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Invisible Empire Secrets

In  the  ancient time, kings used  to  build their  empires with  a purpose, for  example, King Shaka  Zulu  built  his  empire  to concur  other  tribes and  make  them work  for  him. He  trained  young  men how  to  become so  effective in  their  battles. His  secrets  were using  the  horn formation-type of an attack. His  soldiers  had  no shoes. They had short  spears and a lighter shield, so that  they  can run  faster.

In today’s economy, you  need  to build your own empire in order  to  survive the  hardships  and  have  a better  lifestyle, free  from  money  slavery, unemployment and all those things  that worry you  most.

To  do  this you  must  have skills  and secrets of  how  you build  your empire. It  may  take  months, years and  centuries depending on  the  availability  of  resources. But  if you  want  to  build it faster and  without  stress, Mark Hoverson, the  adventure entrepreneur has all  the  resources  to make it  happen  for you and  build  your  INVISIBLE EMPIRE.

In this fast-paced training, Mark Hoverson reveals how to start and build your own personal INVISIBLE EMPIRE. See what NOT to do. See where others are making mistakes. See what marketing is working now, and what marketing isn’t. https://lnkd.in/eBfGk5B

So if  you  want  to  concur  poverty, beat your  competitors and let  everyone come to you  for advice, join this INVISIBLE EMPIRE today. Thousands of entrepreneurs  and ordinary people  like you are flocking  to this empire to get more  wisdom and build their  own online empires.

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Mark Hoverson and his Adventurepreneur

If  you don’t know Mark, today you will learn who he is  because of his ability to  create wealth online  from simple  ideas.

Mark Hoverson is an 8-Figure Adventurepreneur, Info-Marketer, and Dad of 4 rambunctious kids. His marketing & lifestyle “how to” videos have been viewed over 1,000,000 hours online. Full show notes & other curiosities at: www.minutewithmark.com.

Today we are  featuring  one of his  famous quotes:

We are in a new era where almost every idea of
when & how we should ‘work’ is able to be redefined.”

The old idea of waking up (way too tired),
slamming a donut and coffee on the run,
and then huffing and puffing as we race to
a unfulfilling job…to do boring tasks…while
wearing uncomfortable clothes…dealing with
people we’d rather not deal with, and working
for people we’d rather not work for…for a wage
with an impenetrable ceiling (a low ceiling btw).

Those days…for a growing number of creative
people…are ending abruptly.

To listen to a deeper convo on this whole subject
of rewriting how work-life can be done, feel free to
glean whatever you can from my most popular podcast
episode yet: Adventures in Android Earning
But the funeral can feel awkward for some of
us…me included.Let me explain:#1- Today I woke up in a splendid island villa
(we paid around $500 for the week while everyone
around us either bought a $15-20K timeshare plus
$700/yr in usage fees, or they rented on Expedia
for about $3K).

***Sponsored Link To take a peek at exactly the
product that I made my first million with…and still
use several times every year…watch this video…
and it also pays you $2K every time you make a sale:

#2- We ate a breakfast of exotic island fruits and
meats…while sipping green tea in the Hawaiian sunshine.
We go to farmer’s markets almost every day on the island.

#3- Then, did a brief little bit of reading and a quick
10-minute of yoga/stretching on a cliff facing the
Pacific Ocean.

#4- Then…here is where it can feel awkward…we check
our deposits from education & travel products that
we sell…which totaled several thousand in the last few days.

#5- Then…we go to this little eatery and type this email
before we go surfing for the a few hours.

So why does this feel awkward?

Because it’s so violently unlike the past way of
working and earning and living.

It’s a sharp break. It feels vastly more meaningful.
More fun. It’s hard to measure how much more profitable
it is. And it’s inspiring instead of draining.

But a new age is dawning, not for everyone, but
it is for many creative entrepreneurs who can see
there is a serious and permanent exit from the old
ways of working.

Okay this is getting a little long but let me explain:

#1- Because of the internet and attraction marketing
(AKA- targeted ads and email follow-up to targeted people)
you can predict almost with certainty the type of person
you want to work with…exactly the kind of person you
want to sell to, partner with, etc.

EXAMPLE 1: while on this trip, we had a new buyer
of our Renaissance membership (it’s the travel membership
I market…link above). He lives in Hollywood, California and runs
a consulting company. He’s a cool dude. He’s already
banking 6-figures in his company, but wants to expand
his influence deeper online. He pays a few thousand
for our product. He’s coming to attend our INVISIBLE
EMPIRE event in a couple of weeks:

check out Invisible Empire LIVE here.

