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The Fastest Way to Earn Online


Now, the fastest way to develop a full-time income in this business, and create real financial security is as follows.

First, you must be a faithful student in the Plug In Profit Site and follow the first 12 days of the 30 days training series.

This guide was put together with rhyme or reason…

Every word and step  written prior to this is important.

It’s cumulative, and it’s designed to take even the most unexperienced newbie from zero to hero in just 2 weeks.

But if you don’t put the parts together correctly into a plan that you truly follow, the puzzle won’t come together…

Here’s the plan, and the fastest way to develop a full-time income in this business. If you do this, you will succeed.

First, define your goal and what full-time income means.

If you’re just thinking “make money”, you’re not thinking how you need to think to be successful.

When you  sign up with Plug in Profit site, you  are  creating multiple  streams of  income.

The number one income stream is  My Advertising pays…

My Advertising Pays is important for 3 reasons:

1. It delivers interested visitors to your website automatically.

2. If you can click a mouse, you can make money. That’s because a rewarding part of this very popular program is that all participating advertisers get a daily company profit share… In fact, everyone who uses My Advertising Pays ads and clicks on 10 ads daily gets paid every 20 minutes, and some members are already earning a full-time income from the profit-share program on top of all the effective advertising!

3. My Advertising Pays is also an affiliate program and has a VERY generous commission structure that can become one of the biggest checks you get each month.

See you  soon!

Five Simple Ways You Can Advertise Better


You might have your choice of:
• Two gallons of gasoline
• Hamburgers, fries and soft drinks for two
• Two pairs of socks
• One matinee movie ticket and a small popcorn
Can $10 buy you 200 visitors to your website?
Well, yes it can!
What if I were to tell you that I want to GIVE you that $10 bill so you can get those 200 visitors to your website FOR FREE?
Now, what if I were to tell you that you can also receive $5 BACK into your own pocket?
Sign up for free, no strings attached and claim your free $10 now!
P.S The first 100 people to sign up will get an extra bonus so, don’t miss out!


To  your  success


The Perfect business Opportunity for you




This is TIME SENSITIVE because in the next 48 hours,
we will be sending out this opportunity to our
subscriber database of over 200,000!
We’re giving you the opportunity to position yourself

It’s FINALLY here!!

An Opportunity for Everyone… NO EXCEPTIONS!

Even IF you’ve NEVER sponsored anyone or sold a product
in your life …
You CAN do this and SUCCEED!

Watch This Video Now

Take a look at this amazing GROUND FLOOR opportunity
to learn how …
… Just 25 bucks (one time) can turn into 4, 5, 6 & yes,
even 7 figures!

Get in first … before we start mass mailing to our list

As you know with these types of programs …

The product is fantastic & can be used to boost YOUR
online presence!
Join NOW and/or email me at: buildawealthsystem@gmail.com
and ask for our team’s FAIL-PROOF STRATEGY  that is
so simple ANYONE with no previous experience can use
it and succeed.

~ Let’s All Succeed in 2013 ~

We believe in you!

See you @ the top,

Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha
Viral Express Marketing
I am pleased to see that we have differences. May we
together become greater than the sum of both of us.
~ Surak of Vulcan, Star Trek ~

Shape your future with a product that pays 100% commission

commission loop hole pouring money into your bank

commission loop hole pouring money into your bank

Over the last few weeks, we’ve personally seen hundreds of
thousands of dollars being paid out to regular people all
over the world.


Most are ordinary people who do not have big marketing lists.

1.Who have never made a dime in this industry before.

2.Who are not … and never will be ‘gurus’.

Just normal people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds.

From all different levels of experience and expertise.

Getting commission notifications sent directly to their email inbox,
over and over again, because…

For the first time ever – they are making money.

So if you want to start getting some of those emails that say…

“Congratulations, your income just increased by $100 monthly!”

Check this out NOW…


We’ve just discovered a commission loophole that will deposit
100% commissions into your bank account … daily.


Your bank account….100% commissions… Daily!

Plus, you can see what these ordinary people are doing and
using to simplify their entire business down to three steps,
anyone can do ….and only take a few minutes a day to do.

You won’t be the same after you see this for yourself.

No one else is.

But be warned.

It’s raw.

It’s dramatic.

And we’re not sure how it will affect you.

We just know it will.

Check it out here:


Contact us if you have questions.

We’re on a mission to assist as many people as we can to
start making money from home.

P.S. Here’s what people are saying right now about what you’re about to see:


Never have I seen a group that actually cares about their
people as much as these guys. Imagine giving 100% commissions.
I am getting about $450 per day in new referrals and
added income. In less than 10 days I am already at about
$2700 in monthly residual income + additional $500 one
time sales. WOOHOO! And I have only blasted out an
email about every other day to a pretty small group of people.

