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The Ideal Marketing System That Puts Money In Your Pocket

If your goal is to create financial freedom for you and your family, you must think of using a marketing system that will help you build a team of strong, motivated and highly productive network marketing people.

Time for chasing after wrong people is unproductive and is a waste of your time, money and efforts.

The secrets of making money online lies in understanding the psychology that lies behind a successful and proven marketing system that duplicates your efforts. We are going to look at the basic concepts of a successful marketing system that can put money in your pocket.

1.List building

No matter what service or product you are marketing online, your first step to success is lead generation. You must have a quality landing page to capture qualified prospect’s attention and  enter their contact information.

Your capturing page must provide a unique offer that is both transparent and authentic to give you a real competitive edge for example,free training,free marketing tools and webinars.

This will create curiosity for your clients! and be encouraged to enter their names and email addresses to request more information and eventually they will be directed to your ‘Thank You Page’ that is integrated  with your autoresponder that directs them back to your ‘Thank You Page’.

2. Autoreponder Service

The marketing system must have an email autoreponder. This is an important form of marketing that builds your list. You may have heard the saying that “Money is in the list”. Autoresponder is a form permission marketing that your prospects sign to receive pre-written emails at regular intervals.

The more people sign up to your list, the more sales you will make. The benefits of using an autoresponder is that people need to be exposed to your product or service messages several times(to be specific, seven times) before they buy it.

Generating leads and building  your mailing list is the blood of your business. Nothing matters if you do not have a constant stream of qualified prospect entering your marketing system. The fact is you can not sell to anyone if you not have anyone to sell to!

3. Thank You page and a sifting process

This is part of your marketing system that your potential customers see after they register their email addresses on your landing page. This page should provide more information about your product, testimonials and invite your customers to get a bonus when they purchase a product.

This process helps you to sift out people who are not buyers,we call them,tire-kickers. If a customer is not willing to purchase a product costing $49.99 early in the sales process, how likely are they to make a purchase of more than $500 later?

The second benefit of this process is to put money  back into your pocket although you do not make a profit at this stage, but  this will rather help you build a relationship with more customers and eventually make more money by offering your primary back-end products. In that way, your advertising cost will be off set or funded by the growing number of customers.

4. Team coaching service

A unique marketing system should have a dedicated and qualified team of coaches that follow up all the applicants that submit their information into the marketing system.The professional coaches review the information,address their concerns and help them to get started as members of the organizational team.

This process helps to build lasting relationships and organizational leaders.Members feel they are part of the team and duplicate the efforts of the team and this becomes viral within a shortest time period.This is the secret to leveraging your time and money by earning income from the efforts of others.

The famous Bill Gates,Oprah Winfrey,SamWatton and the Rockerfellers all made their future from the efforts of thousands of hard working people around the globe.

5. Automation

An ideal marketing system should have automated sponsoring tools that do almost 100% of the busy work while you concentrate on other marketing strategies such as advertising. This is the beauty of automation. You work once and the system takes over. You can go on vacation, the system does the work for you seven days a week,24 hours a days and 365 days in a year.


To recap what we have covered, if you want to make money online,you must have a highly efficient,completely duplicable, easily affordable and integrated lead generating  and lead capture page that will help you build your list faster,drive traffic to your websites and add your prospects to your autoresponder system automatically.

P.S.Here is a list of Top Proven Marketing Systems That Can Help you succeed online:

1. 247 Fast Track System

Plug-In Profit Site

4. Viral Express Marketing System



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