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Tips and advice on how to use traditional marketing to grow your business!

Marketing Tips

As a marketer, you must be innovate in order to make money. Here are some of the tips I have learned from our affiliate company. If you are a GDI affiliate, pay much attention to the tips and if you are not yet a member, learn how you can take your primary business to the next level!

Tools such as ShareThis easily allow readers, and potential affiliates, to share your site and blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, email and other mediums. You can use social bookmarking sites to bookmark your own important posts and encourage your visitors to do so too. This is great for SEO and for sharing your site, and the GDI opportunity, in every possible way.

One basic, but useful, piece of marketing advice is to explain things simply. Remember that people visiting your site might not understand the GDI opportunity, and may need your simple and straight forward advice and expertise to get started!

While the Internet is a powerful tool, remember to utilize offline recruiting methods to encourage individuals to join the GDI opportunity! Tools to do this include the GDI DVD as well as VistaPrint business materials.
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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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