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Live Webinar April 30th – 9pm EST *** She Retired Her Husband From Corporate America Using The Internet!


Hey there family and friends…

My good friend Michelle Pescosolido is going
to hold a live webinar tomorrow hosted by my
other good friend Vincent Ortega Jr.

Michelle Pescosolido in the last 3 years has
managed to retire her husband from his Corperate
America job and has started living the internet
dream life!

The internet dream life is doing what you want,
when you want, how you want, and being able
to have the freedom to do the things you love
all the time! Does that sound like fun to you?

Well if it does…

Watch Michelle Live April 30th, 9pm EST
Here: => GRN Discovery community

1. Simply go to that page…
2. bookmark it…
3. Come back to that page 9pm EST on April 30th…
4. Refresh the page at 9pm EST and we will be live!

The video you will see on the page right now
is the last live hangout with Vincent Ortega Jr.

If you want to learn some more about Michelle
Pescosolido… then please keep reading below.



Here is what she said on her blog post…

I shared to Mark Hoverson about one month after
joining Global Resorts Network that I wanted to
retire my husband from Corporate America, be
financially free, travel the world and spend more
time with my family.

Back then it was just a dream and today all of this
plus much more are a reality because of my decision
to join Global Resorts Network back in October of 2010.

Before Joining Global Resorts Network…???

Back in the beginning of October 2010 I was a
single mom of 2, engaged to get married at the
end of October to my now husband, Bill Pescosolido.

I was currently in a stand still with my current MLM
business I was in. In fact I had only been in the home
based industry for approximately 8 months.

I had exhausted my warm market and had come to
realize I deserved more than a good product. I deserved
a culture, leadership and support. Not to mention, I
was looking for more options to building an income
from home.

While I got the model of MLM, what I found was it
was going to take a lot more time than I expected to
really build a long term residual income. I was in need
of more income up front if I was going to achieve my

I had been exploring my options and working with a
friend / mentor, Eric Wilkes, who introduced me to a
gentleman by the name of Mark Hoverson. I had heard
of Mark, but only knew him through the MLM Launch
Formula, a product he had created with another great

In fact I had just completed that course to implement in
my own MLM, so needless to say I was enamored by
the idea of working with Mark Hoverson and his team
at Global Resorts Network.

Well, there was only one problem I had when the
opportunity presented itself. I was living pay check
to paycheck, barely able to pay my mortgage and
desperate to make money from home so I could
continue to afford the luxury of being a stay at home

One thing I knew was I wanted to be the person raising
my kids, not the daycare, the nanny, my mom, etc. I wanted
to be the one who took them to their doctor appointments,
I wanted to be the one who was able to pick them up from
school, I wanted to be the one who wiped their tears,
I wanted to be the one who put the bandaid on their skinned
knees, ME, their MOM, I wanted to be the MOM.

The mom who committed to being the best mother in the
world to my children and give them a life unlike I had
growing up.

So back to that problem…..the price tag of Global Resorts
at that time, for me was a WAY OUT of my reach. My
thoughts….”how the heck was I going to explain to my
fiance’ who I was about to marry in a few weeks that I
needed 3k!” How was I going to find this money and
convince my soon to be husband that this was a good
investment, considering he wasn’t even on board with
my home based business, “hobby” as he put it.

Not to mention I was about to get married in a few weeks
and every dime that was coming in to our house was going
out to pay for our wedding.

Well, guess what I did? Yes, we got married but, while
on our honeymoon in St. Lucia, after getting hit by the
only hurricane to hit the island in 30 years, I called my
mom, borrowed the money and kept this as a secret from
my new hubby, Bill.

I thought to myself, “Oh crap, now what? How do I explain
what I just did to Bill? I am going to have to make a profit
QUICK or else have to try to explain why I thought this
was the best decision to make when we had NO business
borrowing money to get into a new business venture!”

Fast forward to the GRN lifestyle I have now?

Well check out this screen shot
=> http://screencast.com/t/OdQz1Abdjbl

Well as you can see by the above image, I made that money
back in approximately 50 days of joining Global Resorts
Network. Wow, what a relief I thought to myself. But, not
only did getting money back in our bank account feel great,
I also formed a great working relationship with Mark Hoverson.

I went on to create my first Facebook training product
which shared the strategies I was using to make these
GRN sales on a consistent basis. The product was created
only 4 months after joining GRN which resulted in 10K in
sales. My very first product launch.

