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This is a Fact: What SFI has done for me and my family(and what it can do for you)

Ladies and gentle men,

Here is  an  inspiring  word  from a millionaire who struggled working as a waiter  from 08:00 to 24:00hrs a day.

He made a decision to start an affiliate  opportunity. Today he is able to travel the world.

His  story  can make you stronger  and  strive to make it too. So  stay tight  and ready the story in its entirety…

Stone Evans here. I just returned to the U.S. after living the last 2 years with my family in the South of France. This was a journey we took to expand our cultural experience and give our children 2 years of studying abroad. All in all, it was an amazing and challenging period of my life that contributed greatly to my growth, and the growth and development of my family.

I mention all this because 15 years ago, it would have been impossible for me to take on such an opportunity to move my family to another country. At that time, I was working 12-14 hours per day in a restaurant struggling to make ends meet.

But then I read a book called Multiple Streams of Income…

And that book led me looking online for opportunities to make more money…

And that led me to affiliate programs because I didn’t have any previous experience, or products of my own to sell, or any know-how on how to make money online.

And that’s when I discovered SFI.

At that time, I made a decision that I was going to be a successful SFI affiliate, and that I would one day be able to “control my financial destiny” through my laptop computer.

Well, I’ve been an SFI affiliate for over 14 years now, and the opportunity that SFI provides for hard working people like you and me to develop a 2nd, or even full-time income from home is even better than it’s ever been. SFI has truly stood the test of time, and is helping thousands of people all around the world to have more financial and time freedom.

Truth be told, if it wasn’t for SFI, I would not have been able to live for the last 2 years in the South of France. SFI has funded some of my life’s biggest dreams, and made the impossible, possible for me and my family.

I want you to know that because SFI provides the very same opportunity for you as well. You need only to treat this as the million dollar business that it is, and it can become so for you.

Many people say “never put all your eggs in one basket”. The founder of SFI Gery Carson once said “Put all your eggs in one basket, and watch that basket.” That’s exactly what Gery has done with SFI over the years, and that’s why SFI is such a truly amazing business providing opportunity for millions of affiliates around the world.

I encourage you to cherish your affiliation with SFI and work every day a little bit more to develop and expand your knowledge and skill set with the tools, training and opportunity that SFI provides.

While your dreams and ambitions are certainly different than mine, the vehicle that we both can use to fuel our dreams can work equally well for us both. That vehicle is SFI.

I wish you all the best as we wrap up another great month. If you want to get in touch, you know how to reach me.

Talk to you soon,

Stone Evans

I’m sure  you are  thinking loud to yourself, “Is this true and  can it work for  me”?

Just  do it,  and  it is  free  to join… http://www.sfi4.com/FREE


Creative Marketing Tactics for Increasing Your SFI Business Referrals and Income

    By Andrian Deri Alviana

aloe_vera_drinking_mediumHow does a SFI business owner get their new signups and customers
talking? After all, that is the crux of successfully
marketing a business. When customers or clients like a
business for whatever reason, you can bet they?ll
recommend it to others. That’s why word of mouth
advertising is so important to a good marketing system.

Find the market niche and the uniqueness of your particular product and the SFI opportunity. When people are excited about a product or business opportunity and they?re telling their friends and relatives, they will save you lots of dollars and many hours of time in marketing. When they do the advertising, you can better invest your energies into working IN your business instead of FOR

For example the Liquid Nutrition Veruini on TripleClicks. This is a great seller once people actually try it for a month.

Get your product into the hands of the right people at
the right time. Use those folks who are upstanding and
reputable in your community and encourage them to try,
use, and let others know about your product or

Become involved with community and charitable events
to get your SFI business name on the mouths of the people.
It can definitely promote a healthy and optimistic
attitude in the minds of those who attend. In many
cases, they will frequent your business or buy your
products initially because of a single like-minded
event you were a part of.

This is a great way to appeal to the side of people
who wants to help a person who helps others.

You’ve seen it, we all have. A person volunteers
to help the homeless for years and then suddenly,
their house burns down.

You usually then see a news story on it locally and
see that tons of friends and businesses rally together
to help the person rebuild.

Create new catch phrases and promotions to bring
attention to the name, nature, and product of your
business. The goal of word of mouth advertising is
obviously to get them talking. For more original and
exciting tips and information concerning this and
other tools for your own guerilla marketing campaign,
just click here.

As you can clearly see, this short communication is
only the tip of the iceberg. Get more tips on my leadership blog at


Don’t dismiss these strategies, they work like
gangbusters and for good reason, they aren’t what
is taught in college.

