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The recipe for self branding

Everyone unconsciously thinks that branding is creating nice squeeze pages,blogs or  attractive logo and a having a big company in wall street.

Some even think that posting high-resolution images is  branding. There is a misconception about personal branding.

So what is real personal branding?

Many scholars state that branding is a new market strategy that is targeted, hits the your prospects harder such that they immediately drop everything and gets attracted to you and the service or product you are offering, completely different from your competitors.

On the other hand, if someone is considering to do business with you comes in contact with your website, social media channels and notice that your content,photos,website designs,videos  are incongruent, cheaper,outdated, unprofessional, they will not trust or connect with you.

It is natural that people buy people, not the product!

If they don’t like or trust you, it’s unlikely  that they will ever buy from you.

So what are the ingredients?

Finding people or companies  that are specialised in this niche. There well over hundreds of them around the globe. You have to do an extensive research and find the reputable,honest and authentic companies that are producing the intended results.

One of them I know  and what many marketers recommend is the Agency….

The Agency is a full service digital storytelling and personal branding agency for entrepreneurs.  They use over 50 years of combined marketing, branding and creative experience to help you connect with your ideal fan, follower or customer. They help you stand out from the noise by unearthing and developing your most powerful, authentic personal brand identity so the RIGHT people can actually hear and resonate with your message no matter what product or service you’re selling. They hand craft and wrap your personal brand with stunning visual assets and written content to help you solidify a unique, deliberate and clear voice in the market, resulting in deeper and more meaningful connections with those who cross paths with your brand.

Where are  they?

The Agency is hosted and marketed by Digital altitude. To get enrolled all you have to do is sign up here to get access to the back office and get started! They offer many packages from basic to a more advanced one.

Hundreds of people who have used this service are have reported of good outcome, most of them are now 7 figure income earners. Case studies are available in the back office.


Personal branding is a unique marketing strategy to help you connect with your ideal followers or customers who recognise you as an authentic leader in the market space.

You can get started by accessing the Digital altitude website, then sign up for the basic package first before you progress to the more advanced ones.

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

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