I found myself at live events with the Global Resorts
Network family, soaking up strategies and personal
development. The money kept flowing in and the
income kept increasing month by month.

By August of 2011 I had surpassed Bill’s income in
Corporate America, which was a healthy 6 figure
income. The decision was made, as I remember so
clearly. “I think it’s time Michelle, to let go of the
Corporate America dream.”

After Bill left I continued to develop my skills and
became known as the “Facebook Marketing Queen”
which I am not fond of that name by the way but
enjoy every minute of sharing the value.

We have both gone on to be the top earner and
recruiter in our other income streams. We have
also gone on to speak / train at many of the leading
industry events. And…so much more.

Bill and I now travel the world, live a lifestyle we
have only dreamed of, we are financially free, we
have more time freedom, and our business still
continues to grow each and every day.

Why Global Resorts Network????

One, the value is insane. With over 5000 resorts
worldwide, you never run out of options. I literally
can go into my back office and find practically any
location I wish to visit and it never fails, there is
always amazing options on places to stay.

Honestly it makes no sense to me why someone
would want to purchase a timeshare or pay retail
prices for a vacation, when Global Resorts Network
is an option. One time lifetime membership price
and you are on your way to traveling to amazing
places around the world. Not to mention members
are saving upwards of 90% off of retail prices
when compared to some of the most popular travel
sites on the internet.

Oh and I must add that when I joined GRN it was
really because of the lucrative commissions that
were paid out on each sale made. The travel part of
GRN was just an added bonus for me.

The opportunity is what attracted me and the
leadership. With commissions of $1000, $3250
and $7700 for a single sale, this program just makes

Imagine making 1 sale and earning upwards of
$7700. My friends, it’s a reality and you too can
experience the GRN lifestyle that has changed
our lives.

Words can not even begin to describe the gratitude
I have towards Mark Hoverson, Global Resorts
Network and the community. I am thankful the
Global Resorts Network opportunity and if you
are looking to finally become part of a culture that
will help you achieve your dreams then it’s time
you looked at what Global Resorts Network can
do for you.

Michelle Pescosolido.



The internet dream life is doing what you want,
when you want, how you want, and being able
to have the freedom to do the things you love
all the time! Does that sound like fun to you?

Well if it does…

Watch Michelle Live April 30th, 9pm EST
Here: => GRN Discovery community

1. Simply go to that page…
2. bookmark it…
3. Come back to that page 9pm EST on April 30th…
4. Refresh the page at 9pm EST and we will be live!

The video you will see on the page right now
is the last live hangout with Vincent Ortega Jr.

Charles  Kaluwasha

Mark Hoverson’s Story

Mark is a man of action and his stories help newbies  create wealth online. He has taught me how to think positively and objectively. His webinars are inspirational. Most of his students are 6-figure earners.

In this story you are going to hear how he started his online affiliate company that pays him $100k while on vacation,playing golf or taking kids to school.

Greetings from Mark Hoverson,

So this morning, after some cuddling
and coffee, I walk into my laboratory…

*sidenote: I hate the word “office”,
it reminds me of:

#1- uncomfortably-dressed people
#2- who scarf down cigarettes at breaks
#3- who have to play office politics
#4- who can’t wait to leave

Anyway, so I walk into my home studio
and look at my laptop, and literally
feel a rush/buzz/sensation that I’ve
felt a thousand times before.

This secret buzz has been foundational
to my unusual business results (at this
point, my marketing stuff has been beckoned
from Hollywood, Political Campaigns, Government
School Programs on Self Image, and of course
my favorite: the start-from-scratch entrepreneur).

But it all started from a $250 used computer.
And truth be told, that $250 used computer was an
upgrade. I really started my online biz from the
public library. They only allowed me to use their
computer twice per day for 45-minutes at a time.

I started sending emails and placing ads from a
public library because I could afford my own computer.
So despite all the success training that says that
you’ve GOT to surround yourself with amazing people
to have your breakthrough, I started my business
around people who have to use the public library computers.
A very motivated and trend-setting group. ; )

Okay, back to my mind trick that causes a secret
buzz that fueled me from the start, and still fuels me

This one little word is USUALLY the killer in people’s life.
But, if you use it correctly, it will become the GIVER of inspiration.

