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October 10, 2017, JACOB JOSEPH and Charles Vincent were students together
I studied with Vincent Kaluwasha at this school of nursing he was always a role model student we all looked up to very articulate and knowledgeable.

         October 10, 2017, Charles Vincent worked with JACOB JOSEPH in the same group

I Studied with Vincent Kaluwasha during this programme. A highly skilled and knowledgeable individual. Passionate about Occupational Health and would suitably work in this capacity any where in the world

  • Kelvin Chisanga

    Kelvin Chisanga

    Head of Marketing and Sales at Omni Africa Technologies

    A unique and profound CEO I have seen in our times, I have seen the calibre in Charles. Charles has a performing influence drive from his desires to…more

    Feb 16, 2017, You worked with Kelvin but at different companies
  • Ivana Bosnjak ★Invites Welcome★

    Ivana Bosnjak ★Invites Welcome★

    ►►I Help Small Business Owners Get New Customers◄◄

    Charles has provided me with many – free but easy to use marketing tools. If you are new to affiliate marketing – Charles is the best person to go to…more

    Jan 20, 2013, You worked with Ivana but at different companies.

    Lucius Chongo

    Lucius Chongo

    Registered Nurse at Eastern Health

    With his humble beginnings overseas, Charles would be a perfect mentor for someone feeling trapped with not much to look forward to in future. Listen to his story and be amazed and inspired… starting with nothing to where he is! He will teach you about the power of perseverance. Well done Charlesless

    Jan 12, 2016, You worked with Lucius but in different group
  • Michelle Jayes

    Michelle Jayes

    Internet Home Based Opportunities at Online-Income-Business and an SFI Affiliate

    Charles is a man with a great deal of integrity and takes pride in his work.

    Michelle Jayes

    Jan 11, 2012, You worked with Michelle but at different companies
  • Trevor Gordon

    Trevor Gordon

    Developing Collaboration Solutions for Healthcare Businesses | IT Collaboration Strategist

    I’ve known Charles for many years and every encounter has been a happy one….he has a wonderful attitude towards life. He is a man of integrity.

    Jan 4, 2012, You worked with Trevor but at different companies

    A call we hope you never receive


    A call we hope you never receive

    Charles, our nine-year-old son, Cooper, is a real bundle of energy, with a great big heart. He loves to dance, and he makes us laugh a lot. We couldn’t imagine our family life without him.

    But last November, without warning, his heart stopped.

    Cooper suddenly collapsed during a dance class and went into cardiac arrest. He was not breathing.

    CareFlight was called.

    All we knew about CareFlight was that they flew life-and-death rescue missions – like this one. Although everything was a bit of a blur, we remember it was just minutes before the helicopter landed and the CareFlight crew rushed in.

    Cooper may never have survived without the specialist emergency care that the CareFlight crew provided at the scene so quickly. So thank you for being a Support Crew Member. People like you are keeping CareFlight in the air, saving more lives like Cooper’s.

    Ruth Parsell, a CareFlight doctor, began treating Cooper. Our beautiful boy looked lifeless as she intubated him and connected him to a ventilator. As soon as he was stable enough, the team rushed him to hospital.

    When we arrived at the emergency department, Ruth approached us and said, “He’s a very sick little boy, but he’s alive.” We’ve never felt more relieved.

    Cooper now has a defibrillator implant in case his heart stops beating again. At school, he has regained his positive attitude to life. We are so glad to have our little boy back.

    See just how well Cooper is doing now in this video.

    Meet Cooper and CareFlight doctors who helped him >>>


    We never dreamt something like this would happen to us. Until it did, we admit we took services like CareFlight’s for granted. We didn’t realise just how much they rely on community support. That’s why we want to thank you for helping the CareFlight crew because, as we found out, you never know when you’ll need them to fly to your rescue.

    Thank you for caring.


    John and Kylie Appleyard, Cooper’s parents


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