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Academicians wanted

Academicians wanted

So, if you’ve ever been asked that question, you know it can raise an
uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach if you haven’t clearly
thought out the answer!

Take some time to think about how you would like to communicate to others
exactly what you do and how you’d like to be perceived. It can make a
world of difference!

Stammering out a vague, halting, mostly incoherent message about your
business is the last thing you want to do.

Shoot for a 2-3 sentence statement of who you are, and what you do. Try not
to let it go on for more than 30 seconds…

Practice it! That’s right, get comfortable with how the words roll off
your tongue, and make sure to inject your personality into it. It’s not a
comedy routine, but it’s also not an entry in Wikipedia either!

Try it out on your friends and business associates. Gather feedback. You
will likely use some form of this presentation in other places online such as
your Facebook profile, or other pages where you briefly say what you do.

Make a great impression at the start with a short, polished statement about
“what you do”, and you are likely to gain a whole lot more business!


Charles Kaluwasha

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