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The Key To Your Success

The Key to Your Success
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In regard to making money on the Internet, everyone is always
looking for the quick fix. They want to sign up for a program,
place an advertisement, and make hundreds or thousands of dollars
instantly. While this may be possible depending on your
circumstances, the most direct and guaranteed path to success on
the Internet is to stick with the fundamentals.
A friend of mine who is an athletic coach for kids in the city
where I live reminded me of this lesson. This guy is actually so
passionate about kids and athletics that he coaches 4 different
sports: basketball, soccer, baseball and football. Of course, he
has a kid of his own on each team. But what is remarkable about
this guy is the results he gets with his teams.

He was recruited to coach the 8th grade football team where his
children go to school. After 27 years of losing seasons in a row,
the first year my friend became the head coach the team won the
district championship and repeated their championship run the
following year. This past weekend he coached 12 different games
and won all 12 of them. As you can tell, this guy is extremely

But the funny thing is that he and the kids he coaches are not
totally hung up on winning. If they lose a game, they feel
equally good about themselves as they would if they had won. What
matters most to them is how well they played and lived up to
their potential as a team.

The real question is how my friend’s teams continually perform
on such a high level and beat nearly anyone they play even though
they are often smaller and younger than their competitors. I
asked this question to my friend the other day and he told me
that it’s all in the fundamentals.

In his practices, all he works on with his kids is keeping a
positive mindset and practicing the fundamentals. He told me that
his teams never scrimmage or strategize about upcoming games
during practice. They simply work hard on all the fundamentals of
whatever particular sport they are playing and do so more than
any other team they play. This constant practice and improvement
of the fundamentals is what allows his teams to progress faster
than his competitors. While most other teams get caught up with
how to win, out-strategize, be stronger than and intimidate their
opponents, my friend’s team is just so good at the basics that
they blow everyone out of the water when game day arrives.

This got me thinking about my own Internet business and why I’ve
been able to succeed on such a high level while most others who
have tried to do what I do have failed. The answer is not really

Most people who try to build a successful Internet home business
are looking for the quick fix. They want it to work IMMEDIATELY
and so they usually fall prey to business opportunities that
promise to help them get rich overnight and advertising scams
that promise to deliver thousands of hungry prospects to their
website in the next 24 hours. Of course, these opportunistic
schemes are really just geared to steal people’s hard earned
money. You see, when someone is desperate and looking for an
INSTANT solution, they will often be taken advantage of and their
chances for success with an Internet home business are slim to

However, while there are thousands of business opportunities on
the Internet and millions of different ways to advertise and
promote your website, I personally practice the fundamentals in
my Internet home business. I do this by sticking with the
business opportunities I’ve joined for the long haul and
promoting my website consistently with simple, affordable and
easily maintained Internet marketing techniques.

In fact, one of the techniques that works best for me is writing
articles like this one and getting them published on other
people’s websites using article syndication tools and software
found online.

By writing articles and getting them published on other websites
online using powerful tools like those mentioned above, I’m able
to get my name and website address in front of thousands of
people without paying a dime in advertising. Of course, the key
to this strategy is that I write and distribute articles
consistently in this way. It’s one of those “fundamentals”
that doesn’t cost anything but a little time and effort. Fact
is, it’s this price of time and effort that most people are
unwilling to pay. They’ll gladly part with hundreds or even
thousands of dollars, but ask them to do a little hard work and
they say “No way.”

It’s this understanding that can separate you from the pack. If
you are willing to practice the fundamentals of your business
faithfully and consistently, you will be destined to succeed on a
high level. But if you can’t and you’re only looking for the
quick fix, you have already lost the game before you even set
foot on the field.

Even pros like me practice the fundamentals every day. In fact,
especially pros like me practice the fundamentals. The moment I
stop practicing the fundamentals is the moment I stop being a
pro. Think about this carefully and then renew YOUR commitment to
the fundamentals of your Internet home business today. Do this
and you will soar past your competition.

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