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Learn from Top Marketers Who Have Made 5K in just 30 Days with no list



Am excited to bring to you the latest and real time examples of some of the Top Marketers that have made 6 figure income in just 30 days without their own list.

Want to know how this happened? How their income with MLSP has almost doubled since the release of the 100% pure profit killer copywritten, phenomenal content funnels?

The answer is simple,They have stayed the course with MLSP for over two years now.

This is what we call being laser focused and not chasing after easy things when the going gets tough.

Many people when they do not make any money within a month or a year, they quit and join another company. They do the same if there were no immediate results. By the end of the year, they will have achieved nothing!
They do not have the patience, perseverance and remain focused!

Now if you have tried “some” MLM or even MLSP in the past and you thought at that time it was too overwhelming and too confusing, I want to assure you MLSP has solved this problem once and for all. It is now easy to follow all the bolts and nuts.

There are guys on MLSP team that are making 1K sales and keeping the entire sale in their bank account for the very first time in their history of being online.

We are getting testimonial after testimonial of people finally making money online and big money.

I am proud to say we are very excited for them.

Now it’s your turn. MLSP has never been easier since the launch of the new system.

MLSP has been in business for over three years now and they are proven and they pay on time. Not like some of these fly by night companies that have failed so many.

You probably know which companies I am speaking of.

Here’s a special offer:

1. You join MLSP at any level you will get access to our private FB mastermind group and you will have Bill and Michelle in there helping you along the way.

No need to get stuck and feel you have to give up when you have team in place.

By the way right now there is a $2 fee for 3 day trial to get started. Less than a good cup of coffee at Starbucks. That’s $2 bucks to invest to change your entire business around.




So what is your decision today?
No hard feelings but if you want to learn more from 4 top marketers who were interviewed on how they would make 5K in just 30 days with no list, fan page, etc….
then go to the link below:

Make it a great day,

Charles Kaluwasha


Wellington,New Zealand



The Ideal Marketing System That Puts Money In Your Pocket

If your goal is to create financial freedom for you and your family, you must think of using a marketing system that will help you build a team of strong, motivated and highly productive network marketing people.

Time for chasing after wrong people is unproductive and is a waste of your time, money and efforts.

The secrets of making money online lies in understanding the psychology that lies behind a successful and proven marketing system that duplicates your efforts. We are going to look at the basic concepts of a successful marketing system that can put money in your pocket.

1.List building

No matter what service or product you are marketing online, your first step to success is lead generation. You must have a quality landing page to capture qualified prospect’s attention and  enter their contact information.

Your capturing page must provide a unique offer that is both transparent and authentic to give you a real competitive edge for example,free training,free marketing tools and webinars.

This will create curiosity for your clients! and be encouraged to enter their names and email addresses to request more information and eventually they will be directed to your ‘Thank You Page’ that is integrated  with your autoresponder that directs them back to your ‘Thank You Page’.

2. Autoreponder Service

The marketing system must have an email autoreponder. This is an important form of marketing that builds your list. You may have heard the saying that “Money is in the list”. Autoresponder is a form permission marketing that your prospects sign to receive pre-written emails at regular intervals.

The more people sign up to your list, the more sales you will make. The benefits of using an autoresponder is that people need to be exposed to your product or service messages several times(to be specific, seven times) before they buy it.

Generating leads and building  your mailing list is the blood of your business. Nothing matters if you do not have a constant stream of qualified prospect entering your marketing system. The fact is you can not sell to anyone if you not have anyone to sell to!

3. Thank You page and a sifting process

This is part of your marketing system that your potential customers see after they register their email addresses on your landing page. This page should provide more information about your product, testimonials and invite your customers to get a bonus when they purchase a product.

This process helps you to sift out people who are not buyers,we call them,tire-kickers. If a customer is not willing to purchase a product costing $49.99 early in the sales process, how likely are they to make a purchase of more than $500 later?

