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The Secret to making money is upgrading your human software


This article opened my mind and thought of sharing it
with my readers….

So many people think that all you need to do to ge
all your dreams will come to you.
In fact,
you can work hard all day long and become
more broke than you have ever been before.
COMES FROM is upgrading your human software.
Human terms?  =  Upgrade your wisdom.  (Your mind)…
literally upgrading your brain, and your communication skills…
Because I don’t care how hard you work, if you are
doing the work wrong, you are just wasting your time.
What if you were to build a house with no blueprint
and just started stacking some wood in random places?
Do you think those random wood pieces would
magically become a beautiful and sturdy home?
Heck no that wouldn’t turn out good at all!
You might work hard doing it, but if it’s not done in the
proper order, that house will never get complete and will
collapse and fall on itself!
This is the same thing that will happen when you try to
become an entrepreneur, and don’t follow a step by step
you are wasting your freaking time!
I don’t care how hard you work, if you aren’t producing
results, then you aren’t following the guide… PERIOD…
That’s why I always tell our affiliates that if someone
on your team was to ever complain they aren’t having
results say, “did you watch every second, of every minute,
of that Viral 5 quick start guide that’s already proven?”
Guess what happens?
That complainer shuts up, they go to work, and produces
results.  Or they shut up and leave, either way… You have
to be coachable and teachable if you want to produce results!
Permission to be real?
Read on…
If whatever you are following is proven, at least 10 other
people are having results, and you aren’t having results…
STOP blaming the guide or company and start
blaming yourself for not following directions.
Here is the thing…
The REAL secret sauce…
People always ask me what’s the quickest
way to start making a lot of money…
Before you read on…
Sit back and think…
What do you think I would say…???
Think about it…
Ok here is what I say…
My first response is, STOP THINKING about how
you are going to make a bunch of money quick if you
actually want to make “quick money.”
Weird right?
Here is why…
Just thinking about wanting more money isn’t going
to do a darn thing for you.  If you want the real secret,
your first thoughts should be, “how quickly can I upgrade
my leadership potential?”  How quickly can I upgrade my skills?
That’s ALL you should think about.
I know, I know, many of you may think…
“Oh but Vince, that is just something people try
and convince other people to believe that works.”
Trust me I was there, I refused to believe that “leadership
skills” and wisdom was going to do anything for my money
making potential.
You really want money?
You really want lots of money?
When you upgrade your leadership and you upgrade your
skills, you immediately plant yourself on “fertile money
making grounds.”  You are now in the best most nutrient
rich soil, that money making can provide!  Now you can
create that lifestyle I know every single one of you are after.
Because only after you upgrade your leadership and skills,
can you go put them into the “Money Making” action mode…
Work on YOU first, and stop worrying about the money.
Tell your spouse to get off your back and let you work on YOU.
Unfortunately I hear that spouse thing all the time, but if they
truly love you, they will stand by your side.  Just share your
heart with them, and if they don’t believe in you, just press on…
It’s your life and you only have one to live.  Don’t let your
spouse dictate your future if you have big dreams inside of you.
Some people are wired “job only” from childhood…
And the only way they will believe
you is when you produce results
And that’s fine…
That’s why you join communities that support you when your
closest people don’t believe in you.  Lean on the community,
they will get you through anything.
If you do this wisdom and leadership “thing” in the correct order
you will get all the money you have ever wanted in your life.
And if you have a negative spouse, they will “eat
their words” and thank you later for changing their life.
Work smarter, Not harder, is a kind of “ok” saying…
But honestly if you want to get money fast, you need
to work harder, AND work smarter at the same time.
Because I don’t care how smart you get, you are still going
to have to “work hard” at whatever you do if you truly want
that “fairytale” and fantasy lifestyle, that only 2% on the planet
get to experience.
I’d rather work my tail off all day until I die to experience
“the good life” vs not working my tail off at all having to
stress about bills the rest of my life.
Stress kills you, working hard just makes you stronger.
Much Love,
Vincent Ortega Jr.
PS:  I find it hilarious when physically hard working people
try and put us online entrepreneurs down and say, “you just
sit behind a computer all day.”
I say, “Well if it’s so easy… then why don’t you do it?
They say, “I’d like to see you do my job for a day.”
I say, “no thanks, I would rather work on my dream and not a bosses.”
They say, “well I know my income.”
I say, “well I don’t want my income limited by another person.”
They say, “go do your pyramid scheme then.”
I say, “have you ever thought about how big yours is?
Because at least with my pyramid I have the ability to
rise to the top.  Isn’t it with yours, you have to suck up
to a boss, and hope politics get you to the top?  No thanks…”
They say, …… (it’s silent…)
Ok back to the point…
The thing is…
I want you all to understand that physically working hard is simply
“slave labor.”  Real hard working people use their brain capacity,
and want to create new ideas, make a change, make a difference
in this world.
Leaders DO NOT want to go slave away at a job for the rest of
their lives.  That’s why my entrepreneur friends and family are
among the most amazing people on the planet.
They don’t want to just “get by” – they actually
want to make a freakin’ difference on this planet.
There are honorable jobs out here that we can’t live without,
and I appreciate every single one of you all who do them,
so don’t get it twisted.
But I know that every single one of you all who are on this
email list, want a different lifestyle, you want to become an
You were attracted to this community for a reason…
If you want to live the best life on this planet…
Trust me…
There is nothing else that will ever
“fill your cup” like changing peoples lives.
Much Love,
Vincent Ortega Jr.
Here are a couple more people that positioned themselves
to not only change their life, but all of the peoples lives
around them, including their families future vacations…
Here is their picture and what I said inside our facebook group.