This SFI information is recommended by
Charles Kaluwasha
SFI customer

Viral Marketing System

Viral Marketing System

SFI business builder

Making money with SFI is as simple as 1,2,3 if you treat it as a business not a hobby. One of the six figure earners in SFI,Robert Bercume gives us an over view how you can make it to a team leader:

Let’s assume that you’re an EA (Executive Affiliate) with SFI. If you sell just 18 packs of 50 TCredits a month, you’ll earn about $75 in Direct Commissions, plus 12,492 VP (VersaPoints) each month. Keep in mind that if you’re selling TCredits for bidding on Pricebenders auctions, many of your customers may buy multiple packs every month, or even weekly or daily. Hence, you may only need to attract a handful of good customers to easily generate $100-$200 month after month after month! Double your monthly sales to just 35 packs of 50 TCredits (just over one sale a day) and you’ll earn $148.83 in Direct Commissions, plus 24,290 VP (VersaPoints) each month. Bottom line: Pricebenders customers will often create the sweetest kind of income there is?residual?and tons of VP for you!

By the way, note that just 1,500 VP makes you an EA, so selling just three 50 TCredit bundles a month maintains your EA rank every month without ever buying anything.

There are other ways your income can grow too.

Serious customers, especially those who have discovered how much fun Pricebenders auctions can be, for example, will see the per-TCredit value of buying 200-packs instead of 50-packs (reducing their per bid cost by 24%?from $.42 per TCredit down to just $.32 each). You’ll earn $9.96 and 1,661 VP for each 200-pack they buy.

Of course, will all that VP, you won’t be an EA for long. In fact, you’ll probably be a Team Leader (which requires just 3,000 VP), so you can be earning lucrative matching VersaPoints now too. PLUS?as a Team Leader, you’ll automatically earn a share of tens of thousands of valuable “second home” CSAs each month, too!

How easy is it to promote pricebenders?

Check this out:


Best Regards,

Charles Kaluwasha
SFI affiliate


SFI Rule of Success

Welcome to our monthly newsletter covering the “rules of success” for SFI affiliates. Each month, we cover one rule.

About SFI Rules Of Success: Over the last 60 years, literally millions of people have participated in our type of business. And through many years of trial and error, and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on figuring out what works and what doesn’t, we have a very clear picture of what leads to success.

Likewise, we have established our own set of rules for success based on our 14 year history and the investment of literally millions of dollars and hours by SFI and its affiliates. We have distilled for you all of this into the SFI Rules Of Success. In short, if you want to SUCCEED in SFI, you must follow these rules. If you want to risk FAILURE, ignore them.


RULE #2:

You will not create a successful business by thinking about it. You will create a successful business ONLY by DOING…by TAKING ACTION every day. Every day, no matter what, make sure you’re doing SOMETHING to further your business. If you’re not, you’re not even in the game, you’re kidding yourself. No business becomes successful without daily focus and action.

What should you do? Start every day by logging in at the SFI Affiliate Center www.sfimg.com. From your SFI homepage, visit/review each of the homepage tabs to score the daily VersaPoints offered. Then make sure to enter the Daily Grand in the “Win it!” tab (this qualifies you to win a share of $1000 in prizes each day).

Once you’ve completed the above, return to the To-Do List tab. Here you’ll find a list of various actions that you can and should do to grow your business each day.


Tip: Don’t forget to use the SFI Power Tools (located in main menu) we’ve made available to you. Put the power of key codes, hit tracking, setting up your own co-op, the PSA Mailer, the CSA Mailer, reassignments, and more to work for your business. To not use these best-of-the-best tools is to operate your SFI business with two arms tied behind your back!


“The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.”
-Alexander Graham Bell

“The future is purchased by what you do in the present.”

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day, while failure is simply a few errors in judgement, repeated every day. It is the cumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgements that leads us to either fortune or failure.”
-Jim Rohn

“Approach the start of each day with something in mind and end the day with one word…DONE.”

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”
-Jim Rohn

“All great masters are chiefly distinguished by the power of adding a second, a third, and perhaps a fourth step in a continuous line. Many a man has taken the first step. With every additional step you enhance immensely the value of your first.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


For the complete SFI Rules Of Success, go to:


Tip: Click the audio version icon to hear each rule as presented by SFI President, Gery Carson.

If you want to join us, register here


P.S.S Did you know that Plug-In ProfitSite markets SFI and other money generating companies under one roof?
Check it out here==> http://www.pluginprofitsite.com

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