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Tips on How You Can Share Your Dream

If you have a dream that you would like to communicate to your team,friends, family and organization, here are some tips to help you:
1) Articulate your dream with clarity so that the people get it
2) Express it with passion and enthusiasm so that others can be inspired by it
3) Invite others to join and support your dream

Marcia wielder the dream coach, teaches people how to live their dreams. One of the skills she teaches is enrollment! This is where you share your dream and vision in an exciting way that would attract them and encouraged to listen more and more.
In her teaching , she explains that there are four steps to communicating your dream to others.
1) Establishing a good rapport
2) Building value to your dream
3) Overcoming obstacles
4) Securing an agreement

The above steps entails the way you present your self to the audience if you are presenting. The sound and quality of your voice,your body language,posture and what is coming out of you should keep them attentive and interested. Soon or later, they will be motivated and join you or support your dream. This is how companies grow and become productive. Look at SFI, Maverik Money Makers, GDI, Lawn Chair Millionaire,Web Prosperity and many more, they were all started by individuals who shared their Big Dreams. You can also do the same.
I have found mercia’s presentations and books very valuable indeed!

The internet is full of valuable resources that you can utilize to consolidate your dream. A company called Empowerism, offers mentoring programs that can help you build and develop your self esteem and become one of the vibrant dream coaches and mentors. So dream Big, don’t allow someone take your dream!!
This is all I wanted to share with you today. If you found this information useful, leave a comment below!

Charles Kaluwasha

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