developed to fully support you during challenging times.

Plus, the entire Plug-In Profit Site business model is
fully customizable allowing you infinite flexibility.
First, you can add and subtract products, affiliate
programs and business opportunities to your marketing
system at any time you want because it’s your website,
your autoresponder software, your email list and your
knowledge and experience that you are ultimately
building here. If you like to follow a proven and
stable income generating system, you’ve got it. If you
like to chart your own course, you’ve got that too.

8. If you know that residual income is what you must
create to have true financial freedom, this is the
system for you. Having a JOB usually means that you are
Just Over Broke and building a business on one-time
sales and offers is a ticket to perpetual struggle to
find the next customer. With the Plug-In Profit Site,
not only is it easy to find customers using proven
step-by-step Internet marketing methods, when customers
do sign up for the affiliate offers you are connected
with through this system, these offers will pay you for
the LIFE of the customer. Imagine you have a web page
that promotes a phone service… Someone visits that
page and signs up for the service. Residual income
means that you don’t just get paid a commission when
someone signs up… You get paid every single month for
the life of that customer’s account for their phone
service and usage. Many Plug-In Profit Site users are
getting paid residual income 1, 3, 5+ years after an
original sale or signup was made for one of the
affiliate products they started promoting through the
system. Residual income is your key to financial
security and success and it has never been easier to
start earning residual income online than it is today
with the Plug-In Profit Site turn-key Internet marketing system.

Plug-In Profit Site – Where making money is as simple as flipping a switch!…

More details about what you get with my service are here:


Do you have one or more of the 8 reasons above for
becoming a Plug-In Profit Site member today my Friend?

If so, what are you waiting for?

Your partner in success,

Charles Kaluwasha

What Makes Trivita The Home Business Of 2009

Are you stressed out about Money? Your job? Are you unemployed or facing lay offs?
This is Gary Giardina. An Independent Trivita Affiliate Member.

Let me show you how you can Start Today and Have Customers tomorrow in a home based nutitrion business with the help of a ten year old company Trivita.
Welcome to Trivita.
Trivita is a a nutritional based company with many health and wellness nutritional products in it’s tenth year and is located in Scottsdale Arizona.

It is run by CEO Michael Ellison who first started Ellison Media Company in 1971 – helping organizations expand globally in their quest to help people find physical, emotional and spiritual health.

After experiencing a personal health crisis at the age of 50, Michael shifted his focus from organizations to individuals. This led to the founding of TriVita in 1999, where he took his message of wellness and wealth to a more personal level, teaching people how to build wealth to fulfill their life purposes.
Trivita uses a Cooperative Marketing business model that uses a multi-media approach to generate customers for the Trivita business owners. Infomercials,Radio,Online and print ads brings in many customers a month buying Trivita products.
A business affiliate or BA can acquire the purchasing rights of these customers for life. As long as that customer continues to buy Trivita products you get paid a percentage of his product purchases.
Leaving you with a long term residual income for years to come.
There is no need for selling or stocking of products. No chasing down your family or friends to buy from you every month. This is all taken care of for you by Trivita.

Trivita ships the orders, and then follows up with your customer up to 18 times a year.
There are many levels where you can join the business starting out at just $25.00 up to $1499.00, depending on the speed in which you want to start to build your income.

Trivita has many quailty products such as super sublingual B 12, NutraFruits and Leanology. These are just a few of the many products that are changing people’s lives by delivering affordable and effective products to help people look and feel their best.
Coming soon is The new Sonoran Bloom™ product line – which includes a proprietary Opuntia liquid concentrate and Streptocantha gel which have significant health applications and benefits.
“I believe that Sonoran Bloom Nopalea will be TriVita’s first billion dollar product,” states Michael Ellison. This premier product launch is being supported by several key initiatives to help increase Business Affiliate growth, including; a North American Tour, beautifully designed branding and marketing materials and a simple, yet effective, Share and Earn Income Accelerator System.
I am in one of the fastest growing teams in TriVita. If you would like to be part of this unique home business opportunity, you should first contact me at from my website:
sonoran bloom nopalea
Listen in on one of our daily update calls:
DIAL 212-461-5860 – PIN 7878#
Monday 9:00 pm Eastern / 6:00 pm Pacific Time
Tuesday 12:00 Noon Eastern / 9:00 am Pacific Time
Tuesday 9:00 pm Eastern / 6:00 pm Pacific Time – special pin number is 0752#
Wednesday 9:00 pm Eastern / 6:00 pm Pacific Time
Thursday 9:00 pm Eastern / 6:00 pm Pacific Time
Friday 12:00 Noon Eastern / 9:00 am Pacific Time
Saturday 11:00 am Eastern / 8:00 am Pacific Time
TriVita will have a banner year, I in 2009. So if you are in need of a job, looking for that home business or just want to take better care of yourself in the years to come, Look at Trivita.

With Trivita you participate in TriVita’s “Cooperative Marketing” & “Media Acquisition Program and TriVita’s customers become YOUR customers! Customers in your NEW business on DAY ONE without bugging friends, neighbors, relatives, calling or recruiting anyone!
Start Today, Have Customers Tomorrow!

Independent Trivita Affiliate Member
ID Number: 13225544
Gary Giardina
(239) 850-7327

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