It’s fun to integrate him into our network.

EXAMPLE 2- Sri, who I mentioned the last week. Immigrated
to Canada from India for more freedom. He’s a multiple-six-figure
entrepreneur as an accountant. And now he went online.
Through tenacity in learning and action, he’s made several
thousand dollars online and just landed his first $50K client.

He’s also cool. Ambitious. Fun.

THE BIG SECRET: There are thousands upon thousands
of free-spirited, talented, driven people who are now
CONSTRAINED in their current job or business but they
also have the COURAGE to do something about it.

These are my entrepreneurial soul mates.

Imagine what it would feel like to integrate yourself into a

Lifestyle Design Network

Lifestyle Design Network

network of people who are creative, ambitious, and bold.

Imagine marketing products and services that are so linked
to your passions that they are almost an incarnation of your
heart? That’s been my aim for the last several years.

Discover How Owning a Renaissance Lifestyle Passport feels like!

Your Renaissance Lifestyle Passport will give you the feeling of having thousands of mini-vacation homes & condominiums…built alongside the finest mountains, theme parks, lakes, golf courses, oceans and beaches of the world…waiting your arrival for only $398 – $799 per week (most of the Resorts have balconies, kitchens, living rooms, master bedrooms, and even kid’s activities…you may never want to stay at a hotel again).

With your Renaissance Lifestyle Passport you will be able to save up to 90% off Expedia or Travelocity’s best price, with access to over 5000 resorts worldwide (including many from Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, Shell, Welk,and Resorts throughout the acclaimed RCI & San Francisco Exchange Networks). There are ZERO timeshare entanglements (no yearly fees, ongoing mortgage payments, or forced “weeks” you have to “use or lose”), and (if you choose) you will be able to re-sell the Renaissance travel membership and make $2k, $3k and even $5k commissions.

This is  how you  get  paid as at  present, this  may  change in the near future…

To earn any commissions you must be an active Affiliate – $19.95/month
*If you sell a product you DO NOT own then you will earn 10% commission on the sale, as long as you
are an active Affiliate at the time of the sale.
Apprentice Membership – $37
As an affiliate, earn up to $20/month commission, if you have an active Apprentice Membership.
Mastery Membership – $195
As an affiliate, earn up to $80/month commission, if you have an active Mastery Membership. You will
also earn up to $30/month on any Mastery membership team sales.
Solomon CEO – $1295
As an affiliate, earn up to $500 commission if you own Solomon CEO. You will also earn up to $150 on
any Solomon CEO team sales.
Platinum (5 Week per year) – $4995
As an affiliate, earn up to $2000 commission, if you own the Platinum membership or higher. You will also earn up to $500 on any Platinum team sales.
Pearl (10 Weeks per year) – $7995
As an affiliate, earn up to $3000 commission, if you own the Pearl membership or higher. You will also
earn up to $1000 on any Pearl team sales.
Onyx (20 Weeks per year) – $11995
As an affiliate, earn up to $5000 commission, if you own the Onyx membership. You will also earn up to
$1500 on any Onyx team sales.
Platinum to Pearl- $3995
As an affiliate, earn up to $750 commission on Platinum to Pearl upgrades, if you own Pearl or higher.
You will also earn up to $250 on any Platinum to Pearl team sales.
Pearl to Onyx -$4995
As an affiliate, earn up to $1500 commission on Pearl to Onyx upgrades, if you own Onyx. You will also
earn up to $500 on any Pearl to Onyx team sales.
Platinum to Onyx -$7995
As an affiliate, earn up to $2250 commission on Platinum to Onyx upgrades, if you own Onyx. You will
also earn up to $750 on any Platinum to Onyx team sales

Take a holiday in Rarotonga


Take time out in Rarotonga with our great vacation club membership and save $500-5000 for life. This membership has been online for more than 20 year.

Imagine relaxing and unwinding at The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa.

Or, imagine stepping from your Beachfront Suite onto the secluded white sands of Aroa Beach, then into the crystal clear blue waters of the Marine Reserve. All this at 80% discount.

If you are a Cruise goer… 

You can hop from one tropical destination to the next, and when it comes to the Pacific Islands, P&O Cruises do it best! There’s the Frenchy-chic vibe of Noumea, the ancient culture of Lifou and the Caribbean atmosphere in Vila all this at less than what other agencies offer!

