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Take one of the most important steps towards a lifetime of better health.



If you took one of the most important steps towards a lifetime of better health joined the SevenPoint2 family that is dedicated to transforming the health of the world with nutrition and proper alkalinity as the key.


We all know that Change Begins From Within.  To begin YOUR personal journey towards better health, we believe you must set goals and challenge yourself to meet them.


Take the first step today – Enroll with the SevenPoint2, then join  the sevenPoint2 72 Day Challenge by following the instructions below.  Contestants around the world are experiencing amazing results in the transformation of their health, their appearance, and are enjoying the amazing prizes that SevenPoint2 is offering as part of this inspiring opportunity!!!


Here’s How to Get Started:


Step 1:

Decide What Your Goals for Health Are (weight loss? tone and improve muscle? gain weight? lower cholesterol?)


Step 2:

Visit http://www.72 DayChallenge.com to join the 72 Day Challenge Social Network to share in the excitement of the Challenge, and to officially join the challenge (click on the “Join the Challenge” button on that website!). This is 5 minutes well worth it!


Step 3:

Download your Menu guide from SevenPoint2 (http://www.sevenpoint2.com/72-day-challenge.asp)


Step 4:

Make a SevenPoint2 Shake and Begin Your Challenge!!!


(Psst: Don’t forget to take your picture today because in 90 days you’re not going to believe the difference!!!)

Get alkalized and energized 4Life

Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha


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