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Powershop Gives Customers The Power To Control How Much Power They Use And Save Money



Do not pay power through the roof!

Dear family members, especially those in New Zealand.

The thing about electricity is that it’s pretty much always the same. Power companies on the other hand are very different. We found out a while back how one company has a genuinely different attitude, one based on proper service.

Powershop is designed for you to take control of your electricity usage and costs. They can do it all for you, like your current retailer, but they recommend a little involvement to get the most out of being a Powershop customer. Login to Powershop at least once a month to pick up cheaper power offers, enter a meter reading and learn more about your power usage. It only takes a few seconds a month to monitor, manage and save on your electricity costs.

The thing that puts some people off is switching, but at Powershop they’ve made even that easy. You can do it online in minutes and they’ll handle the whole process for you.

If  you sign up to Powershop by 31 May 2013, and once you’re switched over they’ll welcome you with a $50 Powershop account credit. There’s no risk either, because if after 60 days you find things aren’t working out, they’ll actually help you switch back to your old power company.

With winter coming, you will save more power. Since we switched to Powershop, our power bills have been very low compared to our previous power suppliers. Do not pay more this coming winter!

To find out more, or just take the plunge anyway, click on this link – https://secure.powershop.co.nz

Charles Kaluwasha



Discover why Wellness Business is a Trillion Dollar business

Keeping You Healthy

Keeping You Healthy

Alpha Lipid The health industry worldwide is concerned with treating symptoms of sickness instead of preventing and treating illnesses. Many nations were spending billions of dollars on health care system and the majority of these cases were age related.

This has led to the development and emerging of the wellness business with one aim in their strategy- to make people,the baby boomers feel stronger and continue to live healthier.

The wellness industry has nothing to do with sickness, but help people to stay well, slow down thier aging processes and help them to avoid becoming consumers of the sickness business.

Paul Pilzer, the author of the Next Millionaires defined wellness as”money you spend to make you feel healthier,even when you’re not sick by medical terms”.

The wellness business started developing in the last few decades as a result of new technology. There was new creation of viagra to improve sexual performance of the 70 years-olds,Rogaine to enhance hair growth,Cosmetic dentistry to improve teeth decays, vitamins and food supplement,antioxidants and elective plastic surgery all to enhance the quality of life,slow down the process of aging and keep everyone active up to the age of 100 years.

To keep this industry on the move and,personal trainers must be available to help many folks learn the techniques and skills to stay fit and active, especially sportsmen. That is why life coaches are all over the net and in every city helping all people to learn how to stay fit and active.
There are many companies providing wellness products to people who want to remain young and healthier. One of the companies that is a leader in the wellness business in the Australasia countries in the New Image International.
It is one of the first companies to start producing Alpha Lipid or colostrum.New Image International has been granted New Zealand Patent “number 570635,Bioactive Delivery System”.

The patent outlines the unique process of capturing and processing natural colostrum for human consumption. The patent also outlines how New Image International protects the bioactive compounds in
colostrum by coating them with a unique lipid ALPHA LIPID™.

There are three actions of Alpha Lipid™ that make
up the “Bioactive Delivery System” patent:

1. Providing a bioactive substance.

2. Providing a lipid mixture extracted from milk wherein
the lipid mixture comprises an effective amount of
sphingomylein, ganglioside and phospolipid.

3. Coating the bioactive substance with the lipid
mixture, with the result that the dispersibility of the
bioactive substance in the lipid mixture is increased.

Let’s learn about colostrum!
When mammals, including humans, are born the first
food they receive is mother’s colostrum. This pre-milk
fluid is a wonder of nature, packed with nourishment –
immune tonics, growth factors and a unique balance of
vitamins and minerals that cannot be synthesised.
Colostrum supports healthy growth and development
and a naturally responsive immune system.

It provides critical immune factors and complex lipids for overall
health and wellbeing.

New Image International Ltd is the market leader in products containing premium bovine colostrum. Because colostrum is non-species specific, bovine colostrum can be taken by humans.

