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Three(3) reasons you should not join our travel club(GRN)

There are 3 good reasons that you should NOT join our travel club.

What? Yes, I meant to say that. No, I am not off my
rocker. Yes, I really did mean to say it.

So without further ado, here are those reasons:

If you make over $350,000 per year, this membership is not for you.
This travel membership is meant for people who make less than
$350,000 per year. The people who make more than that per year
have other options. If they want to buy a membership in a travel
club, they can sign up to have ELITE treatment, and get waited on
hand and foot.
With one club, it costs $500,000 to get a membership and you can
stay in their resorts for up to 60 days out of the year. You
have to stay at least a minimum of 10 days and you pay a yearly
fee of at least $10,000 per year ($1,000 per each day you stay
times the 10-day minimum you have to vacation with).

Inexpensive Luxury Vacations
Second, if you really, really would prefer to buy a timeshare or
you already own one (or some) and prefer those over having a
flexible travel club membership, you should not buy this.

But, you can always break “the rules” like one of our members
did and go ahead and buy one of our memberships anyhow. (He owns
4 timeshares and uses our membership, as well).
Where To Stay If You Don’t Own A Timeshare (Or If You Already
Do and Really, Really Like the Benefits We Have For You)
The last reason to not get a membership with our travel club is
that your friends and family might get envious and will want you
to take them with you on vacation. This means you will have
little privacy when you stay at our luxury resorts. (But
you’ll have a wonderful time with your loved ones).
The Luxury Resort Stays Your Friends and Family Will Love You For.

Watch the video below and then answer the questions below the video….

Watch the entire video then answer the following question:
What did you like best about what you have seen so far?

1. Retailing the best travel product?

2. You are retired or very soon and want to travel more (and enjoy 50% discounts on travel cost)?

3. Getting more time with your kids?

So here is what happens next, it takes about 7 minutes to place an order and then put you in Mark’s coaching club, put you on phone and have one-on-one session so that you can start learning how to motivate yourself and do the “important” things(aka- the V-E-R-Y few things that actually jack up your income/lifestyle/freetime)
instead of feeling constantly buried in the seemingly “urgent” stuff (aka- the stuff that
you repetitively do that takes you no where, drags down your emotions, and leaves you with an icky feeling of hopelessness & “stuckness”).
How does that sound?

Are you ready to sign… then click here!

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