The second benefit of this process is to put money  back into your pocket although you do not make a profit at this stage, but  this will rather help you build a relationship with more customers and eventually make more money by offering your primary back-end products. In that way, your advertising cost will be off set or funded by the growing number of customers.

4. Team coaching service

A unique marketing system should have a dedicated and qualified team of coaches that follow up all the applicants that submit their information into the marketing system.The professional coaches review the information,address their concerns and help them to get started as members of the organizational team.

This process helps to build lasting relationships and organizational leaders.Members feel they are part of the team and duplicate the efforts of the team and this becomes viral within a shortest time period.This is the secret to leveraging your time and money by earning income from the efforts of others.

The famous Bill Gates,Oprah Winfrey,SamWatton and the Rockerfellers all made their future from the efforts of thousands of hard working people around the globe.

5. Automation

An ideal marketing system should have automated sponsoring tools that do almost 100% of the busy work while you concentrate on other marketing strategies such as advertising. This is the beauty of automation. You work once and the system takes over. You can go on vacation, the system does the work for you seven days a week,24 hours a days and 365 days in a year.


To recap what we have covered, if you want to make money online,you must have a highly efficient,completely duplicable, easily affordable and integrated lead generating  and lead capture page that will help you build your list faster,drive traffic to your websites and add your prospects to your autoresponder system automatically.

P.S.Here is a list of Top Proven Marketing Systems That Can Help you succeed online:

1. 247 Fast Track System

Plug-In Profit Site

4. Viral Express Marketing System



Charles Kaluwasha  has provided many – free but easy to use marketing tools to 1000’s of newbies. If you are new to affiliate marketing – Charles is the best person to go to.
Learn more  http://www.LifeOnTheNet7.com You are also welcome to visit his new branded site  for interesting articles and health information !


Tracy Struggled for 10 years in MLM[True Story]

This story made me cry for joy and injected the spirit of confidence as soon as I joined MLSP a few weeks ago…

From 10 unsuccessful years in M*L*M to earning cash in her first 10 DAYS!

Check out Tracy’s story… I just had to share it with you today…
It is inspiring and heart-warming my friend…

“After over 10 unsuccessful years in M*L*M, I was beginning
to think I just wasn’t cut out for this business. I was
ready to call it quits when I came across MLSP.

I was skeptical, but very interested because I knew if
it works the way it says it does, my days of struggling in
this industry would be history.

So I decided to test it out. The education I got
just from the first 14 days alone was PRICELESS because it became
crystal clear what I had been doing wrong for so long, and
just as important, what to do instead.

It was nice too, that within days I had 10 new leads and
one person who signed-up for the system under me, before
I had even made my first payment!

The reality of my previous path was this: I spent
a lot of money and many years doing all the wrong things.
And the worst thing was, I didn’t even know that what I
was doing was wrong! I was just following the lead of the
companies and sponsors that I joined, like everyone does.

Well, now I have a leading, cutting edge step-by-step
system to follow that has all the right things built-in,
including weekly live training so I’m never left hanging.
This is powerful stuff.

I’m not a pushy person at all, but here’s what I have to
say about this system: Drop whatever you’re doing and
sign-up now! If I’m wrong (and I’m not) you can walk away
anytime, and return to whatever business building approach
you’re using now, no harm, no foul.

If I’m right (and I am) you’ll be thrilled and on the road
to a whole new level of success and prosperity that everyone
who hasn’t heard of MLSP yet can’t even imagine, let
alone experience.

I never use to believe it, but now I know that there
really are proprietary business and marketing “secrets.”
Knowing them can propel your career into high gear,
and you’ll learn them all when you get plugged into
this system. So congratulations! This truly is your lucky day.”

– Tracy A., MA

Now that’s powerful stuff my friend,and this is WHY we do what we do here.

Would you be willing to pay a small price of a full $2 DOLLARS to avoid 10 years of struggle with YOUR biz?

