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The Fifth thing to Look for in a Business

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It has to be FUN!

We have never met, so I cannot say
with any certainty what your day is like,
but let me tell you what it could be like
if you were a serious promoter of GDI.

Use your imagination here, your
“vision” might be different than
this one, but you’ll get the point.

What would it be like?

First, you wake up on your own schedule, or because
the sun is shining in on your face through
the window, not because your alarm is
going off.

You sit for some breakfast with your spouse before
heading to the gym for a quick workout. On
the way home, you stop at the full service
car wash and read the local paper while
someone else does the dirty work, and
you’re not worried about the 7 cars ahead
of you because nobody is telling you what
time you have to be at a desk.

You get home and shower, and put on some
comfortable clothes. It’s 11:00 am now,
and you decide to get to work. First, you
check your email. Your inbox is full of
notices showing you the people who have
joined your GDI business, and some
questions from new members who are ready
to get started with you.

You jot down some phone numbers so you can call
people back. You’re excited when you make
calls because you know that the person on
the other end of the phone is going to be
as excited about GDI as you are, or they
wouldn’t have left you a message in the
first place.

Rejection is the last thing on your mind. You
know that the GDI marketing system does
all the hard work and takes care of most
of the rejection for you.

It’s now noon, and you’re getting hungry, so you
decide to take a brisk walk to the cafe up
the street because it’s a nice day.
Another hour passes, but no worries. You
can work on your schedule, and a day like
this calls for a light schedule!

When you get home, your upline calls you and you
spend half an hour discussing new
advertising strategies, and you share your
success stories from the previous day. He
tells you about something that is working
for him and you know it’s going to really
increase your level of business, which is
already substantial.

You then email and phone some of your downline
members to make sure they are doing okay
in the business, but are not surprised to
hear that most of their questions are
already answered. You share the new idea
your upline gave you with them.

Later, you talk with some more prospects and
follow-up to ask them what they thought of
the GDI movie, and they were impressed
with the $250,000 presentation that GDI
put together for this opportunity. You
make sure they have all their questions
answered and walk them through the process
of signing up.

More RESIDUAL INCOME put in your pocket! Yeah!

You send an email to the prospect base that has
collected in your GDI member’s area,
inviting them to the conference call later
in the evening, and you call the ones that
you know are serious about getting
started. It’s 4pm now, and you don’t want
to spend any more of this nice day inside,
so you grab a list of a few people to call
and you head to the park with your fishing
pole, but not before checking the mailbox
and finding a paycheck from GDI that
dwarfs any check you ever made at a
“normal” 9-5 job.

At the park, you cast in your line and sit in a
nice breeze while you make a few calls.
You also you meet someone there who is
currently out of work, but they seem
sharp. You tell them how great it is to
not have to be at a J.O.B (just over
broke), and as you’re packing up your
catch to head home for the evening – you
hand them a GDI business card and tell
them to check out your movie online when
they get the chance.

You make a nice steak dinner for your spouse. You
stir up a pretty good mess, but that’s
okay! Your spouse has agreed to clean it
up because you did the cooking, and
besides, it’s getting close to time to
dial into the GDI recorded informational
call with someone who has expressed
interest in your business!

You call in, and hear many other people on the line
who are fired up about working with you in
GDI, way too many to count. Hearing them
excites you all over again and gets you
super-motivated to talk to even more
people tomorrow, because you can see where
this business is going.

Does this sound like your life, or are
you still working that J.O.B?

Or even worse, are you doing NOTHING? You’re
reading this email for a reason.
I don’t know what YOUR reason is, but I
know you have one.

Just remember this…

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

If this articles sounds like fantasy land to you
, I should tell you that this
entire “day” IS REAL, not
It’s an actual account from successful rep,
Bram Smith, who recently sent founders,
Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir, a thank you
note for the wonderful changes GDI has
brought about in his life – just months
after getting involved with the company.

This business is fun. If you
feel like making a change, just do it.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact
me. Start your Free Trial NOW –

Also check out this conference call schedule if
you’re interested in learning more.


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