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This video will put more money in your pocket!

This video has put over $4,000,000 in commissions directly into the bank
accounts of average people in the last 4 months, even those who have never,ever earned money in their lives.

It is called Empower Network commission loop hole

When you watch this video, you’ll see why:


I believe this single program will be the most profitable new home business opportunity in 2012 and will empower at least 100,000 people to achieve a 6-figure income.

If I were you this is the kind of program you want to be a part of and I highly recommend that you be a part of as well if you are truly determined to earn life-changing income online.

The compensation plan is fantastic,pays you 100% commissions on up to 4 different products at this time.
You get paid commissions for each product level that you are currently participating in yourself. If you’re a basic member at $25 per month you get paid $25 per month for each of your direct Empower Network referrals… If you are an Inner Circle member at $100 per month, you also get paid $100 per month for each of your direct referrals who upgrade to purchase the Inner Circle training membership.

To make more money fast, you get paid $500 each time one of your direct referrals buys the Costa Rica Intensive training and you get paid another $250 every time one of your direct referrals purchases the $15K Formula training – as long as you have purchased each of these products yourself.

This should not threaten you if your budget is tight.You can upgrade to each of the different levels at any time you want and don’t have to do it right away. Most people(I included) buy the basic membership for $25 and the Inner Circle membership for $100 so if you are actively promoting you’ll certainly want to be active on both of these levels to maximize the residual income you earn.

In addition, you’ll earn “passup” commission when your team starts growing. Here’s how this works: “Currently,
all of our products operate on a ‘dynamic powerline’ system, where the 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale of every affiliate pass to the qualifying sponsor, and you keep 100% of the purchase and ongoing price on all other personal sales on products you qualify for”.

Actually, thousands of people are signing up every minutes as we speak! If others can do it, why can’t you do it!
Let’s rise up and demonstrate to the world that our best years are ahead of us!

Charles Kaluwasha
Empower Network Members

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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