Tracy thought it was a good trade…

What do you think???

If you’re finally ready to stop the pain of being broke, come work smarter (not harder), and we will help get you to the promised land!

Community, training, websites, invaluable live and ongoing webinars, education,active LIVE support, EVERYTHING… It’s
waiting for you inside. TEST THE MACHINE OUT FOR A MEASLY $2 BUCKS and you won’t be sorry.


== > http://charleskaluwasha.mlsp.com/intro

Make it a great day!

Charles Kaluwasha

Set Up YOUR Very Own Attraction Marketing System!
YOU NEED to finally break-thru in your business:
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The secret to succeed in business online

Increase hits to your website In the recent years things have changed
the way we approach our business activities online

You see, if you want to succeed  in business, you need to understand new MARKETING STRATEGIES.

And one very BASIC principle of marketing is to always GIVE your TARGET MARKET exactly what it is they are looking for.

Gone are the days when people when  used to go out into the marketplace and start prospecting and sharing their products and opportunity with anything that breathes…

Well,  that shows inferior approach,you might as well walk around
with a huge billboard that screams “AMATEUR!”

This is NOT how the top earners build empires today.

Their secret to success in this  industry is to GIVE YOUR PROSPECTS

Now, personally, I am now  focusing my marketing efforts on EXISTING
network marketers. This website, and our marketing system, is designed
specifically to attract these high quality prospects.

And it works because we give them exactly what they want!

Wouldn’t you agree?

As a network marketer… what is it that you really want and need?

Let’s see…

1. MORE LEADS – We show you how to generate your own super high
quality leads by having your very own high converting Attraction Marketing System when you CLICK HERE NOW:

== > http://charleskaluwasha.mlsp.com/intro
2. MORE TRAFFIC – We teach you the most effective online marketing
strategies for any budget, that can quickly and easily bring you quality traffic to your websites

3. SOME QUICK MONEY – We show you how to simply plug in and promote
valuable affiliate tools and resources to generate up front commissions from all the people on your list that don’t join your business so that you can finally
GO FULL TIME in this industry and spend more time with your family!

4. MORE QUALITY DISTRIBUTORS – We teach you how to use the power of ATTRACTION MARKETING to attract real professionals and leaders
to your organization to really build a powerful and fast growing team when you JOIN HERE

5. DUPLICATION ON YOUR TEAM – We provide for you a complete Training Center to teach your new team members the most effective online marketing strategies to build their business and explode YOUR downline…

AND we even give you a complete turn key marketing system so you and your
team members can have your own powerful websites and marketing system up
and running in no time, duplicating the success of 6 and 7-Fig Earners!

You see, when you learn how to provide EXACTLY what it is that your target
market is searching for…you’ve got a formula for unlimited success.

The secret to making a lot of money  is to offer valuable service.


Add value to the marketplace and improve other people’s lives by giving them
what they want and solving their problems.

When you follow this simple philosophy, it is absolutely unbelievable what blessings and abundance will manifest in your life.
“Help others get what they want… and you will get what you want.”
It is so true, and here is how you can
do it starting RIGHT NOW!

This dream lifestyle is ALL explained right here in this exciting movie trailer!

Click here now and enjoy the show


Charles Kaluwasha


The story of the “Heart of the Champion”…


“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career…

I’ve lost almost 300 games…

26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning
shot and missed…

I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life…

And that is why I succeed.”

Who said it?

The legendary icon himself, Michael Jordan.

Thats what I’m looking for. A champion. A heart
of pure gold, of pure desire. Thats what it takes.

You WILL fail in network marketing over and over
and over again, there is absolutely no doubt about
that and no way around it.

It takes that one final game winning shot to make it
over the hump…and over that hump is everything
you’ve ever wanted in life.

It’s here:


Be like Mike…

Charles Kaluwasha
Skype: https://secure.skype.com/porta




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