– Ed Przybylski


Been with Empower Network for 13 days and have made
just shy of $10,000! I am PUMPED about what we are
doing here in EN because I have also had so many people
who have NEVER made money online, or in their Network
Marketing Business, finally do it here. Now we can help
build a person’s posture, now we help people feel good
about sponsoring into their primary business, and now we
can truly EMPOWER people to live the life of their dreams!
Thanks Dave and Dave, we love you for this!

– Tracey Walker


In my first 6 days with Empower Network I had already
earned $1,050. I wish this system had been around when
I first started online a few years ago.

– Carl Willis


For years I had struggled to be in business for myself. Some of
the businesses I started did just ok. More recently (in the past
1-1/2 yrs.) all I did was spend money and never made any money.
Until now! Until Empower Network. Although right now I’m
not slamming it, I made my first $100 commission in less than
24 hrs. I am not and will not get suckered into anything else.
Empower Network is where it’s at and where I’m staying

– Debra Hill


$1,075 so far… $575 Residual. I’ve been involved in the
industry six months, part-time. I built a 70+ person team
in my primary opportunity… which pays me roughly
$200/residual. In 11 days with Empower, I’ve almost
tripled that.

– Tim Buist


I joined the Empower Network 4 days ago. I made my
first sale today! I had to wait to get my merchant account
set up and that took 2 days, so I guess you can say I’ve
made my first sale in 1 day! he was very excited about
it too.

– Dona Davis


In only 5 days of work I got $3,318.67 deposited into
my bank account, and then I took a week off to go
cruising around the mountains… I love this stuff guys!

– Jordan Schultz



Are you ready to have a breakthrough and not another breakdown?

You can.

With one easy decision that will feel good when you finally make it.

Click on the link to watch the video NOW!


You’ll be glad you did 😉
Did I mention that you can plug into our free viral marketing system to make more sales?

Charles Kaluwasha
Giveaway free marketing system


The Pain of a network marketer


Every day I see people afflicted by all sorts of pain. Some people can not handle the pain. They fail to walk or eat. Those who work call sick and stay at home. The worst pain that I have ever felt was toothache. I felt like some one was drilling my teeth. Even when I took some cold water, it was worse, could not bear it. The solution was to go to the doctor to get some pain killers. After a while the pain was resolved and I could eat, drink and even talk, laugh and sing without covering my mouth.I was free from pain.Network marketers also have the pain... the of not not making money online. They spend countless hours on line trying to make money… but fail even to make a $50 per day. Why? They do not have leads. Leads are the blood of any business online. Without leads, there is no profit. No wealth, become dissatisfied, some even quit…
When you get leads, you get money! When you get leads, your primary business flourishes and become wealthy. You chase your dream You have time for your family You can go on vacation. You can fire your boss at any time. You can enjoy quality lifestyle.

Now the problem is where can you find the pain killer for your business?
Everyday we talk to people who desperately want results in their business and want our help in helping them achieve that success. Simply put, we have the track record and we know what it takes to be successful. We give the same answer every single time. No fluffing, no hype, just the REAL facts and we can prove it. It all starts with leveraging a system and NOT wasting your time on creating the system.

Now after the advice is given to these hungry people what do you think they do? Well, most don’t listen and go back to doing exactly what is NOT working in their business and get the same crappy results. I kid you not, this happens every single day. Just baffles me. These people go back to chasing around their warm market getting rejected time and time again. Spamming their Facebook walls with status updates talking about how awesome their company is and how great their products are. They send out unsolicited emails to people who probably could careless about anything a stranger has to offer. This cycle keeps going on and on and they drown in failure. It’s a vicious cycle. I get it though….it’s really not their fault. They just don’t know who to trust, who to believe, or who to follow or what to do. So most just stay put and refuse to move forward.

My friends….this does not work. You have to get off the bench and get on the field if you want to play. I’ll say this again as I have over and over. MLSP works. They have been around for over 3 years now and they are REAL. The offer everything you need to build a business online. Meaning EVERYTHING you need to get your business in front of the masses.

There are a lot of copy cat systems out there and trust me I’ve seen them and have tested them behind closed doors and nothing compares to what MLSP has to offer. 
MLSP is the largest and most success attraction marketing system on the web.
It was created by network marketers and if you look around at all the successful leaders like…
David Wood
Ray Higdon
Todd Falcone
Raymond Fong
Ferny Ceballos
Michelle and Bill
Rob Fore
Diane Hochman
the list goes on……
They have all been and still very much a part of this system.
Why?  Because it works…..
MLSP has created success story after success story.  Isn’t it your turn?

If you’re struggling with your home business, this 29 minute movie will stop the bleeding and the pain, save you years of wasted time, and save you thousands of wasted dollars.Watch it before we take it offline!

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