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The WLMS 7-Day Kick Start Program!

Natural way of keeping your body alkaline

Accelerate your way to weight loss, health and alkalinity! Participate in the SevenPoint2 7-Day Kick Start Plan, the newest segment of our Weight Loss Made Simple Program.
You will love the ease and simplicity of the 7-Day Kick Start Plan – a fast, healthy, and great-tasting way to achieve your healthy weight loss goals even faster!
Be sure to check out SevenPoint2.com for the exciting new 7-Day Kick Start Program with recommended meal plans today!
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Health and Freedom


You  may  have been wondering  what  the  heck  I  was  doing  over  the  last  couple of  weeks.

I  was   down  with  a very  bad  flu, thankfully  I  had  SevenPoint2 Recovery tablets  in  my  cupboard.

This  helped  me  to  overcome  the  vigorous  virus.  Many  of  my  friends  in the  neighborhood  are  still

convalescing  in their  homes.  They  have  never   discovered  this  magic  pill, Seven Point2  Recovery!

Around the world people are discovering SevenPoint2 and the Health Made Simple Program and Products.

For those who would love to have a life free from financial burdens SevenPoint2 offers a way to build a strong residual income stream simply by sharing information about a system that is changing peoples lives and changing the way people think about health.

Anyone can do this as long as you have a strong desire to live life where you make your own hours, where you have no boss and where you can spend as much time with your family as you desire.

To  listen  to  the   SevenPoint2 Presentation, click  here now   and  use “freedom” to access  the   webinar.

And  if  you  want  to place  an order, follow the   steps here!

Lets  help  you  keep   health  and enjoy  the   freedom   to do  what  you want in life.

If  you  found  value,  share  this  recording  with  family friends, they  will thank you  in future…


Charles  Kaluwasha


Stay healthy and wealthy




Stay alkalized and energized 4 life

Stay alkalized and energized 4 life

We at SevenPoint2™ are so excited to be sharing our message with you! Our goal is to create a healthier world while helping you meet your health and financial goals. Together, we can spread the word.

An alkaline body is a healthy body!

It isn’t a secret. Join us in sharing our vision and we’ll help ensure that you continue staying healthy and wealthy through our “Nothing Beat’s Free” program.

When you’re ready to get started for yourself give me a call  [6206-801-910 ].

Or, simply reply to this email with your call back request.
Please feel free to stop by any time. All you have to do is enter your email address in the returning visitors box: ? HERE

We are excited to assist you. I will be checking in with you soon.

“Alkalized & Energized 4 Life, made easy.”
Charles Kaluwasha
Call Me: 206-801-1910
Email Me: support@lifeonthenet7.com
Visit my site ? HERE


SevenPoint2 Pre-Launch events for New Zealand and Australia

One time fee for life

Delivering profitable performance

The Alkaline Company, SevenPoint2 will be holding a series of pre-launch event in New Zealand and Australia this July.

All marketers are invited to come to this spectacular life changing event where they will be immersed in all the information and training they need in time for the SeventPoint2 launch in Australia and New Zealand.

The pre-launch events will be held on three Saturdays in the following locations:

• Fickling Convention Center in Auckland New Zealand. This will be held on July 6, 2013 from 1:30 in the afternoon to 8:30 in the evening. (Contact: David Cochrane, 64 274 330 164)


To see other locations,click here for details

The alkaline movement team

Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha


Health and Wealth

How would you like to be HAPPY, HEALTHY, and FINANCIALLY STABLE? I am so much happier now that I am! Like you, I was a little hesitant to start, but I had a mentor helping me every step of the way and am living proof of how well SevenPoint2™ works!

I am here for you my friend, to guide you through every step to achieving optimum health for yourself and helping you build a successful home business. I have no doubt that you will love SevenPoint2™, so call me at [ 206 801 1910] and let’s get started today!

Visit my site ? HERE or give me a call [ 206.801.1910].

Or, simply leave a comment to this article with your call back request.

Please feel free to stop by any time. All you have to do is email us at the address below

I can’t wait to hear from you!

“Alkalized & Energized 4 Life, made easy.”
Don’t hesitate to call me ANYTIME!

Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha
Call us: 206.801.1910
Email US: support@lifeonthenet7.com
Visit our site ? HERE

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