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At ILN  community, we learn  from different  people
that  have done it  and  there is evidence of  their success.
Vincent Ortgo Jr is one of the youngest 8 figure income earners
and provided this training for you!
The HUGE difference between future leaders
and future followers, is that future leaders
“DO NOW” and future followers “do later.”
If you want to become successful, it’s simple…
…you find what’s working right now, and then
you DO IT.
If you want to remain average, or stuck, then
sit back, procrastinate and talk yourself out of
every opportunity like 99% of the world does.
FAST SUCCESS… If it takes you a long time
to jump into something, then it’s going to take
your new potential business a long time to grow
because you have already “inserted” that “slow
foundation” into your business from your
beginning actions.
So if you want people to take fast action,
then you must take immediate & fast action
I always say it, “you attract how you act.”
GIVE SOMETHING A SHOT… If only a couple
people are having success with a system, then don’t
do it, if 10 people are having success, then you can
think about it, if 100 people are having success, then
you should try it, and if thousands are having success,
and you still procrastinate, then you might just be a
little crazy to not try it ;) Just saying…
Bottom line…
TAKE ACTION if you want to have a business that
grows, and by doing that, the people around you will
YOU.  No matter what business you are in.
The reason why I attract “quick buyers” is because
I am a “quick buyer” myself… when I see something
that’s GREAT and is working now, I DO IT NOW.
You seriously have nothing to lose when you take risks.
The only risk I feel you have… is remaining in the same
position tomorrow as you are today… and if you aren’t
growing, then you are just dying… and that just sucks.
Our true happiness comes from growth and belief in
ourself.  When you accomplish things, you have the
highest “highs” that you have ever experienced in
your life.
It destroys any kind of “drug” or alcohol mixture
that is on this planet, I can promise you that.
Have a rockin’ Tuesday family and friends.
Mark Hoverson and I were going to have a live online
event tonight, but we came together last night and had
what we feel is the most brilliant idea we have created
together since we started this company.
Brilliant ideas always take a few days to a few weeks
to put together.  We are going to try and put something
together by tomorrow or Thursday and bring it to you live.
If we can’t knock it out this week, get ready for next
week because this is going to seriously take the industry
by storm.  (more than even network marketing)
That’s even Mark’s words, and he doesn’t get too
excited anymore about biz ideas because he’s seen
it all.
He is more pumped about this than I have ever seen!
I am also working on a new system for our company
that will get people into profit faster than ever before.
This system will work so fast, that people will be
making money in under 24hrs with our system.
Sometimes, I feel, people will be making money in
under an hour.  I know that is a bold claim that I will
now have to deliver on…
But after being in this industry over 3 years,
I always had a feeling in my gut that I would
make something that puts money into peoples
bank accounts faster than ever before.
Not being cocky, I just have faith in it!
I believe this is the idea that will do that.
Exciting times family…
that our network marketing industry has ever seen.
We are so glad you are here for this journey.
We appreciate you.
Vincent Ortega Jr.


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