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Upward Mobility, Is it accessible to all?

One of the largest problems facing democracies today, is a perception that upward mobility is becoming more elusive.

The steps needed to improve one’s economic condition no longer appear transparent, fair and accessible.

The result is a gradual erosion in confidence and belief in the democratic system and processes, and in hope for a brighter future.

Technology is giving us an opening for change. The empowr platform is one of humanity’s attempts at opening that door.

What is needed?

A system where the socioeconomic levels are fair, transparent and accessible:

1. Levels clearly identified: First, the levels must be named so they can be referenced.
2. Transparent requirements: The requirements to achieving any level must be stated transparently for all to view and understand.
3. Accessibility: The activities and results required to achieve any level must be accessible to all citizens equally. In other words, the system must be fair.
4. Transparent benefits: And finally, the benefits and powers that become available at each level must also be transparent and understood by all.

In order to enable the above four (4) requirements, the empowr community of citizens, success coaches and employees have designed, testing and cultivating a solution for many years:

1. In empowr, socioeconomic levels are called “Power Levels”
2. What it takes to do any level is simple and transparent
3. Everyone can participate and achieve any power level, if they are willing to work hard
4. The benefits unlocked at each level are rich and transparent to all

The result is that today, in empowr, what it takes to get ahead is simple, fair and transparent.

Upward mobility is now accessible to all.

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