Global Resorts Network is a travel company that allows you to travel a specify number of weeks at a huge discounted price. For me, part of being in this industry in general, is enjoying the luxury of travel. My wife and I travel a lot and it makes no sense what so ever to pay retail prices when we have GRN as an option. So, why do I tell you this? Well tonight is the last night before GRN raises it’s prices. Each membership, silver, platinum and platinum plus goes up quite bit. By thousands….. Not only do you get an amazing membership at the low cost now, but with the GRN membership you get much much more…..

1. An amazing travel membership

2. An amazing group that will support you

3. An amazing group that will train you

4. Culture 5. Guidance

6. A system you simply plug into and promote to start earning profits

7. Live events 8. much much more…..So if you are at all interested….. get more info here==> https://hoverson.infusionsoft.com/go/grnret/zamtours

Let’s talk soon.
Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha
Vacation Club Member

Kicthen for you not others

Hello did you enjoy the small clip? Then read this story…

Are you tired of getting stuck in the same old
restaurant routine when you travel?

You pay more money than it’s worth for a meal
and then have less money to spend on yourself or
your loved ones from your souvenir fund.

Is eating out when you travel adding unwanted
inches to your waistline? (If you’ve read all the
current news, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that a
lot of restaurants do not serve the healthiest foods).

How about if you put all this madness to an
end right now and enjoy homemade meals in
your own resort room?

Imagine waking up breakfast in bed…or
fixing your own dinner in the comfort of your

Then, imagine having extra money leftover
for the chic Venetian lace you want to
buy…or the local, hand-carved figurine that
will look perfect on your fireplace mantle.


I love to cook. And I also love to eat. (I’m
writing this as I eat a piece of creamy
chocolate with a creamy fondant center). ?

When my husband and I were in the military
and were able to stay in base housing (which
had separate bedrooms, a living room and
much more), I absolutely loved the fact that
there were kitchens in there.

While my husband unpacked, I would head
over to the store and grab a few things to
have on hand. It was convenient, less
expensive than eating out and we could fix
and eat whatever our hearts desired..right
from the comfort of our lodging facilities.

You can too!

I put together some breakfast ideas for you,
so that when you travel to other parts of the
world and stay in our resorts, you’ll be set
with delicious, easy-to-make food. ?

In Costa Rica, we have a cute little resort by
the name of Condovac La Costa. It’s located
in Guanacaste on the North Pacific Coast.
This beauty is a 4-star resort.

Easy Costa Rican Breakfast Delight:

Fresh sliced mango
Omelette served with black beans, ham, green onion, red bell
pepper, and fresh salsa
Fresh squeezed orange juice

In France, we have a beautiful little resort Le
Golfe Bleu. It’s located close to the borders
of Monaco and Italy with olive trees set in
the hillsides and blue water off it’s coast.
This is one of my favorite areas to be seen in.

Imagine this table set with fresh daisies
or daffodils as you breakfast on the French
Riviera. My favorite crepe recipe:

First spread a layer of Nutella on your crepe,
then add fresh fruit, a healthy dollop of
fresh whipped cream, wrap it all up and add
a fine dusting of powdered sugar in top. Eat
with a smile.

For your drink, enjoy a cup of coffee or a
bottle of Perrier with a splash of grenadine
flavor mixed in.

In San Diego, California, we have a very nice
Lawrence Welk resort (fixed to the hilt with
all the trimmings that will guarantee a
fabulous family trip).

Keep yourself powered up through your day
of play with this yummy (and filling) menu:

Crispy bacon (regular or turkey-bacon)

Warm oatmeal, topped with walnuts, brown sugar and raisins

Fresh apples slices

Coffee (any way you like it)

Breakfast is the most important time of the
day! Make sure you don’t miss out by eating
skimpy “Continental Breakfasts” or at a fast
food place.


Proud to be in GRN
Charles Kaluwasha,

P.S. One of the best meals I had was in Paris,
France, where my sister and brother in law
treated me to the most delicious ratatouille I
have ever had. If you want a super-easy
recipe I have for that, please let me know
and I’ll send it to you. 4 (644) 237-8910

P.P.S. When you become a Global Resorts
Network member, you can fix the ratatouille
recipe in the kitchen of your dreams resort.


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