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He also has a rockin’ family that he will be taking on amazing trips
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Help me congratulate Elaine Horner!!!  She just upgraded from
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There is something super powerful that just comes out of you
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And also Congrats To Fraser McDonald?… Asia’s mentor, sponsor
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I am excited to see you two go out and change some serious lives
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Fusano Nagashima for upgrading her platinum membership to
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Fus, as I like to call her, has been with me since the beginning
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like Fus who believed in me in the beginning of my journey,
ILN would have never been created because I wouldn’t have
been able to create this vision 🙂
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If you want to know what it’s like to experience GRN to the fullest.
Crystal really knows what it’s all about.  Not to mention she’s made
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Congrats Crystal!
WHOOP… Help Me Congratulate Christine Kominiak and
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They said, “it’s a no brainer!”
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I couldn’t have said it better myself!  Matthew actually chatted
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Matthew has awesome ideas… he’s always around to give a
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Conrod For Upgrading To Diamond Just A Few Minutes Ago
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I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Laurie at great
lengths at our high ticket immersion in AZ two weekends ago,
and this lady is not here to mess around.  Once she found us,
she moved on from her “high paying” luxury car selling job,
to a REAL HIGH PAYING Internet Lifestyle!
Oh… AND SHE ALREADY KNOWS this is the real deal,
and new lifestyle for her, because she has popped two, yes
two platinum sales in the last couple of weeks, making her
$6,500 in commissions!
There are people who join companies like us to “try things”
and there are people who join us and say, “I am going all in.”
Laurie is someone you will be seeing a lot of on the leader
boards because I could tell in her eyes while we were in
Arizona together, she is going to MAKE IT HAPPEN no
matter what!
That’s the drive you must have when doing anything well
in life.  You have to put forth your full effort.  Not just “try”
things, but GIVE IT YOUR ALL!
LAURIE is someone I can tell who will consistently give it her all!
Congrats Laurie, so proud of how fast you are making things happen!
A Big Ol’ Big Chips Congrats for Jeremy upgrading to the
Diamond level in our private membership club!  So proud
of what you have achieved brother in a short amount of
time with your biz partner Steven Barnes!
We are blessed to have you guys in our community
leading way, showing whats possible when you
follow ILN to the “T” with FULL integrity!
Steve Barnes was one of the biggest blessings of all when he
graced our presence when ILN started about 6 months ago!
Fighting through cancer, pushing through no matter what
came his way, and just simply GETTING THE JOB DONE
ever since DAY 1.
Congrats for upgrading brother to the Diamond, but seriously
congrats on pushing through all the stuff that life is throwing
your way so you can make an impact on people’s lives!
You and Big chips together are seriously the brothers I never
had and I feel so blessed everyday for you guys to be in this fam!
Got your backs for life!


…and one HUGE THANK YOU to the woman you see in the
image above (Heather Martens) for making all of those images
you see above of the new Diamond members!
 Heather Martens is one of my top 5 people in the world that
I would trust with anything.  She’s completely selfless and lives to
serve people like I do.  Her heart is amazing and we are so blessed
to have her as an executive assistant and designer here at the
Internet Lifestyle Network!
 Hope you are having a powerful Tuesday family!
 I know we are here at the Internet Lifestyle Network!
 Chat Soon,
 Vincent Ortega Jr.
GET YOUR MEMBERSHIP => http://GRNDiscovery.Com/Retail

Hope you found  value!

Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha

Paving the way

Internet Lifestyle Network

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