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How a Mom of 2 Quit her Day Job and Went Full Time In Home Business Industry

If you are  not  happy  with  your  daily  job, here is
one way you can get away  from the  day- to- day- stresses…
Christy Ivikovich celebrates 14 years in home business industry
after quitting her engineering job. Read her  story  below:
Today is the 14 year anniversary of quitting my
J-O-B and going full time in the home business
Let me tell you something, once I made the decision,
I mean REALLY made the decision I was going to make
it, my business took off like there was no tomorrow.
Here’s how it happened….
Earlier that same year (around May) I told my
sponsor, I just HAD TO make enough to pay all
my household expenses and go full time.
See, I had my two little girls at home, and
as a single mom, with a low end paying job,
I also had roomates to make ends meet.
The roomate situation was just not working out.
My roomates had agreed to move out and get
their own place, if I wanted our apartment
to myself.
The trouble with that was, I wasn’t making
enough money between my job and home business
to take that leap.
So… back to the conversation with my sponsor.
I said to my sponsor, I have to make this
happen quick. The situation is not great here
at home.
My sponsor said.. “How much do you need to cover
all your expenses… ALL your expenses down
to the very last thing, even laundry soap?”
I honestly was not sure what the exact number
was, so my sponsor said this…
“Tonight, I want you to get out a piece of paper
and pen and write down every single thing you
have to pay for in a month if your roomates
move out.
Then, call me tomorrow and tell me what the
number is.”
The next day, I called my sponsor and said “I
need a solid $2,500 a month to be sure I have
all my expenses covered and enough for the
weird little unexpected odd things that pop
Guess what my sponsor said to me then. My
sponsor said ….
“OK, Let’s Go!”
That was it. “Let’s Go!”
And so we did.
My sponsor worked as hard for me as I was willing
to work for myself that summer.
And boy, I was willing, able and determined.
I had tunnel vision and that freedom from my
current situation was all I could see at the
end of the tunnel.
I kept my eye on the prize.
I did not look behind me.
I did not look beside me.
Forward, forward, forward was the only way.
And guess what happened…
… in less than 100 days I went from a puny
little $243 residual check in May of that
year to….
… making over $4,000 that August.
I quit my job, my roomates left and I was finally
free of what I didn’t like in my life.
I was free because I STOPPED focusing on those
things I didn’t like and focused on what was
My kids having the life they deserved. Period.
End of Story.
I was fortunate to have a sponsor that said
“Let’s Go”.
I have been blessed with so much in my life.
I am grateful for my kids, my family, my friends,
the home business industry, the Internet, and
the entrpreneurial spirit I was born with.
Today, to celebrate the 14th anniversary of
what we call Freedom Day in our family,
I am offering you a …
… free one to one coaching session for
you and your current business.
We normally charge $250 to evaluate and guide
you in the right direction.
Your Personal Coaching session will be totally
100% free when you subscribe to 1 Year of
the Viral Express Interview System.
Then, subscribe to the Viral Express Interview
System Yearly.
PLUS, we’ll give you 44% off the normal price.
That’s only $47 for a whole year of our
exclusive Interview System PLUS a free
ONE to ONE coaching session with me.
AND you still receive an additional $2,500
in bonus software, tools and training!

That’s over $2,750 in bonuses when you
get started TODAY!

I’m going to now say to you, what my sponsor
once said to me….
Let’s Go!
I am here for you. The Viral Express team
is here for you. The only piece missing is
being here for yourself.
Upgrade to the VX Interview System Yearly.
Then, call or email me.

This is your time, my friend!


In case you haven’t heard this today ….

We believe in you 🙂

My coffee shop encounter

Viral Express

I was in a coffee shop the other day and I noticed something weird.

Picture this….

Two guys were in line in front of me.

One of them was wearing jeans and a T-shirt
and carrying a laptop.

The other one was wearing a suit and tie and
carrying a briefcase.

Here’s what’s funny…

Years ago, you’d assume that Mr. Jeans And T-shirt
was a broke college-student who’s driving his Dad’s beat up
old car….

…and you’d assume that Mr. Suit And Tie is a successful
businessman who’s got the world by the tail.

Not today.

The truth is that it’s more likely that the kid with the
laptop is making money online (like me)…

.. and the guy with the suit-and-tie is in a job that’s
eating him alive.


You can make money doing a lot of things.

But what’s more fun than getting up in the morning
knowing that you can make as much money as you want
by using a simple online system?

What’s better than being able to make money
no matter where you are in the world?

What’s better than being able to go out of town
on vacation and make MORE money than you did at
home….and do it all from an iPad or laptop?

