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72 globeWellness is a lifestyle, not a fad.  Most of the products you find require too much work to maintain that you end up dropping off before you’ve gotten started, but not SevenPoint2™.  SevenPoint2™ provides you with a lifestyle that is EASY TO MAINTAIN. “Alkalized and energized 4 Life, made easy”.

We introduce, educate, and share knowledge and products about our most precious resource, health. With health we actively enjoy each day. It has been proven that an acid ph body stores fat and toxins, and harbors an environment for disease. It’s also agreed that by balancing the body’s ph, you are allowing your body to function as it was designed to function, and to achieve ideal weight and optimum health simultaneously. Educating people on the value of a balanced 7.2pH body, creates the foundation for anti-aging and optimum health.

If you’re serious about having money in your pocket and increasing wellness, then give me a call today at 6442378910 and let’s get you started!

Visit my website ? HERE, it has a ton of information to tell you about how SevenPoint2™ has the products that are revolutionizing the wellness industry and WHY you should become a part of it.

Or better yet, give me a call [ (206)-801-1910 ].

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“Alkalized & Energized 4 Life, made easy.”
Don’t hesitate to call me ANYTIME!
Charles Kaluwasha
Call Me: 6442378910
Email Me: support@lifeonthenet7.com
Visit my site ? HERE

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