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Testimonials, and Amazing 7.2 Success Stories from Australia and around the World




72 globeSevenpoint2 is proud to bring you some updates from Australia and around the world.The product is helping hundreds of people recover and continue doing what they love. The pains and inactivity they have been experiencing has dissipated.

Here are some June highlights:
-Australian sales have more than tripled from last month, driven primarily by our team ,if you join us today(you will experience growth and support)
-Our team has now officially planted roots in The Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore!!
-Our UK presence has begun to take hold with the help of our fast growing International Fitness Professionals segment.  Just stay tuned for the incredible things these guys will do in the UK!
-Speaking of Fitness Professionals – We now have over 19 personal trainers on our team spanning over 4 continents.  This is our fastest growing vertical in health and wellness.  This group is embracing these products and taking this program to a new level that will be hugely beneficial to all of us on this team and the company as a whole.  More info soon…
-Warehousing is in Australia… the company is finalizing product registrations and will be syncing with our back office over the next few weeks.  It’s happening people…:)
We have just released a New Case Study Video on a blood test of one of our new distributors.  You can view the video on the link below.  The induvidual Featured in the test is David Hay, In just 12 days David signed on over $8000 in new business.  So a huge congratulations to David for achieving the rank of Gold in an Australian and almost World Record Time!!!  Nice work David.  Now here’s his test:
That’s not it for the success stories… Check out this testimonial from another of our esteemed 7.2 Team.  Not only am I stoked for Karen because I know what it is like to have to stop doing something you love because of an injury; but  I am even more thrilled with the thought of the joy that comes from being able to get back into something, when you thought you never would…
Sevenpoint2 Recovery has literally changed my life.  I had been suffering with pain in my left hip for 5 years and nothing would ease the pain other than strong pain killers.  These drugs were giving me gut problems and I knew that other side effects included damage to my liver and kidneys.  So I only took pain killers when I couldn’t bear the pain any longer such as when I couldn’t sleep at night.  Luckily someone from my gym suggested I see a Dr Ranga Premaratna who prescribed natural remedies to address pain.  Dr. Ranga suggested I try Recovery and from the first dose my pain dissipated.  Now I am virtually pain free and have started training for Triathlon again.  Something I had given up 5 years ago.  I also use Recovery before and after exercise which helps me recover a lot faster from my training, which is great as I need to make up a lot of lost time!! Karen Bordignon
It is an amazing opportunity we have to share this product line, so we can continue to hear stories like this one, and the hundreds more that are in rolling in on the company’s weekly wellness calls from the US. The calls are too many to record and get them to you at once, but can be accessed through your computers at:
Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha


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