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The Tale Of The Three Daves That Inspired Many

Making money while playing golf

Making money while playing golf

And what happened SHOCKED me.

Long haired hippy comes to my house –
burned out… and not how you think.

Next 30 days – makes more in a month
than he did the previous year.

Watch this inspiration, now.

Next 90 days – I watch the vision expand.

Almost drowning, he looked over,
panicking, as I dove in to grab him.

He came up out of the water… and:

Lived to inspire the nations.

Like he was ‘baptized’ – and now…

…120 days later:

Deaf guy.

Inspired by the hippy guy.

Can’t hear – but it doesn’t matter.

Because when you’ve got a dream – and
you speak with power – you bend the
Universe to your will.

Like this deaf guy did.

Inspiration re-born: “A Tale of 3 Daves”
Watch the new video, here.

Homeless guy, 3 years ago.

Gets woken up by the police.

Makes a decision to get in.

3 years later…

…you’re now watching the result.

Do it.

-Dave Wood

“You’re awesome.”

Many ordinary people have found hope,no longer walking alone

Have found company… good friends to talk to than before

A smile has been put back on their face.

They can walk with a head high.

They have found security,financial freedom…

They can pay for their power bill

All because of a thought of one person to change the world

for some people.

All of us are benefiting from this movement.

Every one can and no exception…

Come and join forces

Charles Kaluwasha

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