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The Home Business Marketing Strategy That Has Never Failed

The Home Business Marketing Strategy That Has Never Failed
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

Today I’d like to share with you the strategy I used when I
first got online many years ago to generate automated income
from home. This strategy still works today. You can use it
to sell your own products or you can use it to sell other
people’s products as an affiliate or partner. It can work
in practically any niche market.

The theory is simple. Build a list of people who have given
you permission to email them about a particular topic and
then send relevant information and special offers to those
people promoting products and services that you are selling.
This is a very easy way to make money.

The first thing you need to do this is a tool called an
autoresponder. An autoresponder is simply a tool that
collects subscribers for you and gives you the ability to
email those people in mass. For example, with an
autoresponder you can type an email message saying anything
you want, load it into a field that looks just like the text
area you type any normal email into, click Send, and your
message will be delivered to all your subscribers instantly
addressing each one on a first name basis. This could be
just 10 people or it could be thousands, even millions.

When you use an autoresponder to send a message promoting a
product you are selling to a targeted group of subscribers,
you have a very good chance of making sales if what you are
offering is something that your subscriber database is
interested in.

From my point of view, a lot of the information and systems
available online which try to help people make money are
over-complicated and often mis-guided. The same simple
formula for making money online that worked for me (someone
with no previous experience) almost 10 years ago is still
working today and it’s very, very simple to apply. In fact,
I’ll walk you through the steps I use (and so do many, many
others) to pull in automatic profits 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week, 365 days a year like clockwork.

The first thing you need is an autoresponder. You don’t
even need your own website for this. There are many good
autoresponders on the market. One that I use is called
GetResponse which you can take a look at:
http://www.FreeGetResponse.com . This is the autoresponder
I use to deliver my Home Business Secrets Mini-Course at:

As you’ll see if you subscribe at the site above, my free
mini-course will be delivered to you automatically by email
as if it’s written to you personally. This takes no effort
from me (other than writing the messages in the first place)
to deliver this mini-course to you and thousands of other
valued subscribers using an autoresponder.

Another autoresponder I use is called AutoResponse Plus. You
can check it out at: http://www.AutoResponse-Plus.com . The
difference between GetResponse and AutoResponse Plus is that
GetResponse does not require you to have hosting. It’s
hosted for you. AutoResponse Plus requires you to have your
own hosting account where the company will install the
software for you directly. Also, when it comes to building a
mailing list, GetResponse provides an in-house service to
build your mailing list for you called Get Subscribers which
you can see at: http://www.GetSubscribers.com . If you are
using AutoResponse Plus, you would need to use a third-party
service such as List Builder Pro to build your mailing list:

This brings me to the next step of the process of making
money on autopilot with an autoresponder. You need
subscribers. The fastest way to build a permission-based
list of subscribers of people who are interested in what you
have to offer is called co-registration. That’s what the
Get Subscribers and List Builder Pro services provide. All
the details about how these work can be found at:
http://www.GetSubscribers.com and
http://www.ProListBuilder.com respectively.

Once you know about these services, the steps to make money
online are really very simple.

Step 1) Get an autoresponder.

My 2 favorite autoresponders are:

1. GetResponse: http://www.FreeGetResponse.com
2. AutoResponse Plus: http://www.AutoResponse-Plus.com

Step 2) Order subscribers.

Here’s 2 reputable co-registration services:

1. Get Subscribers: http://www.GetSubscribers.com
(works exclusively with GetResponse)

2. List Builder Pro: http://www.ProListBuilder.com
(works with AutoResponse Plus and most other autoresponder
in the market, not GetResponse though)

Both of these service can be setup to add subscribers to
your autoresponder automatically without you needing to lift
a finger. Just go through the guided setup process when
placing your order and they will take care of the rest.

Step 3) Make an offer.

Send valuable information and special offers to your
subscribers on a regular basis. This is a simple process for
making money on autopilot that has never failed me.

In the beginning, I didn’t have a lot of money to invest in
advertising. That was a good thing. It forced my mind to
think about and discover what technique had the lowest risk
associated with it. You see, I figured that if I purchased
500 co-registration subscribers, all of these people were
mine to contact as often as I wanted until they either
bought something from me or unsubscribed. So in the case of
Get Subscribers, today I need to pay $189.95 to get 500
guaranteed subscribers. That’s 500 people who have given me
permission to email them as often as I want. Do you see how
powerful this is?

In my niche market, I promote home business products,
services and opportunities as an affiliate which all pay
very generous commissions. If I email my list of 500 people
a few times and just get 5 (1%) of them to sign up for one
of the products or programs I promote, I’ve already made a
profit. But the real beauty of this type of advertising is
that even after I’ve made a profit on my initial
investment, I still have my complete list of subscribers
(minus the few that have unsubscribed) to continue emailing,
building a relationship with and promoting different
products to. If I’m even the slightest bit creative and
consistent with sending offers to my list, I can make a
small fortune with this single asset.

What I’ve described above is EXACTLY how I started making
money online many years ago and how I still earn a healthy
percentage of my money today.

Maybe you’re thinking that setting up an autoresponder and
building a list is easy, but you don’t know what to email
to your list to make money. If that’s the case, I invite
you to consider that nearly every affiliate program or
business opportunity you can join provides pre-written email
marketing letters that you can simply copy and send to your
list. In most cases, these letters are proven sellers which
is why the affiliate programs and business opportunities
provide them to you. They have tested them and experienced
positive results already.

That said, in my own experience, I usually find that I can
get improved results with letters I write myself to my list
when I am sincere and offer my own personality, point of
view and value to an offer I am promoting.

But the bo

ttom line here is that making money online can be
very simple. You don’t even need to have your own website,
you don’t need to attend any seminar or buy any expensive
marketing courses, or pay for one-on-one personal coaching,
etc. You just need to look around and watch what other
people (the big dogs) are doing to make their money. In most
cases, they are simply building list and emailing that list
special offers and announcements to promote products that
generate revenue for them. Instead of being on the receiving
end of this one-way marketing barrage, put yourself on the
delivering end of the emails and receiving end of the
commission checks and bank deposits that arrive when you
setup your own autopilot online marketing system.

All you need is an autoresponder, subscribers and an offer.

What are you waiting for? You can do it!

About the Author:
If you don’t want to do it all yourself, The Home Biz Guy
can setup your autoresponder for you and load it with that
same pre-written email marketing campaign he uses to pull in
automatic profits with 24/7/365. All you need to do at that
point is supply the subscribers. Complete details and signup
instructions are available for you now at:

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