Alpha Lipid is the first colostrum in the world to receive patent
protection to ensure that we continue to deliver
nature’s best”.

To obtain the maximum benefits of colostrum it is
important that as much natural bioactive colostrum
is delivered to the intestine and bowel as possible.
By coating the colostrum particles with the unique ALPHA
LIPID™ extract they are protected as they pass through
the harsh stomach environment.

The Alpha Lipid™ then assists the colostrum particles to more effectively dissolve in the intestinal fluids.
Once the natural bioactive compounds arrive into
the small intestine they go to work, supporting the
maintenance of a healthy gastro-intestinal tract.

For your information,New Image International, a listed New Zealand company,has been providing a range of colostrum-based products since 1993. This a well respected company because it serves the large community across the Australasia countries and is expanding to all corners of the world.

Charles Kaluwasha

What is your story?

What is your story?

Stanford Who’s Who Social Media

Stanford Who’s Who is  the world’s largest business social network and  media branding network. It’s aim is to enhance your personal brand and network with like-minded individuals thought out the world.

Stanford Who’s Who empowers executives, professionals and entrepreneurs around the world. Their mission is to recognize successful individuals in multiple industries by providing a forum for networking, consulting, exposure and credibility to broadening one’s future success. Realizing the power of forming business and professional relationships, they have created numerous resources that  members use for a multitude of reasons. With access to thousands of professional biographies of individuals in over 100 different industries, members utilize their database to recruit others, to announce their career accomplishments, and for lasting, valuable relationships that extend beyond their membership program.

When I read about it, I registered and after a few weeks, I received a call from the publisher scheduling a day for interviews. The day came when I was interviews and I satisfied my interviewer. At the end, she told me that I was successful and would recommend that I had my branding website.

I started blogging daily to increase my viability. Surprisingly, I received an email from Dann Jarrett, the publishing Editor stating that she noticed my recent blog on their Standford Who’s Who website and my online profile. She was impressed with the quality of the article and she took a liberty of posting it to their Facebook page. You can see it if you go to:


She also invited me to submit an inspiring story so that it will be included in the members success section of the next issue of their IN-NETWORK Magazine. I was excited and looking forward to sending in my story. This is one way of branding myself and also sharing my experiences with the world.

Then on 24 May, I received yet another email, and I quote:

Hello Charles,
Congratulations on your recently published media release. Our editorial team has worked vigorously to provide a release that portrays you and your business in the best possible light. We have researched and utilized items found on your Stanford online biography, your personal websites, and sometimes your own writings, to accurately and positively promote your personal and professional achievements.As noted in our previous email, the three business days have passed and your release has now been sent through to our host site and made available for public viewing. Please use the following link to view and direct any interested parties to view your release.

Follow the link below to view your media release. (Please note it may take between 24 to 48 hours for this link to be active from the time of the email receipt.)


Thank you again for your continued interest in Stanford Who’s Who. We wish you continued success. If there is anything you need or if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact customer service at the number below or you can email them at custserv@stanfordwhoswho.com.

Thank you,
Elizabeth Chambers
Public Relations
Stanford Who’s Who
410 Park Avenue, 15th Floor
New York‚ NY 10022
(p) 1-631-650-2140 – (f) 1-212-202-4730

I feel honored and they are really branding me and my business. This is a free advertising that you can take advantage off.

Charles Kaluwasha

School Holidays Are Covered

Due to popular demand during the winter holidays, your favorite luxury transport,The Overlander will now operate every day except on Monday the 6 th July 2009.

So if you are thinking of exploring the wonders of New Zealand from the sky city to wellington, then this is the perfect time to plan your journey. Get more details here:
Overlander Holiday Make over

If you want to save on your travel and resort expenses, then save with the billion dollar luxury travel membership partner,Global Resorts Network. They will make your journey enjoyable and relaxed. They take all your hassle away because they arrange everything for you. See their terms of condition here

Global Resorts Network Premium Membership.

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