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The secrete to Building long-Term Residual Income with your business

Building long-term residual income calls for patience,planning and good vision.
But one of the biggest mistakes that online marketers make is that
they focus on the short-term earnings of their business and not the
long-term residual income potential. If they do not get their business giving
them income in the first few years of their business, they quit.

The idea here is that you will first build a solid team, and then enjoy
the residual income from this team for years to come. Do the work
once, and get paid for life…

Even if you are barely breaking even in your OWN business, your
sole purpose should be to go out and recruit your 10 leaders or
however many people you have to until you have a $30,000/month
residual income (or whatever your goal is.) To do this however you
must have the belief and vision knowing that you are in the game
long-term for the residual income. So it will be wasting your time
by focusing on short-term results, it may not happen within that period.

You may even go as far as helping your new members close their
sales by calling their applicants and customers FOR them until
they have made a few sales.This is good leadership!
Do whatever it takes to maximize your residual income and you will
enjoy the payback for years to come. You will be respected and loved by all.

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To your success,

Charles Kaluwasha



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