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Many marketers struggle to recruit network marketers in theirs organization. Most of them end up chasing relatives and friends. This is luck of foresight and marketing tools.

In this article, Hilton Johnson explains that one should have a marketing system that can help you recruit without chasing unqualified networkers.

Seat and enjoy the journey….

I’ve never seen a more powerful system for recruiting top producers than the one Frank Keefer wrote about in his first book entitled, “Let’s Get Down To Business.” Frank has had 100% success in recruiting the kind of distributors that earn $100,000 a year in network marketing. With his permission, this issue of The MLM Sales Coach is a variation of his basic recruiting system. (I’ll be interviewing Frank on his “Selective Sponsoring” system this February as part of our MLM U SuperStar Interview Series. Watch for the announcement date of this program at the MLM U website http://www.mlmu.com – it’s FREE!)


1. The Paradigm Shift

What would you rather have 1,000 front-line distributors who never do anything with the business or 10 distributors who build large organizations without your day-to-day involvement?

Easy question, huh?

The first step to having a network marketing organization that would be a lean, mean, money-making machine that works with or without you is to adopt the attitude of focussing on “selective sponsoring” instead of “wishful sponsoring.”

Make up your mind that you will not attempt to recruit large numbers of people again. Your attitude should be that every single distributor you recruit must be the kind of person who will earn $100,000 the very first year in the business, with or without your support, or you don’t want them.


2. Approach Leaders, Not Losers

The very people that most people in network marketing are reluctant to approach are the ones you must target. You want business people that are already somewhat successful. You want people who are highly organized; self starters; self motivated; people who are determined to change their financial situation and willing to back that determination up with massive action.

You do not want people that you have to constantly motivate. You cannot afford to baby-sit unmotivated, unorganized, irrational, unqualified, lazy people that expect you or the company’s system to do everything for them.

(If you are now beginning to make excuses in your mind why you cannot find and approach these types of high-level prospects, you might as well forget this project right now before you get started and waste your time.)

3. Third Party Approach

When you do target an ideal prospect, try this script to reduce or eliminate pressure on your prospect when calling for the appointment:

“I’ve started a home-based business that I’m excited about and I’m looking for a few key people that have leadership abilities. I know this is something you would not be personally interested in, but I was wondering if you would do me a favor by looking at my business and tell me who I should be calling?”


4. Probe For Pain

Tell this person that you are looking for people who are concerned about not having enough money for retirement; layoffs; downsizing; not enough free time with family or job dissatisfaction.

If your prospect has any of these concerns, he or she will ask you if you would consider THEM for the opportunity. This will set the stage for you to begin the interview/qualify process.


5. Create A Benefit State-Of-Mind

After your initial “shock and surprise” that they themselves would be interested, ask questions like, “Why would you be interested in this; what appeals to you about this business; what has attracted you to know more; how would this program benefit you?”

The more reasons they tell you why they need something like this, the better your chances of enrolling them as a top-notch leader. But…it’s too soon to let them know they have qualified to be part of your business. You need to make them jump through some hoops that will absolutely prove to you that they are serious.


6. Get Them Using Products

Since 90% of the people that get into network marketing do so because they’ve had a positive experience with their company’s products or services, your prospects must be believers in them too. Sell them some products as a requirement to schedule a second interview.

Do not convey to your prospects that they have a good chance to be accepted into your business. The psychology of “Selective Sponsoring” is to keep them off-balance until you are convinced they have met all of your requirements.


7. The Meeting Requirements

During your second interview, quiz them on the benefits of the products and services you sold them. Make sure they are sold on them before continuing. Assuming they like them, explain (not sell) your company’s business plan.

Tell them that they have to attend a small meeting with you to meet other distributors in your company. Require that they attend a regional or national conference that will give them the big picture. Be sure that you take them to these meetings personally, but at their own expense.


8. Action Commitment

The final requirement for them to qualify to be a part of your organization is for them to embrace your start-up system. (What, you don’t have a system? Shame on you.)

Sit down with them and using a checklist, get them to agree on what you want them to do to get started on the right track. You may want to include: setting goals, making up a warm list, purchasing your company’s top level start-up package, setting two or three appointments their first week, making three-way calls with you, etc.


9. Point Them In The Right Direction

Be there for them the first thirty-days in the business. Go with them on their first few appointments. (I cannot stress too much the importance of you supporting them in the beginning by helping them with their first few presentations.)

Agree to make three-way calls with them. Show them your company’s procedure system. Encourage them to get the training they may need. And then, let them go.


10. Disqualification

During the entire process of this system, if your prospect balks at any of the steps (including going to a national convention at his or her own expense), you must immediately disqualify them as a candidate for your organization.

Understand that most people that want to join your business will not qualify. That’s okay because you don’t want everybody anyway.

This system focuses on spending your time and energy in the recruiting process instead of the developing process of building a business.

If you successfully implement this system and stay with it, one day you may have people literally standing in line to join your network marketing business.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Hilton Johnson,
The MLM Sales Coach

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