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Testimonial from Dr Ranga-Practitioner and retail store owner



I am currently practising as a Food and Nutritional Scientist specializing in clinical and Ayurvedic Nutrition as well as environmental toxicity and detoxification. Since 1992 I have also operated a busy health food store in addition to my nutritional practice.. Prior to this I have been in the academic and laboratory research in the field of Food Microbiology and Biotechnology..

During the 21 years of retail and clinical practice I have been introduced to many nutritional products to evaluate clinical and research validation, trial the products in the practice, and sell through the shop, due to my background in food and nutritional research field.  While some of the products came from regular retail manufacturers, practitioner only brands, or small scale home based businesses direct sales companies have increasingly become a dominant players in the supplement market approaching me.

Stay alkalized and energized 4 life

Stay alkalized and energized 4 life

In the last 35 years of academic/lab research and clinical practice, I have not come across a formula such as Recovery HydroFx. It has proven in my 11 month of trialling not only on me but on over 300 patients to be an incredibly effective rapid acting formula.  Its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and alkalizing effects have been validated by the responses reported to me as well as from my own assessment of patient’s blood using dark field microscopy. The other products in the range (Shake, Greens, and Alkaline Booster) are also of superior quality and I have had excellent feedback from patients who have used them.

From a practitioner view point this range is unparalleled and a must for anyone keen to help patients and see rapid responses especially for pain relief…

From a retailer’s view point, this range is excellent to have in a shop especially if a health professional is present in-store. This enables the owner to purchase the products at the health professional pricing 50% off retail (quite rare in retail or practitioner products to receive 50% discount)…and be able to mark up 100%.

72 globeThe products can be displayed in a special area with a notice to customers that these products can only be purchased after a brief consultation with the product consultant trained in explaining the product and its unique function to the customer…

My experience with having the SevenPoint2 products in my health food store has been truly eye opening…Recovery with HydroFX is a formula of its own category, scientifically and clinically validated. Accompanied by a range of such high quality food supplements…  I have seen the products fly out of the store and repeat sales coming easily. I have not seen any other product sell this well in the last 21 years of retail…

 Dr Ranga Premaratna

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