Sound good?

Watch this…

You can thank me later.  🙂


Charles Kaluwasha

P.S. Get 5 Checks Per Month – No Experience Needed! It takes
multiple streams of income to succeed online. We have the
TOP five programs online all under ONE roof! You can get started
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P.P.S. I’m an affiliate for the products referenced in my article.
That means I make money if you decide to buy something. But I only
tell you about the really good stuff – the stuff that works. My
ultimate goal is to partner with you and help you build a successful
business online. I hope you understand that. If you have questions,
or want to get in touch with me, just contact me via email or leave a comment . I’m human… 🙂

Avoid The 2 Most Common Mistakes Marketers Are Making Online

One of the things that separates the  successful marketers from the  crowd is being  surrounded  be unparalleled support of a group of positive net workers.

This becomes  a true and dedicated team sharing  one vision of collective success.

The steps  shown  below here are the simple and  basic things you need to do in your  business to be  successful online.

1. Target your marketing to the  right audience

2. Give  away free membership.

This is very  vital to your  marketing  success, it can grow your  network to unlimited depth.

If you have been online, am sure you agree with me that it is very difficult to grow your network of successful and dedicated entrepreneurs.

I  struggled  and spent  thousands of dollars trying to build my network. Fortunately discovered  the code that has made it easier  for me to work  smarter and build a team of  successful  entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

Viral express Marketing  System has solved the headaches of advertising for me. It is a free marketing  system that is focused on #1 thing that makes a business… The People!

That’s Right, you, your team and all your potential team members out there were the inspiration for this latest advertising suit where you can create a free network of 100s or 1000s of  free viral Express members have your chosen primary business and URLs exclusively advertised to them.

All you have to do is join up free and start using this latest advertising suit. There’s nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Stop wasting time and money on programs that do not bring you the satisfaction! At Viral Express we work as a team, we have  free  advertising tools, coaching and trainings that are free to out members and you will have access to many resources that will educate and train your mind to think positively.

Did you know that you can claim your free traffic ?
Viral Express has partnered with a new
advertising tool that gives you …

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Leading the way,

Charles Kaluwasha
Executive Team Member
Viral Express Marketing …
Where Your Business is Our Business
… Real People
… Real Networking
… Real Results



Viral Marketing System

Viral Marketing System

Control You Own Destiny With Viral Express


Don’t Get Left Behind – Join Free Here!

Brand New …. Viral eXpress is the future for marketers.

Whether you have a large team or are just starting out,
anybody can give away free websites and teach their
team to do the same thing.

There is no limit to how large your network can grow
promoting your business and marketing tools! 

Just Launched … Viral eXpress!

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Viral Express Is The System Of The Future!

  • Imagine a simple system where everybody benefits
    and everybody “pays it forward” by giving people an
    essential business building tool for FREE.
  • Imagine a system that effectively promotes your business
    over the Internet, while seamlessly and simultaneously
    building multiple streams of residual income for you
    and your team.

  • Imagine a world where you control your own destiny 
    and are never at the mercy of any one company ever again?
  • Imagine a tool that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days 
    a week, regardless of what you’re doing.You can stop imagining, because Viral Express is
    now a reality!
    Don’t Get Left Behind – Join Free Here!Even though it sounds almost too good to be true, Viral

    Express does it all. Build your business, build a solid,
    productive team, build multiple streams of income …
    and do it all with this one FREE system.Simply use it yourself and give it away to others and
    you are well on your way to home business success
    and the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.
    Leading the way,
    Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha
  • Viral eXpress Marketing

    PS. Embrace the power of the Mobile Lifestyle.
    Explode your business using only your Smart
    Live your life AND build your business!
    Do it now
Thank The Lord For The Blessings...

Thank The Lord For The Blessings…

Why you should invest in Viral Express



This is a new concept of recuiting,retaining and growing your team for success.
If you have a website, we shall allow you to promote and sponsor new team members for life.This is what we call automated enrollment and retention…

At Viral Express, we give tools that bring money in your pocket

At Viral Express, the tools work for you to recruit without talking to some one,interviews and  sort out real interested people for you.

At Viral Express, you can promote 3 websites of your choice free for life

At Viral Express  we care for you, receive free mentoring and coaching every week.

At Viral Express, the system becomes yours for life and make multiple residual income.

The choice is yours whether to promote other peoples’ programs or promote your own vending machine d and  share it with your beloved ones.

See the new concept of our automatic marketing tools  that bring in 2-4 enrollment for you every day…


To your success

Charles Kaluwasha


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