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The Land Of “Honey And Milk”

When I was in sunday school in the  early  70s my Sunday school  teacher taught us  this  story from the Holy Bible,”The Land of Honey And Milk” This was the  promise God gave to the  people of  Israel who were working as slaves in Egypt. They were captured and brought to the  land of Egypt under  the  reign of  King pharaoh.

So  God  was  not  happy with the way His people were mistreated  and  He appointed  Moses to lead them out of  captivity and go to  the  promised  land where  there  was abundance  and live a  good  lifestyle.

On their  way home, they experienced a lot of obstacles, one of  them was crossing  the red sea. Behind  them was an arm of soldiers chasing after them. With  God’s power, Moses  was instructed  to place the  wooden  stick on the  waters of  red sea and  miraculously, the  waters  separated  and allowed the  children of  Israel to  cross  safely  to  the  other  side.

The soldiers  from king Pharaoh followed but when they reached midway God  instructed Moses to hit the  wooden stick on the  waters and separated waters joined,and all the  soldiers  perished.

There  were  other  obstacles which I cannot  elaborate here, but  those of you  who are  christians can relate to those events in the  wilderness.

In today’s situations/economy, many people are  entrapped into financial prison.They do not have the freedom to  enjoy  life to the  fullest. Money is a big problem. People are  living from paycheck to paycheck. It is even hard to save.

Even those that are  working,they are  finding it hard to manage their  families. Salaries  are  not enough to sustain them up to the  month end.

Thankfully  to  the internet…people  can find ways to supplement their  income by working from the comfort of their  homes as part-time. There are  many affiliate companies where  you  can promote other people’s products or  services and get paid commissions. Thousand of ordinary people are  making  enough money to pay bills, save and even go for  holidays. They are  more  comfortable now than the  traditional 9-5 jobs. They are  their  own bosses. They can work when they  want, no  orders from the  boss.

The  question is how  do you  find the  right affiliate business or profitable business to promote on-line?

This can take you more  time searching the  entire internet for weeks or even months.

The best  solution is to find the “Moses” who can guide you. He knows your  pain and  can lead you to  the  promised land safely. Yes  you  can join any  company,but  from my  experience,when you pay them, that’s  it, they  become inaccessible and you  have to  figure out everything on your  own. That is  why 99% of people joining this industry  fail and quit.

When I started searching online for business opportunities, I wasted time and money buying into different  money-making opportunities. In the  end, I was frustrated and nearly  gave  up until I found the “Moses” who held me by the  hand and showed me  step by step into  the  land of “milk and honey.”  You  can read my  story here.

To help you cross over from the  land of  miserly to  the  land of  milk and  honey, we are  giving you  the opportunity to tap into our  free  coaching program  for  90  days.

You will  not  pay us for  our  time, but pay for resources and tools that can help you do your  financial goal within the  shortest time. And  we shall show you  which programs are  more  stable and profitable in our  industry.

We  are  here  to help you live a comfortable life. The  choice is yours!


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