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Have you seen this video from Stone Evans yet?

Hi Subscriber and fellow  bloggers

I hope you are doing well.

I’ve got something I’d like you to look at. I posted a video recently in our forum that shows some details inside my M.A.P. account at:


In the video, I show how M.A.P. has produced $8,308.02 for me so far. I know that’s not a whole lot, but it’s just the beginning.

It’s 18 days later and my earnings as of right now are $12,721.61 which is $4,413.59 in those 18 days, or roughly $245 per day.

What’s significant about this is not the number, but the trajectory. This is passive income growing from profit share and residual referral commissions that is getting larger by the day.

On June 20th, I’m going to post another video update inside my account to show the rate of growth over a 30 day period.

Based on how this is working with PIPS, I expect to be at over $20k/month by December.

Again, I’ll keep you posted with video updates along the way, but I wanted to make sure you knew what was going on so you can make the most out of your PIPS affiliation. This is only 1 of the income streams in th PIPS system, but it’s really working well, and should not be overlooked. It’s much more than effective advertising.

I’m using the M.A.P. service itself to advertise PIPS and am now getting a steady stream of new referrals joining me in the other PIPS program as well, which is very exciting to me because that’s where some of my bigger income is generated.

All the details and steps on how I’m using this service are outlined in Day 6 of the 30 Days to Success guide here:


Everything starts by joining PIPS above!

– See you  at  the  top.


2014, The Year of Boom and Bust

Hey my friend,

I am attending a free online event on Saturday
and because I love to share massive value with
the people I care about, I wanted to make sure
I provided this information on to you.

Here is the information and event I am attending…

DISCOVER why the Rich get richer as the middle
class goes broke….. 2014 will be the year of the
great divide…. Don’t get caught on the wrong side
of the prosperity river….attend this FREE live online
event with 8-figure Earner Mark Hoverson!

Get Registered Right Here:  [Limited Spots Available]

The man you will be learning from is Mark Hoverson.
He went from 40k in debt to making over 10,000,000
in network marketing in only 5 years.

He will show you…

EXACTLY what he did to achieve his results so fast and
why it’s not as hard as you think to make a great living
in network marketing FAST.

NO middle ground and NO middle class NO MORE…
on this FREE live online event you will discover…

1. How to profit like the rich in 2014 and get massive
“cash windfalls” in your life that will immediately plant
you into your new super lifestyle.

2. You’ll discover why the rich are making more money
now than ever, while the middle class are unfortunately
going to lose more money in 2014.

3. You’ll discover a unique way of thinking that will open
up your mind and allow you to achieve immediate abundance,
rather than long term business building misery.

4. You’ll discover why it’s way more profitable to do the
exact polar opposite of what everyone else in network
marketing is doing.

5. You’ll discover why the “rich” in network marketing are
the top 1% – while everyone else will remain “on the bench”
wishing they could achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.

6. You’ll discover how to finally get paid what you’re worth…
without having to grind out thousands of sales a month to
achieve a lifestyle of the “rich.”

7. You’ll discover the ONLY way to achieve quicker results
in 2014, while everyone else will be struggling to make a
decent income.

8. You’ll discover how Mark Hoverson went from 40k in debt,
to making millions in network marketing in less than 5 years.

Get Registered Right Here:  [Limited Spots Available]

Claim your spot and join me on the live online event.

Let me know if you have any questions at all.

Charles Kaluwasha

Internet Lifestyle Apprentice

One time fee for life

Delivering profitable performance

My Wealth Discovery Road Map is Ready



Very late last night, our tech team and programmers 
gave us the green light! 

We are running some final tests and running through 
the system from start to finish to make sure that 
everything is working as it should…

And then later on today, or very first thing tomorrow
we will give you your very much anticipated link that 
will take you on the ride of your life. 

In less than 24 hours, guaranteed, you will have access 
to this breakthrough, money making technology in your 

That said, we have one last video with some final 
instructions when you get this link.

Watch it now, and get ready for the final email within 
the next 24 hours, with the subject line:

=> All Systems Go! <=

I don’t think you realize just how big this is… which 
is why it’s taking all of my willpower and THEN some to 
not just give you your link right now. 

But give us just a few more hours and you’ll see first 

Get ready,
Charles Kaluwasha

Creating cash windfall through high ticket programs

Global Resorts Network Replay

Mark Hoverson and Michelle Pescosolido(my upline in GRN) along with Rhonda Swan hosted a recent webinar titled: Creating a Windfall of Cashflow, 3 Secrets to a High Ticket Affiliate Program.

As some of you may know, Global Resorts Network is one of the program I have been involved with since I started online programs in 2008 and it is our high ticket program. Below is the replay and we are very excited to present it to you today and show you why you need a high ticket program in your business portfolio.
If you love to travel and create financial freedom, you deserve to see what Global Resorts Network can do for you.

To join GRN today Click HERE to view the different membership levels.

If you want to get started but funds are tight we have an option for you to at least take advantage of our GRN community / ILN by clicking HERE. You can still earn Global Resorts Network commissions at this entry level membership but  you will not have access to the full GRN membership. However you can make commissions of $250 on any  of Global Resorts membership levels you sell.

But to fully maximize out the comp plan of Global Resorts Network it is advisable you do purchase the full membership starting at Platinum level.

Any questions? Just let me know by shooting me an email at buildawealthsystem@gmail.com and we can set up a time to discuss.

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve success with Global Resorts Network.


Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha

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