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Using Press Releases for Links and Traffic

Chances are you may not have thought a lot about using press releases in
your online business.

Perhaps you think it may not apply to your type of product or service.

This is seldom the case.

Press releases are a great way to attract thousands of targeted visitors to
your sites as well as improve your search engine rankings.

A well optimized press release can get you to the top of Google sometimes
within hours (Press Releases are usually placed above the top search
result) and can bring you hordes of targeted traffic. They are often placed
in news results, and Google is always looking for the latest and greatest
to post in their index.

Doing press releases is very similar to writing an article and submitting
it to multiple directories. The long term benefits of press releases come
in the form of higher search rankings and greater credibility for your sites.

Moreover, there are a great many free press release site you can submit to,
and these get quite a bit of play as well. The big dogs like PRWeb and
PRNewswire will be better, but for a price.

Write your press release in a journalistic 3rd party style, and make it
newsy, not salesy. It is supposed to be news, not sales copy.

Also, make sure you are writing about something newsworthy to begin with,
and create a compelling headline.

Do these things and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results you get!


Charles Kaluwasha

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Traffic Authority is the future of traffic and advertising, without a doubt!

I’ve got a video to share with you here that will explain everything…Your marketing strategy will improve with Facebook
So click here now to watch it:

Now, I just saw the movie, “The Social Network” last night… And holy cow…This Facebook phenomenon is seriously just getting started!
Facebook is a 25 BILLION dollar company that is already overtaking Google in ways that we can’t even imagine. And now, you and I can get a “piece”of this multi-billion dollar company by taking advantage of something that most entrepreneurs and marketers have yet to really understand.

I’m not talking about getting a Facebook profile or a fan page (which of course you should have)… I’m talking about something that is SO much bigger and is in it’s total infancy…Facebook advertising.
By now you’ve probably noticed the ads that now pop up on the right hand side of your Facebook profile, right?
Well, believe it or not… Most people have no clue what an untapped goldmine this really is…even me I was ignorant until I saw this video

And most of the marketers who ARE using FB ads are leaving so much darn money on the table, it’s crazy. It’s just so new, that no one really knows what they’re doing yet! Facebook advertising is super the cheapest and it’s CRAZY how targeted you can get with it!
The traffic authority, has an AMAZING free video series on Facebook and google advertising… And I HIGHLY suggest that you get informed about how to truly mine the gold out of this insane traffic resource. Members are generates 225+ leads every day for a mere fraction of the cost of Google! You do NOT want to get left behind on this…Get informed,educated and profit more..

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I’m seriously so pumped and excited about this new stream of traffic… I just know that this new skill set alone will turn many entrepreneurs into MILLIONAIRES over the upcoming years.
It’s a very rare thing to be at the beginning of a billion dollar advertising boom in our world… And WE are now at the absolute forefront.. An opportunity not to miss!

So check out the Facebook series that Jonathan is calling “Get Traffic 3.0” and pay very close attention to what he’s teaching here…
This is THE future of traffic and advertising, without a doubt.Watch and think about it


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