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Exposure is everything!EVERYONE wants to live a longer and healthier life right?

EVERYONE wants to make more money right?

Well, it’s time for you to start making money in the fastest-growing billion dollar alkaline wellness industry!  I have helped MANY people just like you do so, ALLOW ME TO HELP YOU!

Wellness is a lifestyle, not a fad.  Most of the products out there require too much work to maintain that you and your prospects end up dropping off before you’ve gotten started, but not SevenPoint2™.  SevenPoint2™ provides you with a lifestyle that is EASY TO MAINTAIN. “Alkalized and energized 4 Life, made easy”.

Below are good testimonials from people who have been using our products:


Wellness Call 5-28-2013

Reversing Diabetes, Chronic Constipation, and Joint Pain with SevenPoint2


Katherine was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and felt that she had crossed over to having full-blown diabetes.  Like many people, she was concerned that if she went to her doctor that the diabetes would be confirmed and it would then have to be documented with her health insurance and on her driver’s license.

After taking the SevenPoint2 Shake, Greens, and Recovery tablets for a few days she felt that her symptoms of extreme thirst, frequent bathroom breaks, extreme fatigue, were almost completely gone.  As an added surprise, her joint pain that had been bothering her for a while completely cleared up.

Katherine had also been struggling with chronic constipation since her teenage years; she is happy to report that things are moving along nicely…  After adding the Alkaline Boosters before bed she noticed that she started sleeping well for the first time in years.  On top of all of this, Katherine also lost 8 pounds (3kgs). 

GMO-Free Idaho (Non-Profit)


5:10 –

Leslie was diagnosed with very serious ulcerative colitis and had to take her health into her own hands and learn how to manage her inflammatory condition through diet.  She decided to alkalize her body by cutting out acidic foods, GMOs, and inflammatory grains. 

After two years she was symptom free.  Her inflammation and ulcers were gone.  Following this she was introduced to SevenPoint2.  At the time she didn’t think she could possibly feel better, but after taking the SevenPoint2 her energy increased digestion got even better.  The Recovery has been a integral treatment for inflammation.  She also takes the Alkaline Boosters throughout the day.

She is finally able to workout despite a previous injury.  The Recovery tablets before and after workouts has allowed her to exercise.


8:30 – 9:44

Since 1993 her husband has been on Prednisone (20 years) to treat his Rheumatoid Arthritis suffering from pain and inflammation. He was also in a horrible motorcycle accident. After only two weeks of taking a therapeutic dose of Recovery, he is off his Prednisone and is pain-free, feeling more vibrant and experiencing mental clarity.




Rachel suffered from auto-immune, inflammation, high blood pressure, osteo-arthris, anxiety, depression, obesity, and sleep apnea. She took 17 prescription medications per day.

Along with this, Rachel has had four knee surgeries in the last year and had to use a cane most of the time.  Her immobility forced her to take an earlier retirement from her job.

After introducing the SevenPoint2 into her diet she has lost 30 pounds (12kgs) and has eliminated one of her narcotic pain relievers.  She is walking upright without her cane for everything except long distances, she is awake and alert all day, sleeping well at night and has more energy than she’s had since 1979. 


When you’re ready to get started for yourself give me a call [ 206-801-1910 ]. Or, simply send email  with your call back request.
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“Alkalized & Energized 4 Life, made easy.”
Don’t hesitate to call me ANYTIME!

Charles & Joyce Kaluwasha




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