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I hope that life has been treating you good. :-)Here in New Zealand it is mid winter and temperatures are ranging between 9 and 12 degrees, but people are busy shopping, going to work and all the routine work… so back to business, I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you who are reading this and have not joined us yet to do so.

The money that our members are raking in is absolutely fantastic. Just take a look at NPN’s pay plan.


Pretty darned impressive isn’t it. But we take it a step further. With Atlantis’ NPN Division, we work it as a team and we build our incomes and downlines as a team. Going it alone is not the answer.

This is how we are able to create amazing success stories.

We have two (2) teams within Atlantis’ NPN Division. Team A and Team B. Team A members have less than three (3) referrals. Team B members have less than five (5) referrals. Each Team has it’s own campaign/letter series. When a subscriber comes in or requests to join, I know which Team brought that person to us. Therefore, I will know whose e-cert to send to that person.

We are offering 30 days free to new members ($1.00 NPN admin fee). We are doing this through the use of NPN E-Certificates (e-certs). We are purchasing e-certs at the $10.75 level and sharing them with new members coming in.

NPN pays matching bonuses and commissions on everybody in your downline. Your downline is going to explode because we will giving your five (5) referrals their own five (5) referrals and their five (5), their five (5) referrals and so on and so forth. Seriously folks, the money that is being made through Atlantis’ NPN Division is becoming massive.

New members taking advantage of the free 30 day trial agree to stay with us for at least 2 months and agree to promote the team during their free trial period and beyond. Honestly, I am 100% confident that you will not be going anywhere anyhow because what we are doing is not being done by anybody else and our amazing system is proving to be very very effective. 🙂

Not only will you build a huge downline and commissions, you will also have full access to the must have products and tools below. Believe me, these products are worth far more than the mere $10.75 that it will cost you per month. Your first month is on us. Whoooo Hoooooo!

Autoresponder Systems, Email Blasting Tools, Ad Tracking Tools, WebAudio NOW! CapturePage Creator, Elite! Income Search Tool, Banner Rotator ,Multi-Downline Builder NPN Toolbar Bonus Downloads

Non members/subscribers, the time has come to join our amazing team. Grab your 30 days free now ($1.00 NPN Admin fee). You may join us simply by sending me an email and requesting an e-cert to join us through. My email is oceanswellatlantis@gmail.com.

It is recommended but not required that members upgrade their accounts to the NPN Director Level. This will double your commission potential and give you total access to the new and hot NPN Director Machine program. Whooooo hooooooo!!!

Directors are also have access to a special NPN link. Check this out! Again, DO NOT JOIN THROUGH THIS LINK.


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