Ready? Here we go:

That word is: COMPARING.

I built my emotional and inspirational framework entirely
on comparing what I was doing verses alternatives. And
it kept me in the game long enough to get my breakthrough.

Let me explain:

Out in Dakota where I grew up, a farmer has to buy a
combine. I’m not sure how much a combine actually
costs (maybe $150-250K+).

And then they have to buy a bunch of seed, and grind
through a summer of nurturing them, and then work real
hard harvesting them. After which, they are paid. BTW- I
love farmers, and we couldn’t eat without them.

But I used COMPARING of myself with a farmer, and built
my whole business on it. So instead of buying a $150K
combine, I took the plunge and bought the best computer
I could afford (because that was MY harvester mechanism).

Moving on, instead of purchasing tons of seed, and working
hard to plant them, then waiting months for them to grow, so I
work again to harvest them…I simply placed 20 cent ads that
I could (within literally minutes) reap into money.

Thus, even though internet marketing took EVERY OUNCE
of energy I had. Even through it stretched my frustration-capacity to levels I had never known before. And even though I was scared as I watched dollar after dollar pour into the costs of my business, I considered it all a very small thing compared to buying combines & seeds & land…so I could make it as a farmer like my kinsfolk.

Today, I rat-a-tat-tat some snarky emails and money pours in sometimes every minute of the day. It happens while I sleep,while I eat, while I’m on the golf course…it almost seems like a miracle to me.

But it isn’t. It’s the fruits of building business based on how easy
it was COMPARED to farming.

I make so many decisions based on comparison it’s comical.

So if you want to lubricate your struggle with a bit of perspective,
compare it to something much harder, and much less in line
with your dreams and nature.

I knew (beyond the shadow of a doubt) that NOTHING in the
traditional landscape of making ca$hflow could satisfy my
curiosity for travel, freedom, location-independent living,
time-away from doing stuff, studying a variety of subjects,
and also attempting to contribute to the world in non-boring ways.

So for me, even though this little adventure has stretched me
to call forth new levels of thinking and acting and becoming…
for me, COMPARED to the alternative of 2-3 weeks off per year,
working under the direction of someone else, and putting a limit
on my earning potential…the alternative simply ceased becoming a viable option under any circumstances.

So today, play around with the idea of comparison…and see if
it doesn’t spring forth a new resolve of determination and diligence.
A new experience of the world awaits us both this week.

Let’s do it.


P.S.S Mark’s favorite source of ca$hflow from the very beginning is his high-ticket affiliate program. He is
hosting an intimate LIVE event in Phoenix this
Thursday and Friday on how to make your next $100K using
this program. Although the hotel block is sold out,
our staff will help you figure out a solution to get your
butt to the event if you’ve got the desire. A ticket is
$1K to the event, but if you join Mark as a Platinum
member today (which pays $3250 per sale), your conference
ticket is free. You can discover the full details of the program
by watching a recent explanation Mark gave by watching this video:


Charles Kaluwasha




Breathe in the Expectation of Summer in Hawaii For Pennies On The Dollar

Summer is in the air and it’s time to go to Hawaii  where  warm air  waiting for you!

The Kona Hawaiian Village allows you to step back 100 years in time and still enjoy the advantages of modern times.

Click Here to Check it Out

Designed to reflect the image of the late 1800’s with 2 bedroom bungalows that overlook either the garden or the ocean.

The resort has a pool and spa located on its 30 acres, as well as a putting green, tennis and volleyball. The grounds are lushly landscaped with tropical flowers and vegetation you would expect to find in this part of the world.

It is an easy walk or drive to town( Kailua-Kona Village), where you can find dining options, ocean activities and exciting night life.

This incredible 2 bedroom bungalow is yours if you are a member for only $298. (yes, this is for the entire week/family – total cost)

For the exact same size and dates, here’s what you’ll pay elsewhere……….(availability and prices listed below are an accurate account acquired at the time of comparison)

Hotels (.com)




WOW!….You’re special membership has just saved you over $1600 from just ONE week.

Enjoy Life!

Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. Click Here to see how our Luxury Membership compares to some of the best values available on the net

P.P.S. Attend one of our amazing presentations… Click Here for Schedule

Global Resorts Network Increases Commission





Sad Fact: Over 90% of businesses fail within 5 years.
Fun Fact: Global Resorts Network has now successfully passed our 5 year anniversary with flying colors.

