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The Most Dangerous Number In Business Is……?

If you  are in internet marketing business, we wanted to direct you over to a SUPER blog post from RemarkaMobile Co-Founder, Andrew Cass, called “The Most Dangerous Number In Business Is ____?”

This will be a major eye opener for you if you are victim of only communicating with your prospects, customers or team members by Email alone (most are)…

The Most Dangerous Number In Business Is _________ ?

…Is ONE.

ONE income stream.

ONE product or service.

And the biggie…

ONE means of “communication” with your prospects and customers.

Today, over 95% of business owners and entrepreneurs ONLY communicate with their prospects and customers by Email alone. However, a growing number of people now prefer SMS Text Marketing over Email, and still, a good amount even prefer regular mail over Email.

So, if quality communication is the KEY to sales and marketing, which we know it is, why do so many put all their eggs in one basket and choose to communicate only ONE way, and not diversify? It’s smart to have an Email strategy as Email is a powerful media. But it’s NOT smart to use Email alone and not have a diversified communication approach in your business.

You wouldn’t buy one stock in your portfolio and never look to add another would you? Of course not! No smart investor would. It’s no different in business communication.

I was taught early on that: “diversity leads to stability.”

That’s a writer-downer my friend.  ;)

In my businesses I constantly strive to use Email, Text, Direct Mail, and the good old fashion phone at ALL times in ALL of my sales processes. I stay up at night thinking about ways to have them ALL in place (Yes, I’m nuts). I do quite a bit of private coaching and consulting on this as well.


Because these days, there is nothing more unimpressive than someone who uses Email alone to connect and communicate with their prospects. For me, it’s actually a turn off and communicates, “this person is a lazy, unsophisticated leader in their field.” And to me, that’s usually a good indication of what their product or service will deliver…

…Something to think about.

Not to mention, there is nothing more impressive than someone who has a “multi-media”, diversified marketing approach and is on the cutting-edge of smart, modern, diversified communication. That tells me a lot about them. And their business. It translates “intelligence” and “thoroughness” – two qualities everyone wants from a business.

In my recently released breakthrough free report and video, The mCommerce Blueprint, my team and I show small business owners and entrepreneurs the exact system to build their “mobile list” so they can gain the power of SMS Text Message communication (very few are teaching this) AND how to get paid 100% commissions on EVERY sale of our system EVERY month as one of our Affiliate Partners spreading this powerful message (no one else is paying 100% commissions on EVERY sale). Oh, and we do the selling for you.

Tough to find a cutting-edge combination like that anywhere. This has spread like wildfire in only the past few weeks and we’re just getting started. This IS the game-changer…  ;)

Get The mCommerce Blueprint HERE

See you over there…

– Andrew

P.S. Remember, there is nothing more unimpressive than someone who uses Email alone to connect and communicate with their prospects. Heck, anyone can do that. It’s free!


About the Author: Andrew J. Cass


Andrew J. Cass is co-founder of RemarkaMobile, “The Mobile Marketing ROI Experts.” He is also the founder and creator of “Cash Control”, the #1 online coaching program for Direct Sales & Network Marketing Professionals as well as the publisher and editor of the monthly digital magazine (iMag), “Direct Selling Insider.” Andrew is co-author with Dan Kennedy in, “The Ultimate Success Secret” (South Florida Edition), the Director of the Miami Chapter of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle (GKIC), and runs his own local and national private coaching groups. To get in touch with Andrew for speaking and/or consulting availabilities visit: www.AndrewJCass.com

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