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The 95% Failure Factor and How To Avoid It…

If you have been looking at Internet marketing for any length of time, surely you have heard the depressing 95% ‘failure rate’ statistics for new marketers (nicknamed “newbies”). Why, one might ask, is this happening? Most people with enough intelligence to surf the Internet are capable of following instructions, so there has to be a reason for so few success stories.

The Unrealistic Expectations of “Newbies”

Most people attempting to market on the Internet for the first time have unrealistic expectations, which are fueled by all the ‘hype’ they see in ads and on websites. These “newbies” initially have no clue that they are viewing ‘hype’ that is simply meant to separate them from the contents of their wallets by unscrupulous marketers. The poor saps believe what they see in these ads, and shell out their hard earned dollars for an unending parade of eBooks, membership sites, and eCourses, the contents of which are almost all available for Free on the Internet if they knew where to research the topics! They are led, like lambs to the slaughter, on an endless road in search of the magic formula that will put them in the top 5% of marketers online who actually do succeed. These “newbies” truly believe they can realistically earn a six-figure income within 90 days as some “opportunities” claim!

Because they believe the ‘hyped’ information they are seeing on the Internet – on websites, and in Newsletters and eBooks, they spend unnecessary money and waste far too much time digging for that one big secret that will let them earn big bucks by setting up one website that will pump money into their bank accounts on autopilot! After all, isn’t that what the gurus they have constantly paid keep telling them?

Let’s Be Realistic Here…

First of all, “gurus” have lists of thousand that they have built up over several months or years. The guru develops a new “revolutionary, secret” informational product that is then promoted to these people who have opted-in to the mailing list. The members on these lists, also, are probably “newbies” paying for that bit of magic information that, once revealed, will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams! No wonder these “gurus” make six figures! They have the right tools (autoresponders, squeeze pages, presell pages, bonus offers, back-end offers, Newsletters, affiliate products, eBooks, and back links, joint ventures and ad-tracking software to tell them which ads and advertising resources actually work), and that makes all the difference.

Information Overload…

Most “Newbies” waste far too much of their precious time searching for the magic bullet that will blow away every obstacle in the way of their six-figure goal. Basic information that they already have is probably more than enough to get started, but they will not earn six-figures in 90 days…that much is certain.

The three most important factors the 95% fail to realize:

1. Never get bogged down in ‘information overload’. Time spent on gathering information on marketing should be limited to reading only a handful of newsletters and information sent from their opt-in lists. Too much of either is bogging a marketer down and is a veritable waste of time. If a Newsletter or opt-in list is only sending you an endless list of links that sell you stuff, and give very little valuable marketing information, they should be dropped like a hot potato. Such things are designed to do only one thing – to separate a trusting “newbie” from his/her hard earned cash.

2. Marketers should spend their valuable, and often limited, time on the Internet where it will offer the most benefit. If it will not earn you money, it probably is a waste of your time. A wise marketer always will refrain from “program hopping” and will pick only one or two long running, proven money making programs to promote.

3. Take things step by step and focus on actively promoting your chosen (one or two – not dozens at a time)programs that have proven to endure the test of time. Choose those programs carefully. A good program, if promoted, tested and tweaked properly, will be successful at earning a substantial income. The best programs are to be found in a product that is in a niche that is popular and selling well. How does one find this information?
Hint: look at the product listings in the ClickBank Marketplace. Each listing has different criteria that rank each product by popularity, and the percentage of sales that result from affiliate efforts, along with other information. One look at the product title and you will be able to determine the niche that is popular and selling well for affiliate members of ClickBank. Knowing your target niche will help you with Adwords, and other PPC programs. Just remember that the narrower and more focused your targeting is, the less your clicks will cost and the more money you will keep in your pocket.

If you follow this simple set of three steps, online success will definitely follow. Just break all this down to three words.

1. Focus – Focus on less to achieve more
2. Time – Manage your time to ROI ratio – Use time, do not waste it.
3. Target – Target to the smallest niche possible and you will keep more money in your bank account.

Keep things simple. That practice alone has worked for hundreds of successful online marketers. Quite a few successful marketers have practiced the above principles all the way to the bank to deposit six-figure incomes. Are you next?
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