Global Resorts Network has paid out millions in commissions to affiliates in over 25 countries.

Through the amazing work of Global Resorts Network affiliates like Joyce and I and possibly you, GRN has been an integral part of sending thousands of families on life-changing & memory-making vacations.

And now, Global Resorts Network is poised to reward their affiliates more than ever before, for helping them share the vision of affordable luxury vacations. Plus, become the absolute best option for starting a home business.

Starting Thursday, Dec. 15th, Global Resorts Network are taking a giant leap forward in making GRN a household name.

Below is an important 30-min video that explains the details. After Thanksgiving, they will be having a live webinar to further explain the details and provide a clear action plan for the affiliates and soon to be affiliates to capitalize on this exciting announcement.


If you are considering Global Resorts Network, now is the time before the price increase. For more information contact Joyce or Charles 644-237-8910 or visit Global Resorts Network.

Global Resorts Network Contest


Details About The Next Global Resorts Network Contest and How You Can Get $400.00!

And…how you too can benefit from joining my team, today.

Global Resorts Network Contest Holiday Run Tournament by Mark Hoverson
Starts: Monday, October 17th (2011)
Deadline: Friday, January 20th (2012)

To participate in the Global Resorts Network Contest you must be an affiliate.  Inquire today about becoming an affiliate, by calling Charles Kaluwasha 644.237.8910 or CLICK HERE for more information.

How to qualify for the Global Resorts Network Contest

Personal Sale = 2 points
Matching Teammate Sale = 1 point
***Layaway plans only count if sale is completed in full.

***Gold Sales = 1 point, and matching teammate = .5 point
***Must be an active member inside the “GRN Facebook Mastermind Group”, which requires you are engaged in talking to at least 1 prospect per week about the GRN product or opportunity, and you share your successes inside the mastermind. If you are wanting and willing to meet the requirements of the group, email me at support@lifeonthenet7.com for an invitation.
***Must be present during the February 10th GRN event in Phoenix, AZ (obviously if some serious thing happens we will make an exception).

Top 10 in the Global Resorts Network Contest- People with the Most Points

Luxury Global Resorts Network Mastermind- 3 Days & Nights Accommodations in Phoenix-area Mansion with Fellow Winners (exact luxury home still being negotiated)

*Feburary 9-10-11 (during the GRN and “Blueprint LIVE” event)

*amazing food

*feel cool staying at the party house (GRN party Friday night, and Blueprint Party Saturday night)

*epic branding videos

*tight team bonding & playing

*contagious viral energy moving forward

*lifelong memory

*lifelong friendships

*live recruiting frenzy while on sight

#1- The person with the most points in the Global Resorts Network contest will receive a $2000 bonus, plus one FREE invite for a new Platinum teammate to attend the Luxury GRN Mastermind.

#2- Runner-up in Most Points will receive a $1000 bonus, plus one FREE invite for a new Platinum teammate to attend the Luxury GRN Mastermind.

Rookie Global Resorts Network Contest Bonus- (has made 3 or fewer sales at the start of the tournament) Rookie who makes the most points = $1000 bonus.

“Retail Surprise” Prize- The person with the most “Retail Only” sales (meaning the buyers pay only the $2995 for the travel product alone). GRN will pay for your next week of accommodations through our travel provider (up to $799). Minimum 3 sales to qualify. Accommodations must be booked within 12 months.

Here’s the good news.  I am participating personally in the Global Resorts Network Contest and I am looking to bring a new platinum member who signs up during the contest period, on my personal team, to this event as my guest.  You stand a good chance to even qualify to stay with the top leaders in the mansion in Phoenix, Arizona.

===> So, here’s my gift to you:

Join at the platinum level during the contest period by clicking here and you will receive the following:

  • After your payment goes through during the Global Resorts Network Contest period you will receive $400.00 cash back or If you choose layaway plan your payment will need to be paid in full by the end of the contest period (valued $400.00)
  • 60 Days for FREE into Mark Hoverson’s private coaching club (valued $298.00)
  • 4 Weeks of personal 1 on 1 coaching sessions at 1 a week for 30 minutes ($2K)
  • Your very own Global Resorts Network capture page created by Eric Wilkes (valued $497.00)

See you at the top!

Charles Kaluwasha
Skype: lifeonthenet7

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