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The Organisation Of Department Of Sales

The department of sales is a headache of the head of any commercial enterprise. To exaggerate value of this department in organizational structure of the company is impossible — from as a rule the turn, the income, profit and finally dividends and stability of the organisation and business.

What should the manager know to be able to organise successful work of department of sales? What problems can call the greatest difficulties?

This question should be divided on two parts, having considered it for two situations. The first — when department of sales is created for the first time, in the conditions of young business when the head has only just managed to adjust work so that it was possible to pass a part of the powers to any manager. And the second — when in the mature organisation has arisen necessity for change of structure, the purposes and system of interaction of departments. The technology of the organisation of departments of sales in these two cases strongly differs. The manager who is engaged in creation of department of sales in the new company should know much and be able to conduct it. He should know practically about all areas of business even indirectly connected with activity of his firm as there is still no accurately fulfilled technology of work in it — it needs to be built together with business. But in this case its knowledge can have superficial character. He may not understand management methods the personnel or in technologies of sales at high professional level. Often happens enough correct motivation and mentality of the businessman.

For managers and owners of averages and large firms who already have the departments of sales, the second variant is actual. To reorganise operating department of sales in successful strategic business unit, it is necessary for them to be clear in the mind that it is required from a sales department by the current moment that will be required in a year and to what would like to see firm to owners in some years. Also they should formulate correctly the purposes and department problems though for real activity it has no so essential value. More often managers under instructions of the head start to write plans and problems of departments only for the reporting that basically cannot lead to achievement of the necessary purpose. The error is made also by heads who consider that their employees know well everything. But representation of owners about that, as well as in what direction the company should develop, happens purely intuitive and has no objective preconditions, except ambitions. Therefore hardly it is necessary to count on that managers and other employees will independently develop the organisation in the same direction to which owners aspire.

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